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Online Marketing for Real Estate


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Why real estate agents, even successful ones, should learn more about real estate online marketing, and an overview of four of the hot topics in real estate marketing:
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
- Listing Syndication (Trulia, Zillow, etc.)
- Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Active Rain)
- Effective Websites (converting visitors to leads)

By EasyImpress -- real estate marketing websites that work.

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Online Marketing for Real Estate

  1. 1. Real Estate  Online Marketing Why & How - by EasyImpress
  2. 2. 90% 36% 30 of home buyers of home buyers first Median age of 1st- used the internet to learned about the time homebuyers as search for homes. home they purchased of 2009 -- in other through the Internet. words, half of them are younger (and tech-savvier).  The numbers are growing, and so is the opportunity. 18,100 searches for "Boston realtors" 110,000 searches for "Boston homes for sale"
  3. 3. Why do you need online marketing? Why Online Marketing? Visual here of clusters of people on PCs, arrows pointing to Google, Trulia, Hotmail, etc.
  4. 4. Social Media Photo of a crowded room with conversations going on. ris/4029617309/ photo by _dChris @ flickr
  5. 5. Blogging Pros Cons • SEO benefits. • It takes a lot of time • Personal branding upfront. benefits. • It takes time to keep up. • Content can serve multiple • It takes commitment. purposes.
  6. 6. Twitter Pros Cons • Each 'tweet' takes little • Harder to get people you time. already know using twitter. • It can connect you • Smaller overall audience geographically. than other social media. • It's easy to multi-purpose content for and from.
  7. 7. Facebook Pros Cons • Great for personal • It can be hard to get branding and increasing traction if your profile is referrals. strictly professional. • It takes very little time. • It can be hard to expand • Easy to get frequent high- outside your existing network. quality multimedia exposure.
  8. 8. RE Social Networks Pros Cons • Highly relevant. • Crowded channel. • Great networking • Must stay active to keep opportunity. getting results.
  9. 9. Search Engine Optimization Screenshot of Google.
  10. 10. Boston homes for sale boston houses for sale homes in Boston mass homes for sale cambridge luxury condo single family homes for sale in boston boston charles river waterfront home Wellesley ranch home for sale
  11. 11. Listing Syndication Visual here of home icon in center, arrows out to Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo! Real Estate Logos, arrows out to clusters of people on PCs.    
  12. 12.   Trulia:                3,000,000 visitors / month Yahoo! Real Estate:            4,000,000 visitors / month                                 4,500,000 visitors / month 2x as much traffic as 3x more opportunities to have your listings found through "[area name] homes for sale" searches on Google. 4x as much traffic to agent Fran Gatti's listings from Trulia, and 10x as much traffic from Yahoo! as she gets from
  13. 13. unocovas/4118106348/sizes/ m/
  14. 14. How will they find you?
  15. 15. Real estate marketing websites that work. • Easy, all-in-one, no tech skills needed websites. • More exposure for listings with automatic listing syndication & SEO. • Research-based guidance helps you create site content that turns visitors into leads.