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How to Pitch Your Startup by Edith Yeung


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There is "no love at first sight" in startup pitching. An investor will not, cannot, and would never invest in you the first time they meet you. At this talk, Edith covers:
* What do investors want?
* What do founders want?
* What should a founder say and do in the first pitch?

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How to Pitch Your Startup by Edith Yeung

  1. 1. How to Pitch Your Startup Edith Yeung November 2020
  2. 2. Let’s Make Startup Pitching Great Again
  3. 3. Edith Yeung Edith is a General Partner at Race Capital - an early-stage Silicon Valley venture capital fund focusing on investing in data infrastructure and enterprise software. She has invested in over 50 startups including (Nasdaq: API), Lightyear/Stellar (valued $1.2B), Silk Labs (acquired by Apple), Chirp (acquired by Apple), Fleksy (acquired by Pinterest), Human (acquired by Mapbox), Solana, Oasis Labs, Hooked, DayDayCook, AISense, and many more. Prior to Race Capital, Edith was a partner at 500 Startups, the world's most active early-stage fund and incubator invested in Twilio, Credit Karma, Grab, and 2000 more companies. Before 500, Edith was the general manager at Dolphin Browser, a Sequoia-backed mobile browser with over 150 million installs worldwide. Edith also worked with many Fortune 500 companies such as Siebel, AMS, AT&T Wireless, and Autodesk. She frequently speaks on China and Silicon Valley technology and investment landscape. She is also a frequent guest lecturer at Berkeley and Stanford and commentator on BBC, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, SCMP, Techcrunch, etc. Edith Yeung | @edithyeung |
  4. 4. What do investors want?
  5. 5. What do founders want?
  6. 6. Pitching is just the first date.
  7. 7. An investor will not, cannot, and would never invest in you the first time they meet you.
  8. 8. What should a founder say in the first pitch?
  9. 9. What are you building?
  10. 10. What is the problem?
  11. 11. How does your product work?
  12. 12. What is the traction?
  13. 13. How do you make money?
  14. 14. Who is on the team?
  15. 15. Who are your competitors?
  16. 16. During the Pitch… • Traction, traction, traction –Revenue –# of Downloads –# of MAU / DAU –Major Customers or Partnerships • Product Demo • Market Size • Pain Point • Product • Team (including advisors or early investors) • Technology / IP • Business model • Competition • Market trends • Government regulations @edithyeung
  17. 17. What do you want to show?
  18. 18. Confident
  19. 19. Confident
  20. 20. Competent
  21. 21. Confident
  22. 22. Concise and Clear
  23. 23. What NOT to do in your first pitch? @edithyeung
  24. 24. What should you ask a potential investor?
  25. 25. Questions for Investors • How many investments have you done in the past 12 months • How many companies have you invested in so far • Have you invested in this industry before • What is your decision making process • What is your due diligence process • How big is your fund • Do you do follow on investment • What kind of value do you bring to your portfolio companies @edithyeung
  26. 26. What to do after your first pitch?
  27. 27. After your pitch… • Email follow up within 12 hours –Say Thank YOU –Deck –Current traction –Team –Action items –Your ask –Ask for follow up phone call or meeting @edithyeung
  28. 28. @edithyeung
  29. 29. @edithyeung
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