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Start Up High - Design Thinking - Shark Tank


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Emma Bateski and Grace Watson

Published in: Education
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Start Up High - Design Thinking - Shark Tank

  1. 1. Shark Tank: CollegeCollab Emma Bateski and Grace Watson Mrs. Tinsley 2B
  2. 2. Situation  In my IB MYP critical thinking class we were asked to create a product in unison with a problem that we feel as a teenagers the need to offer a solution for.
  3. 3. Define the Problem  The problem that appealed most to my partner and I was colleges.
  4. 4. Ideate  The idea decided on was to create an app, or social media platform, that organized all colleges and their information in one place. Many students can’t afford to travel to their dream college and set up college tours, so this app would be designed specifically to appeal to high school students, college students, and professors.
  5. 5. Prototype  In creating our app, CollegeCollab, designs were created by both of us. Grace created a template for how the app would look in different screens and how it would function from the design that was chosen.  C4uKkTs5GdC- ud_FGL1SNTQ4BRmwghQycL124/edit?usp=sharing
  6. 6. Important Questions  Are there apps/social media platforms already created for this idea?  Is this a necessity in society?  Who would I be targeting with the creation of this app?  What design would be most aesthetically pleasing to catch the eye of the targeted audience?
  7. 7. Steps Forward  Grace’s dad is a computer programmer, working with programming machinery. Grace and I received his assistance in creating the template for the app, as well as the coding behind it, and could get his assistance in actually creating the app as well.