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  1. 1. Whether your dealership is active on social media or just starting out,youronlinepresenceplaysanimportantpartinyourcustomers’ awareness, consideration, purchase decision and loyalty. Nearly one in three U.S. consumers are influenced by social media in their purchases ( As you look to improve your dealership’s presence in the social media space, there are many ways to promote your business, products and offer customer service through your social media accounts. SOCIAL MEDIA KIT Beginner: Facebook Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps If you are new to Facebook, it is important to understand the language used on the platform. Fan: A fan is a Facebook user who has chosen to ‘Like’ your Page. By doing so, all of your posts and updates will appear in your fans’ newsfeeds. Newsfeed: Your newsfeed is a collection of posts from pages, people and groups you are associated with on Facebook. Photos, videos, sponsored advertisements and shared posts will appear in your newsfeed. Page Roles: Page roles allow you to control access to your page. There are five page roles: admin, editor, moderator, advertiser and analyst. Admins have the most control of the page. Users assigned to these roles can be changed at any time. Insights: A free service provided by Facebook that allows you to see page metrics and analytics. Page Roles How to Set Up an Account: To create a Facebook page for your dealership, first select a team member to be the admin of the Page. This role allows a user to manage all aspects of your Facebook Page, including sending messages, publishing posts, creating advertisements and assigning other page roles. The admin will need a Facebook account to create a business page. This personal account will not be visible to any fans of the business page. Once an admin has been established, follow these steps to create a Facebook Page for your Cub Cadet Dealership: Create your Business Page: From the admin’s account, click the arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook page and select ‘Create Page’. Select your Page Category: Select the ‘Local Business or Place’ option and enter the appropriate information for your dealership. When choosing a category, select ‘Local Business’. News Feed Insights Source:PewResearchCenter
  2. 2. Add Profile Picture: Add a profile picture to make your company easily recognizable to your audience. Select a visually appealing photo, such as your dealership logo. Select ‘Upload From Computer’, find the photo of your choice and upload it to your page. If your dealership has a pre-existing website, you can use the ‘Import From Website’ feature to add a photo. All audience members will be able to see this photo when searching for your page. Target a Custom Audience: To attract a target audience for your Facebook Page, add a specific location, age range and set of interests for Facebook to process. Regardless of these settings, anyone will be able to find your page. These selections simply help Facebook put your page in front of those who matter most to your dealership. Customize Your Page: Your Facebook Page is now accessible to the public. To optimize your page, add a Cover Photo using the same process as adding a Profile Picture. You can add additional contact information, such as store hours and add a Call To Action to contact your dealership or visit an external website. Add Basic Information: After agreeing to the Facebook Page Terms, your page has been created. To set up your page, add basic information about your dealership, including other social media handles or links to a company website. SOCIAL MEDIA KIT -2-
  3. 3. Beginner: Twitter Twitter comes with a vocabulary all its own, as well as features that are unique to just its platform. Twitter Handle: A Twitter handle is your username and how you’re identified on Twitter. It is always preceded by the @ symbol. Choose a Twitter handle that reflects your dealership name and/or location. Tweet: A Tweet is any message your account chooses to send on Twitter. Tweets can only be 140 characters long. Timeline: A Twitter timeline is a collection of all the tweets sent by accounts you follow. Your timeline will include tweets, retweets and sponsored advertisements from businesses. Follower: Twitter followers are users who choose to see your tweets. Once a user follows your account, all tweets you send will appear in the user’s timeline. SOCIAL MEDIA KIT -3- Here are some of the key terms to know when using Twitter: Retweet: A retweet is a repost of another user’s tweet. Retweeting a post adds the tweet to your account, meaning your followers can view it in their timelines. Hashtag: Using hashtags tags your tweets to follow a thread. For example, if you type ‘#CubCadet’ in your tweet, any user searching for Cub Cadet will see your tweet, regardless of if they follow your account. Mention: Mentions occur when one Twitter account tags another user in a tweet. By adding a Twitter handle to a tweet, that account will get a notification that you mentioned them. Direct Message: A direct message is a private message with another Twitter user. These messages will not appear on your timeline or be visible to other users. Cub Cadet @Cub_Cadet Messages
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA KIT -4- How to set up an account: Create Your Profile: Twitter does not differentiate between individual and business accounts. To create an account for your business, go to, select the ‘Sign Up’ option on the homepage and enter the required information. Add a Profile Picture: Add a profile picture to make your company easily recognizable to your audience. Select a visually appealing photo, such as your dealership logo. Select ‘Upload Photo’, find the photo of your choice and upload it to your profile. All audience members will be able to see this photo when searching for your profile. Add a Header Photo: After adding a profile picture, your profile is set-up and ready to use. Add a header photo to make your account visually appealing and start tweeting! Edit Your Profile: The ‘Edit Profile’ widget allows you to further customize your profile. Add a short bio, your location and any external website URLs. Edit profile
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA KIT -5- • Interact with your fans: Social media is all about interaction. Make sure your fans don’t feel ignored! Like fans comments on Facebook, favorite or retweet any mentions on Twitter and reply to comments as necessary. Your fans will appreciate the communication. • Keep your page up-to-date: If a consumer tries to connect with your dealership on social media but does not see any recent posts, they may assume your social networks are inactive. Be sure to post at least twice a week to keep your fans up-to-date. • Make your posts visual: Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets than those without images. (bufferapp blog) Ninety-three percent of the most engaging posts on Facebook included photos. ( Be sure to add visuals to engage your fans and make your posts stand out. • Use one brand voice on your platforms: Streamline your social networks by keeping your brand voice the same on all platforms. It is best to designate one or two team members to manage your accounts and keep verbage and tone the same amongst all posts. • Customize content for each platform: It is appropriate to post the same message on multiple platforms, but it won’t be as simple as copying and pasting a message. Facebook has no character or word limit on posts, allowing you to go more in-depth with postings. When tweeting, you are limited to 140 characters. Content must be optimized for each platform. • Recycle posts: To avoid spamming your fans and followers, do not continuously repost the same message. If posting about a similar topic more than once, such as a product sale, giveaway or event, be sure to change the verbiage on each post. • Overuse hashtags: Hashtags are great for categorizing your posts and aligning your content with trending topics. However, too many hashtags can be more of a distraction than an assistance. Limit each post to one hashtag and only use when necessary. Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Do Do Not Intermediate How To Boost Existing Posts on Your Page: Go to a post you’ve created and then click Boost Post in the lower-right corner. Choose your audience and budget based on how many people you want to reach and how long you’d like your boost to run. You can also change your payment method. Click Boost Post.
  6. 6. Intermediate, Cont. Guidelines for Interacting: Eighty-two percent of Facebook users consider the platform to be a good way to interact with brands. (Lab42) Fifty- one percent of Twitter users follow brand profiles to stay up-to-date with brand news. (adweek) These statistics prove that fans are using social media for much more than just reading brand information. Fans are now seeking interaction. Here are some basic guidelines on how to interact with fans and followers on social media: Reply to comments in a timely manner. When fans comment on a post or mention you in a tweet, they are usually seeking instant feedback. While you don’t have to reply within minutes, be sure to monitor your accounts throughout the day and reply to comments when appropriate. Keep your brand voice consistent. Each user deserves a personalized response, but the overall voice and tone should remain the same for each response. Keep all interactions professional. Do not like, favorite, retweet or reply to any inappropriate accounts or postings from your brand page. Do not engage in any negative posts regarding competitors. Do not delete negative comments. Instead, assist the consumer by directing them to a more direct form of customer service. Deleting negative comments or reviews will make your dealership seem less transparent and untrustworthy. However; if posts contain graphic language or content you may hide them from your page. Ways to incorporate Cub Cadet Assets To connect with Cub Cadet on social platforms, like and follow our brand accounts. To share news about product updates, Cub Cadet promotions or contests or brand information, share or retweet our posts with your followers and fans. Through the Cub Cadet On Demand Marketing site, you will be able to download free advertising images and messaging that you can post to your own Facebook or Twitter accounts. Take advantage of promotions by advertising through social media to reach new audiences and get more consumers in your door. To access these seasonally updated assets, visit the Cub Cadet One Demand Marketing site by logging in through the Dealer Portal and click on the “SOCIAL MEDIA” e-spot. For more information on the advertising and marketing capabilities available for your dealership through the On Demand Marketing site, call 1 (877) 223-3927. SOCIAL MEDIA KIT -6-
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA KIT -7- Advanced Facebook Overview The Promoted Posts Feature on Facebook allows you to reach a higher percentage of your community (people who like your page), as well as friends of people who you’re your page and people who have not yet liked your page. This is a low-cost, high- value tool for those of you looking to draw attention to an announcement, promotion, event etc. There are several advantages of using Facebook’s promoted posts feature. It allows you to control who you are reaching and exactly how much you want to pay. You can get specific with your target audience – focusing only on people who like your page plus their friends or aiming for everyone on Facebook. You can also target by location, so you can hit people on Facebook who indicate they are within a certain radius of your dealership. Promoting or “boosting” your post simply increases the likelihood that your desired audience will see your post in their News Feeds. How to Use Promoted Posts for New Posts: Create a post – It is recommended to use an image as it appears larger on the home feed. If you have text on an image, make sure the text only takes up 20% of the image. If you are going to use a link in your post, create a Bitly link so that you can track the clicks to your website. Highlight over the post and click either the “Boost Post” button at the bottom-right of the post or select the megaphone icon at the top-right of the post Decide your target audience. Select your budget Set your target location Click “Promote Post” and go through payment process. How to Promote Your Facebook Page: If you’re interested in getting more page likes, you should promote your page. To create an ad for your page: Click Promote Your Page beneath your profile picture In the window that appears, choose your audience, daily budget and the duration of your ad Click Promote Page For more options, click in the bottom-left corner of the window that appears and select Advanced Options. The ad you create will appear on desktop and mobile. Contests and Promotions When hosting contests and promotions through social media platforms, it is important to follow all requirements.
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA KIT -8- Contests and Promotions When hosting contests and promotions through social media platforms, it is important to follow all requirements. Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps On Facebook, you are allowed to collect contest entries through specific Page postings. Users can comment on and/or like a Page post or send a private message to your Page as voting mechanisms. Facebook requires that any contest winners must be notified through external communications and cannot be notified through Facebook. When hosting a contest through Twitter, you cannot encourage users to create multiple accounts for entry purposes. All hashtags used in conjunction with your contest must be relevant to the contest topic. Analytics and Improving ROI When using social media platforms, it is important to know if you are doing so effectively. Facebook and Twitter both provide free analytics tools to monitor your accounts. Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps Facebook analytics are offered directly on the Facebook platform free of charge. To access these metrics, follow this guide: Finding Facebook Insights: Your Page Insights can be found on the top of your page. They are visible only to those with assigned page roles. After clicking the Insights widget, Facebook will automatically pull the past week’s analytics. This timeline can be customized for any analytics simply by clicking a specific category, such as Engagement. All Insights can be exported into Microsoft Excel documents. When exporting data, you have the ability to customize timeframe and choose from 3 analytics categories. Click the ‘Export’ widget next to Settings. To make the most out of this free tool, it is important to know exactly what you are looking at. Finding your data When first accessing Insights, the ‘Overview’ tab gives you an at-a-glance view of your most important metrics. By further clicking categories like ‘Likes’ and ‘Reach’ you can get more specific data. Facebook automatically pulls metrics on your 5 most recent posts. These metrics allow you to see which posts reached the largest audience and the engagement levels of each post. By clicking ‘View All Posts’, you can see post analytics from a 3-month timeframe.
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA KIT -9- When is the best time to post? Facebook keeps analytics on your page and your page fans. By clicking ‘View All Posts’ you can see what days and times you have the most fans online. This information is important to boost engagement and post visibility. Who are your fans? If you are focusing on specific audiences or demographics, it is important to know who is engaging with your page content. By clicking the ‘People’ widget on the top bar, you can see exactly who makes up your fan base. Accessing Analytics Twitter offers free analytics that can be accessed at While logged into your account, open the analytics URL in the same browser. When prompted, turn Twitter analytics on. Finding Your Data Similar to Facebook Insights, Twitter analytics provides you with a ‘Home’ view, where all of your latest metrics can be viewed. By scrolling down, you can view monthly snapshots of your Top Tweet, Top Mention, Top Follower and Top Media Tweet. The ‘Tweets’ tab provides you with more in-depth information on individual tweets. In this view you can see a tweet’s impressions, determined by how many users viewed the tweet, the tweet’s engagement level, determined by clicks on the tweet, retweets, favorites and replies and the tweet’s engagement rate, the engagement divided by impressions. Who is Your Audience? Twitter also allows you in-depth information on your fan base. Twitter’s analytics platform allows you to see everything from gender and location to household income and education level. Twitter Overview
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA KIT -10- Best Practices for Promoted Posts /Tweets Facebook Clean, simple images are important. It helps your post stand out in a potential customer’s news feed. Provide a clear call-to-action. “Click here to watch…”, “Comment below to tell us what you’d do with this new product…”, “Like this post for a chance to…” Being timely and consistent helps increase engagement. If you can tie your post to something happening in the sports world or around holidays and events, more people will think it is relevant. Also, don’t go long periods of time without a promoted post (but don’t oversaturate with posts). Boosting a few promoted posts a month will typically be a good start. Finally, learn what works best for your target. Track how your boosted posts are performing and adjust accordingly. You may need experiment with different posts to see what works for your dealership. Twitter Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps Facebook “f” Logo CMYK / .eps Be Visual: Promoted tweets that include a photo generate engagement rates that are 306% higher than text-only tweets Less Is More: Promoted tweets with 10-40 characters get 70% better engagement rates than promoted tweets with up to 140 characters #Hashtags: Using a hashtag in a promoted tweet results in 122% higher average engagement Handling @Handles: Promoted tweets that include a handle (@Cub_Cadet) experience 51% higher average engagement vs. tweets that do not include a handle. Click Here: Clickable content within a promoted tweet drives better engagement. And ultimately, you want that Tweet to drive traffic back to your site.
  11. 11. Customer Service Regardless of the platform, customer service will be part of your social media experience. Whether customers want to check on an order, tell you they love a new product, or are frustrated with an issue – it is important to be prepared with responses. It is important to create a list of frequently asked questions and create responses for all FAQs. Here are some suggestions of content to have prepared: • Backordered parts • Repair time • Repair cost • What is covered under warranty? • Positive Feedback • Negative Feedback Both Facebook and Twitter have private messaging features, where most customer service is best handled. Twitter messages are still limited to 140 characters. Be sure to condense all customer service responses to optimize for Twitter. Create a list of frequently asked questions. To keep responses consistent, create one or two responses per question. Type all responses in a document and save them. From your business page, open your Facebook messages. If you have no previous Facebook messages, have the page admin send the page a generic message. You cannot create replies without any messages in your page inbox. The left side of your inbox will have two pre-made messages from Facebook. To create your own responses, click ‘Create New Reply’. Type a title for your reply (EX: Backordered Parts, Estimated Repair Time) and copy your response into the message. To personalize, click the ‘Personalize’ widget and select any of the desired attributes. All replies will now appear on the left side of your inbox. To delete or edit replies, click the ‘Manage Replies’ widget. To search for a specific reply, use the search feature at the top of your response list. Twitter SOCIAL MEDIA KIT -11- Facebook • Shipping status • Contact Us • Discounts and Promotions • NLA Parts (No Longer Available) Facebook private messaging now has a ‘Replies’ feature that allows business pages to save common responses.