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Virtual Online Training - From Desktop to Device


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Slides from a session I delivered at The Virtual Learning Show Summer 2013 addressing using mobile devices and apps in the delivery of virtual online training. I addressed where we are with mobile trends in 2013 and demonstrated the Adobe Connect and WebEx Apps for iOS.

There is a recording of the session available from htp://

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Virtual Online Training - From Desktop to Device

  1. 1. SemperFiTwitter: @ElaineGilesApp.Net: ElaineGilesLinkedIn:
  2. 2. 2010
  3. 3. Internet Trends 2013 Report
  4. 4. Internet Trends 2013 Report
  5. 5. CreationConsumption
  6. 6. MobileMomentum
  7. 7. What AboutYou?
  8. 8. ...And?
  9. 9. WebEx Meetings
  10. 10. Adobe Connect
  11. 11. Devices
  12. 12. Reflector
  13. 13. AirServer
  14. 14. Demo
  15. 15. The recording of theDemonstration part of thissession is available from
  16. 16. Replays
  17. 17. Beyond Slides
  18. 18. Monitoring
  19. 19. Beyond the Platform
  20. 20. ManagingtheDisconnect
  21. 21. PresentationClock
  22. 22. AudioRecording
  23. 23. Review
  24. 24. VideoEditing
  25. 25. Training virtually isNOT second bestElaine Giles“”
  26. 26. Using a device invirtual training is NOTsecond bestElaine Giles“”
  27. 27. LearnTo LoveMobile
  28. 28.
  29. 29. "ank y#
  30. 30. Many people in the virtual room asked that I include aphoto of my desk as it was setup to deliver thissession.So on the next slide youll see a photograph of saiddesk as it was at the conclusion of the session.The two slides after that list the major equipmentused and in what way during the session.
  31. 31. 27" iMac Logged in to main Adobe Connect roomSecondary monitor Attached to iMacMacBook Air Logged in to secondary Adobe Connect RoomMacBook Pro Logged in to secondary Adobe Connect RoomiPad 3 Shared via Reflector in main Adobe Connect room demonstrating iOS appsiPad 2 Secondary connection to main Adobe Connect roomiPad 1 Monitoring e-mail, TwitteriPhone 3 Presentation TimeriPhone 4 IM clientiPhone 4S Active telephone call with second presenteriPhone 5 Used in demonstrationNexus 7 Used in demonstration
  32. 32. Blue Yeti Microphone Broadcasting audio to main Adobe Connect roomDigital Audio Recorder Making secondary audio backupAltec Lansing Speakers Attached to iMacMouse Attached to iMacKeyboard Attached to iMacServer Cupboard Where the routing and broadcast magic happens!
  33. 33. SemperFiTwitter: @ElaineGilesApp.Net: ElaineGilesLinkedIn: