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This new SEO tool can save your next website relaunch


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Learn how searchVIU, a new SEO tool, can save your organic search traffic when you relaunch your website. The tool crawls your live website and your staging environment and warns you if there are any changes that might harm your SEO performance. It also provides you with an automatic URL mapping for the 301 redirects you need for your website relaunch.

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This new SEO tool can save your next website relaunch

  1. 1. Learn how searchVIU saves your SEO performance when you relaunch your website.
  2. 2. The tool crawls your current website and the staging environment of your new website.
  3. 3. It checks if all of the content of your current website can be found on the new website.
  4. 4. If content is missing, it shows you exactly what is missing.
  5. 5. searchVIU calculates how many impressions and clicks* you would lose without the missing content. *Based on data imported from Google Search Console
  6. 6. It can also calculate how much traffic, revenue, or how many conversions you would lose.* *If your Google Analytics account provides the necessary data.
  7. 7. Next, it checks which keywords that are currently driving traffic* are missing on your new version.*Based on data imported from Google Search Console
  8. 8. searchVIU provides you with automatic redirect recommendations for the relaunch.
  9. 9. Yes, you got that right. No more manual matching of old and new URLs.
  10. 10. The recommendations are based on the previous findings and additional data, such as external links.
  11. 11. Also, if there are any changes to your internal linking that may affect your SEO, searchVIU warns you.
  12. 12. Last but not least, searchVIU checks all redirects you have already implemented on your staging server.
  13. 13. Website relaunch? Save your SEO performance with searchVIU
  14. 14. Learn everything you need to know about SEO for website relaunches on
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