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Revl Deck Crowdfunder

The World's Smartest Action Camera. Physical and Electronic stabilization and AI-assisted video editing app.

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Revl Deck Crowdfunder

  1. 1. Title Description Eric Sanchez, CEO T H E W O R L D ’ S S M A R T E S T A C T I O N C A M E R A 787-464-1950
  2. 2. Industrial designer, product designer, avid motorcycle rider. Bruce Pla - Co-founder, CDO Nelson Vazquez - Co-founder, CTO Electrical engineer, serial hardware hacker and inventor. Eric Sanchez - Co-founder, CEO Electrical engineer, serial entrepreneur and passionate action sports athlete. A leading team of engineers from NASA, Sikorsky and Texas Instruments with support from top leaders in tech. The Founders Team
  3. 3. The Problem Shaky footage and editing is time consuming + frustrating Watching this video makes me nauseous. Sorry, I haven’t had time to edit our vacation video.
  4. 4. Solution: AI Assisted Camera and App Revl is disrupting the video market by creating both hardware and software which leverages Artificial Intelligence We’ve created the most stable action camera with both physical and electronic stabilization combined. The 6 on board sensors including GPS and accelerometer record all of your motion in 3D space along with the video. Our app uses your 3D motion data and combines it with our emotion recognition technology to find your most exciting moments and create amazing videos for you instantly, without a computer.
  5. 5. The world’s most stable action camera Revl is the only camera that combines both physical and electronic stabilization Built-in electronic image stabilization Built-in motorized gimbal 100 minute battery life (GoPro 4 black only has 57min) Unique rotating form factor
  6. 6. Smart Editing using motion We identify your best moments based on your motions and emotions (joy, surprise, fear and more) using Artificial Intelligence Smart Editing using emotion Automatic Motion + Emotion Editing Edit video to your heart rate Edit Video to your emotion (Joy or Fear) Edit Video to your velocity and altitude
  7. 7. Revl App Launching in September Edit and Share amazing videos instantly without a computer or expensive software To increase the Revl user base we will enable support for all action cameras and drones for free By giving the app away for free, we can grow the user base and allow everyone to experience our smart editing app. Over time we can convert these user into camera purchases.
  8. 8. Phones Cameras Action Cameras Athlete $32B $3B$400B $2B Revl’s Core Focus Growing 20% every year * Market Data in Appendix “Revl has an opening with the adrenaline crowd” - Sean Hollister, CNET Market Size
  9. 9. Press & Media We have been featured in 50+ publications, including TechCrunch, The Verge, and The Wall Street Journal. “Revl just launched a smart action camera that solves the two worst things about action cams: shaky footage and a cumbersome editing process.” “Revl has taken all the friction out of video the same way Apple took the friction out of phones.” Bill Tai
  10. 10. Ready for Manufacturing Most of the hard work is already completed and de-risked. Major Complete Milestones • Design Completed • Manufacturing Partner Selected • DFM Process Completed Next Steps: • EVT DVT and PVT Test units • Mass Produce first batch • Ship first batch in December 2016 Hardware Architecture Supply Chain M-BOM E-BOM Electronic Schematics M-CAD E-CAD DFM DFA Manufacturer Selection EVT DVT PVT Mass Production Industrial Design Fulfillment Completed Stages Next Stages
  11. 11. Sales Summary of Direct and Distribution Pre-orders Cost $150 $1.17M in 3 months Retail Price $499 Pre-Order Price $399
  12. 12. Growth Plan From Seed to Series A
  13. 13. Investors We have a strategic team of experienced investors and advisors. Investors: Lars Rasmussen: Co-founder Google Maps James Lindenbaum: Founder Heroku Bill Tai: Founder MaiTai Global Joshua Schachter: Founder Delicious Y Combinator Frog Ventures IT - Farm Partners: Raising $850k Join us now

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  • leomarose

    Aug. 19, 2016

The World's Smartest Action Camera. Physical and Electronic stabilization and AI-assisted video editing app.


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