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Engage innovate Company presentation


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Published in: Business, Education
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Engage innovate Company presentation

  1. 1. Company presentation
  2. 2. Elisabeth Øvstebø is Managing Partner and Co-founder of Christian Rangen is an author, speaker and consultant Engage // Innovate – a Scandinavian management consulting on strategy, innovation and leadership. He works with senior company. leadership on innovative strategic transformation. His innovative approaches to strategy and leadership have led to a range of new She speaks, consults and coaches clients on innovative management practices in Scandinavian firms. strategic transformation. Her areas of expertise are strategy execution, leading transformational change, leadership- and Christian is Co-founder and Partner of Engage // Innovate – a sales training. As an experienced business coach Scandinavian management consulting company. He teaches she exudes a calm authority. regularly at BI – Norwegian School of Management and a range of Being highly efficient, she excels at designing large scale, executive development programs. He is also a gifted public speaker transformational change programs. and presents frequently at international seminars and conferences. He is the co-author of three management books. She holds a Master of Management from BI – Norwegian School of Management. He holds an MBA from Copenhagen Business School. Elisabeth is also the happy owner of the boutique With more than 500 hours of training, he is also nearing his meta- hotel Villa Vista Taiba, in Ceara, Brazil. Here she charges her certificate in Communicology; comparable to NLP’s trainers and develops a range of concepts and ideas for her clients. Christian is also the happy owner of the boutique hotel Villa Vista Taiba –a paradise for passionate kitesurfers…
  3. 3. Our references
  4. 4. Leadership development in one of Scandinavian’s largest IT-companies.Innovative development of customer relations in one of the world’s largest marketing and advertising companies. Strategy and leadership development in an untraditional energy brokerage firm. Leadership development, sales training and organizational development in one of Norway’s most profitable banks. Leadership- and organizational development in Norway’s 7th largest municipalities, counting more than 7000 employees. Since 2002 we have led projects as consultants and managers. We now bring our experiences into a new firm. Into Engage // Innovate.
  5. 5. Since early 2011 we have worked with
  6. 6. Our services
  7. 7. Strategy.- Shape and drive strategic transformationInnovation.- Create and lead a culture of innovationSales.- Drive better sales resultsLeadership.- Develop engaging leaders and organizationsManagement for hire.- Short-term, hands-on leadershipStrategy & Innovation camps // Brazil.- In collaboration with the boutique hotel Villa Vista Taiba, Engage // Innovate offer amazing one-week programsfor management teams worldwide.
  8. 8. Keynote presentations.- From 30 minutes introductions to full day workshops; our keynote presentations engage and involve. We combine academic research with real-life examples and easy-to-use tools. Our presentations are designed to excite and move. We provoke. We give food for thought. We make the audience come alive by engaging them. But most importantly; we create energy for strategic change.Among our keynote presentations• Pirate thinking: the mindset for innovation • Value driven marketing• The Innovation Pyramid: an innovation toolkit • Strategy Tools For the Next Generation• Strategic innovation • Open Innovation• Business model innovation • Social media: a leadership tool• Management innovation • Engaging Leadership Why Wait for the Future: • Strategy: a different perspective – create tomorrow’s management practices today • The Fairytale of Apple: - what firms can learn from Apple’s success
  9. 9. Teaching.- We teach Bachelor, Master and Executive development programs.Strategy & Innovation• Introduction to Strategy (STR3600)• Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ELE3701)• Innovation Management (PRO-School, in collaboration with Sparebank 1 SR-Bank)Leadership and change management• Leadership in Action (ORG2000)• Situational Leadership (BIK2904)• Organizational development and Change (BIK2917)• Organizational Behavior and Leadership (ORG3402)• Communications for managers and organizations (ORG3640)• High-Performance Leadership (BIN2912)• Situational leadership and StrategyMarketing• International Marketing (MRK2033)• Service-Marketing (BIK2931)
  10. 10. Innovators aren’t exceptional as much as they are confident.World-class Workshops. - David KelleySparking Strategic InnovationCome experience this amazing, highly acclaimed two-day workshop.Push your own thinking. Challenge your perspective on strategy.Get ready for Sparking Strategic Innovation.The People-side of InnovationDevelop the courage to innovate. Learn the skills tomorrow’s innovation leaders need.Learn how to master the people-side of innovationThese highly interactive two-day workshops are available worldwide.
  11. 11. Strategy & Innovation Camps // Brazil
  12. 12. In collaboration with boutique hotel Villa Vista Taiba. From radical innovation, engaging leadership, strategy and businessopportunities in Brazil, our programs can be tailor-made to fit your goals. With extensive experiences in consulting, facilitating creative processes, management coaching and regularly teaching at businessregularly teaching at business schools, our facilitators are there to make you and your team perform to the next level.
  13. 13. Among the one-week programs we offer are: Impact: Successful strategy processes Radical: kick-starting strategic innovation Innovate: building the innovative organization Engage: powerful team and leadership development Always: Leading by example - your personal leadership boostThe B in BRIC: business opportunities in Brazil (in collaboration with Brazilian partners in foreign investments, infrastructure, energy and property development)
  14. 14. Villa Vista Taiba
  15. 15. Villa Vista Taiba is a boutique hotel in Taiba, Ceara. Thisbeautiful villa combines the tropical beach life with a chic designand feel. Sitting directly on the beach, overlooking 15 km ofsmooth, white sand and amazing waves, this stunning location isone of the most beautiful beaches in northeast Brazil.
  16. 16. Fresh mangoes, cold coconuts and delicious acai will be on your daily diet.Spend your days in a slowly swaying hammock, with the gentle breeze coolingyou down and the sound of waves crashing 60 meters away. From the moment you put your feet in the warm sand, any feeling of stress will vaporize. The locals call it “Tranquilo”.
  17. 17. Take a swim in the clear waves and you will neverwant to leave. Launch a kite, grab a surfboard,walk on a nearly empty beach; the choice for anactive trip is yours.
  18. 18. Afterwards, the outdoor lounge and poolside baris the perfect place to enjoy a glass of champagne while taking in the sunset
  19. 19. Come. Enjoy. Taiba.
  20. 20.