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Snapshot of Digital India- March 2016

Snapshot of Digital India- March 2016 : A comprehensive report which provides interesting the stats and facts about India and also depicts the evolution of India on the digital front in the past six months. The report shares interesting insights on connectivity, internet, mobility, social media usage and other digital trends.
The report covers the following datapoints:
1) Number of Internet users in India
2) Internet usage India report
3) Internet penetration in India
4) State wise internet users in India
5) Number of mobile subscribers in India
6) Urban- rural internet penetration India
7) Mobile internet usage stats in India
8) Smartphone internet usage stats in India
9) Social media users in India
10) Number of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram users in India
11) Stats on Millennials using social media
12) Mobile app usage in India
13) App usage trends in India

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Snapshot of Digital India- March 2016

  1. 1. Latest Report (October 2016) Also Released
  2. 2. Teledensity India
  3. 3. Number of internet users in world Internet penetration global
  4. 4. Number of internet users in India. How many internet users are there in India Internet penetration in India
  5. 5. Slide 12 & 13 & 14 from sept 2015
  6. 6. Highest state with internet users in india Internet users in Gujarat Internet users in maharashtra Internet users in Karnataka
  7. 7. Internet speed stats
  8. 8. Internet speed stats India
  9. 9. India has become the second-biggest smartphone market in terms of active unique smartphone users, crossing 220 million users,
  10. 10. Smartphone usage trends India
  11. 11. Smartphone market share India
  12. 12. Number of Facebook users in India Number of Linkedin users in India Number of Instagtram users in India Number of twitter users in India
  13. 13. Instagram