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ECN x Reech Market Research - Brands and Influencer Marketing

Market research that gives great insights & numbers on how the influencer marketing industry is developing.

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ECN x Reech Market Research - Brands and Influencer Marketing

  2. 2. Section One: Activities & markets Section Two: Market penetration & budgets Section Three: Influencer marketing objectives Section four: How influencers are found Section five: Channels of influencer marketing CONTENT OUTLINE
  3. 3. This research was conducted in the form of a survey that was distributed via various channels incl. a website, emails and social media. 160 individuals have participated in this survey. The survey was conducted over a period of 3 months (May, June & July). SURVEY
  4. 4. +50%works in a marketing or related field. SECTORS OF ACTIVITY 20% were specifically involved in the E- Commerce industry The largest sector of activity went to those who work in Digital and Social Media
  5. 5. MARKETS THEY OPERATE IN +50%operate across Europe Significant amount operates across several zones
  6. 6. MARKETS THEY OPERATE IN Most respondents operated in North America and Europe The highest number of respondents (about 25%) were found operating in the USA
  7. 7. INFLUENCER  MARKETING PENETRATION Many of those who responded to the survey were already familiar with influencer marketing and had used it in the past  Almost an equal amount had never used influencer marketing Almost a third of respondents were planning on using influencer marketing sooner rather than later Yes No Plan to use in distant future Plan to use in near future
  8. 8. INTENTION ALLOCATED BUDGET Most respondents were looking to test influencer marketing or  increase their overall budgets towards influencer marketing over the next 12 months. Fewer than 10% of respondents were looking to maintain their budgets, and few wanted to decrease their influencer marketing budgets. Decrease of budget over next 12 months Unsure, we might test over next 12 months Same budget over next 12 months Increase our budget over the next 12 months
  9. 9. CURRENT BUDGET ALLOCATION While most respondents were looking to increase and test influencer marketing, they did not allocate much budget to it.  Nearly all respondents had an influencer marketing budget under 5K (in their given currency, though the prices were shown in euro).  These figures are maintained when asked about the percentage of their  marketing budgets that were dedicated to influencer marketing.  5K€ - 10K€ 10K€ - 25K€ 25K€ - 50K€ Over 50K€ Under 5K€
  10. 10. PERCENTAGE ALLOCATED BUDGET Most respondents allocated under 5% of their total marketing budgets to influencer marketing while nearly half (45%) wished to allocate a larger percentage of their marketing budgets to influencer marketing.  However, as there were several respondents who allocated a higher percentage of their budgets to influencer marketing, with the vast majority spending under 5K € (see previous slide) we can presume that the overall budgets of these companies is not much higher than 5K€/year.  0% - 5% 5% - 10% 20% - 30% 10% - 20% 30% - 40% +40%
  11. 11. INFLUENCER MARKETING OBJECTIVES Over half of all respondents viewed the main objective behind influencer marketing as obtaining leads and conversion 30% of those surveyed said they’d prefer brand exposure The rest of respondents were interested in either content promotion or other goals.
  12. 12. INFLUENCER MARKETING OBJECTIVES +20% Over half of all respondents thought the most important indicator of great influencer marketing campaign success was in revenue generated.  thought the best indicators were found in brand awareness and social shares.
  13. 13. +40%are looking for quality and authenticity in their influencers above all else.  +25%are looking at engagement rates,  size of the audience or social following. 5%of respondents were concerned with budget.  INFLUENCER MARKETING OBJECTIVES
  14. 14. HOW INFLUENCERS ARE FOUND While the vast majority    of respondents wanted to reach out directly to influencers themselves, 15% were looking to use influencer marketing platforms to accomplish this, while another 10% preferred to turn to media companies and publishers.  According to nearly 8%, influencers reached out to them directly.
  15. 15. While most respondents looked to blogs for influencer marketing, many wanted to combine this with social media influencers.  The top social influencer platforms were Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  Pinterest came in surprisingly low, which could be a good opportunity for growth for Reech.  MARKET PINPOINT Blogs Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter Pinterest  Other Google+