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Top 12 Eventbrite add ons for Music and Festival Promoters


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These slides highlight the top 12 tools on the Eventbrite spectrum for music promoters. How many are you using for your events?

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Top 12 Eventbrite add ons for Music and Festival Promoters

  1. 1. Top 12 Eventbrite add ons for Music and Festival Promoters
  2. 2. Top 12 Eventbrite add ons for Music and Festival Promoters By collaborating with other software leaders, we’ve built an ecosystem of over 130 available extensions that open new possibilities and make life easier for music and festival promoters. We call this the ‘Eventbrite Spectrum’. We partner with these extensions with one end goal in mind: to maximise your ticket sales. You can find all of these extensions within the ‘Manage’ tab of your event admin page. From here they can be integrated directly into your event dashboard. This infographic highlights our top 12 extensions for music and festival promoters.
  3. 3. Bandsintown improves the concert-going experience for millions of fans around the world and helps thousands of artists of all sizes and genres to better connect with their core audience. The family of Bandsintown apps has attracted over 17 million concert-goers, reaches a global audience of 120 million music fans through Bandsintown Amplified and powers the tour dates for more than 280K artists around the world. Bandsintown has expanded to become the premiere destination where artists and 
 fans connect. Through this integration, Bandsintown pulls Eventbrite's directory of events and syndicates through its channels to reach new audiences.
  4. 4. Songkick connects some of the world’s greatest artists with millions of music fans around the globe. The Songkick vision is simple: every show should sell out. Used by millions, its concert discovery platform is the world’s biggest direct-to-fan marketing channel, targeting the people who listen to music across more than 60 markets globally with notifications and tickets whenever their favorite artists are playing nearby.
  5. 5. Now you can generate more buzz and a clear call of action, through a Facebook application that enables organisers to embed their ticket sales directly into their own Facebook fan pages. This allows members of their Facebook page to view and purchase tickets directly. No more clicking through confusing web pages, because access to the information you need, is right there, in the most social site online. To start selling tickets to your event, there are only 3 easy steps to follow, and they're dead simple! Simply create your event on Eventbrite, Connect to your Facebook fan page and lastly, Integrate with Eventbistro and voila! A ticketing widget, all setup to generate tickets for your events, straight from your Facebook fan page! You can now also add a tickets tab that will display a listing of all upcoming events!
  6. 6. MailChimp gives you a simple, creative way to communicate with your event attendees. Eventbrite’s partnership with MailChimp lets you seamlessly import attendees into your MailChimp account. You can select which attendees from which events you want to sync, and all future attendees that meet your criteria will be synced automatically. It's easy to send emails to your event attendees using MailChimp. Design eye-catching HTML email campaigns, automatically manage subscriber lists, and track results—with no coding or programming required.
  7. 7. Hootsuite is the world’s most widely used social relationship platform. Over 10 million users use Hootsuite to promote their events, engage their customers, and build their social brand. With this extension, you can: - Increase your reach: Easily share any event on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, all from the Eventbrite dashboard - Optimise your promotion: Schedule or Auto- Schedule invitations to maximise your invitations chances of being seen - Measure success: Track promotion via Hootsuite through Eventbrite to see how your social channel is performing
  8. 8. Low-cost packages help event organisers communicate with their customers, and receive replies – via SMS. FireText are an award winning UK SMS provider. Send messages, schedule campaigns or even create auto-responders.
  9. 9. With the Event Auto-Publish extension, simply specify a date and time for your events to go live and your event will be published automatically. Need to edit a scheduled publish? Not a problem—you can edit or cancel auto-publish dates as your plans change. Whether you’re planning your monthly show schedule or announcing a big artist, timing is everything. You need to make sure your announcement maximises buzz, but you also don’t have hours to waste running to your desk to push “publish” for every event on your calendar. That’s where Eventbrite’s Event Auto- Publish extension comes in. Best yet, this extension is completely free to use! Event Auto-Publish by Eventbrite
  10. 10. Teespring is the easiest way to sell merchandise for your organisation or event online! Teespring allows you to quickly upload artwork onto merchandise, set your price, and instantly create an online page where attendees and fans can purchase from. Your merchandise is then promoted on your event page. Teespring then prints, packages and delivers all orders to your buyers all over the world. Zero risk. Zero inventory. Zero hassle.
  11. 11. You submit once, Evvnt submits everywhere. 
 Evvnt is empowering event organisers to achieve more from their marketing, by accessing networks of listing sites in one simple submission - saving time, money and delivering superior marketing reach, the key to attracting more attendees. Now integrated as an extension into Eventbrite's ticketing technology, installing Broadcast gives event organisers, promoters and marketers an even simpler way to increase ticket sales and attendee's - absolutely free! Eventbrite events can now reach 10 sites with a click, and up to another 120 more within the extension. Evvnt technology works by aligning each event by category & location with its publisher database of over 4,500 publishers. So far, customers in over 70 countries have submitted 500,000 event listings and generated 1 million clicks to their websites, ticketing and registration pages.
  12. 12. The SpaceCraft straightforward content management system makes it easy and intuitive to create a professional event website. Choose from pre-designed website template options to get started. Customise your design and manage your content, all without touching a single line of code. This solution allows you to easily import Eventbrite data directly into your SpaceCraft website. You can then customise and enhance your events any way you like. SpaceCraft also have a professional design team create a beautiful, custom website just for you. Their packages are affordable and won’t break your budget.
  13. 13. Emma’s, goal is to make it easier for marketers to get better results by uniting the many ways you reach your audience, including your event marketing. This partnership makes the process of promoting and selling tickets through email a seamless experience in your Emma account. With this integration, you'll be able to add Eventbrite events to your emails and track the resulting ticket sales and revenue in Emma's Response section. You can choose to promote one event in detail, or include a whole list of upcoming events, each with its own purchase button. You can monitor tickets still available, total tickets sold, and tickets sold as a result of the email you sent – all broken out per event.
  14. 14. UK Ticket Printing has partnered with Eventbrite to provide you with custom event tickets. Choose from dozens of beautiful designs which can be customised for your event. UK ticket Printing then print and ship directly to you! Event tickets include barcodes which sync with your Eventbrite event and can be scanned and validated for entry using the Eventbrite Organiser mobile app. Printed tickets are perfect for in-person sales or can be sold through local vendors prior to the event. Your Eventbrite event information is imported automatically to help you get started.You may edit, add additional information, and upload sponsor logos to create a fully customised ticket.
  15. 15. Eventbrite’s partnership with SurveyMonkey lets you quickly send surveys to your attendees, participants, and volunteers for all types of events. With 15 different survey question types to choose from, create your own customised survey or use a certified template to ensure you ask the right questions and get the most useful responses.
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