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  1. 1. DESCRIBING PEOPLEESL for children
  2. 2. HOW TO DESCRIBE PEOPLE? We can start describing the general aspect: he/she istall/short, he/she is fat/slim… Then we can talk about his/her physical characteristics:his/her hair is dark/blond, his/her eyes areblue/brown, his/her nose is long/short… We can continue describing his/her clothes: he/she iswearing a red t-shirt, he/she has blue trousers, he/she iswearing a big hat… We can finish talking about his/her character: he/she ishappy/sad, he/she is nervous, he/she is angry…
  3. 3. HOW TO DESCRIBE PEOPLE? AN EXAMPLE… He has green hair andbig eyes. His nose is red. He is wearing a purple t-shirt and green trousers. His shoes are red andvery big. He is very happy.This is Krusty Description of Krusty
  4. 4. NOW IS YOUR TURN! DESCRIBE THEM:This is Shrek Description of Shrek
  5. 5. NOW IS YOUR TURN! DESCRIBE THEM:This is Leela Description of Leela
  6. 6. NOW IS YOUR TURN! DESCRIBE THEM:This is Candace Description of Candace