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B2B E-Commerce: How Build Business Relationships in Japan

Sum up of the article B2B E-Commerce: How to Build Appropriate Japanese Business Relationships by Kouhei Kurihara on E-Commerce Nation. Expert tips for Western entrepreneurs on how to relate to Japanese business executives and online retailers.

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B2B E-Commerce: How Build Business Relationships in Japan

  1. 1. ECN B2B E-Commerce: How to Build Appropriate Japanese Business Relationships Author: Kouhei Kurihara
  2. 2. ECN Japanese Business Relationships There are certain codes to follow when working with Japanese businesses: Value Teamwork Respect the Hierarchy Don’t be too direct This might be difficult to gain a handle on at first, but it’s worth it to try.
  3. 3. ECN #1. Value Teamwork In school, Japanese students are taught to work as a team rather than working individually. Rather than praising the efforts of one over another, the idea is to stimulate the group as a whole. A group of students or workers is only as good as the weakest link. This idea transfers into the workplace.
  4. 4. ECN #2. Respect the Hierarchy Hierarchy is very important in Japan, even from a young age: Top management always defines the rules which determines all business decisions. These decisions are not questioned, despite rising talent. It’s important to respect this hierarchy when conducting business in B2B.
  5. 5. ECN #3. Don’t be too Direct In many Eastern cultures, being too direct may be a bit rude. Japanese people don’t dare speak their thoughts boldly. You must be less direct to express your thoughts implicitly. Japanese executives take longer to collaboratively find a concensus. Disagreement is expressed discreetly.
  6. 6. ECN Conclusion It’s important to adapt to your target market, not only in the B2C market but also in the B2B partnerships you wish to make. Check out more of Kouhei’s articles: How to Reach Japanese Users on Social Media 3 Japanese E-Commerce Trends to Watch Adapting your B2B E-Commerce Sales Funnel to Japanese Customers 4 Tips to Increase E-Commerce Sales in the Japanese Market 3 Key Steps to Launching a B2C Cross-Border E-Commerce in Japan How to Apply the 4P Marketing Model to Cross-Border E-Commerce Read the Full Article Here
  7. 7. ECN Contact us Whitney Blankenship International Director Kouhei Kurihara Author & Consultant