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Why illustrations are important for UX design?


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Here are a few main reasons why illustrations can be very important for the UX design

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Why illustrations are important for UX design?

  1. 1. Why are illustrations important for ux design?
  2. 2. To instantly resonate with the user 2 People tend to perceive and process visual information at a speed of just 0.1 seconds; clearly a winner over vanilla text content. Visuals in the interface can persistently stay in the user’s memory. Even users who can’t read will be able to decode the context.
  3. 3. Place your screenshot here 3 To provide an interactive experience Visual explanations can make a user experience conversational enough to keep the user engaged. Illustrations facilitate a user to experience the user-friendly nature of the interface. The use of illustrations can glide the user into a smooth and seamless experience supported effectively by relevant visual imagery.
  4. 4. Custom-made illustrations can add personality to a brand and build the trust of users. A brand design should distinguish itself from the rest with unique elements to enhance recognizability among users and make them associate certain visuals with the brand. To promote brand identity
  5. 5. To connect user experience with user emotions Good illustrations can positively pique the emotions of users no matter what their mood is like. It helps users flawlessly navigate a website in a seamless manner. Attractive visuals tend to nudge the user to explore the website for a longer time.
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