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ملتقى 2016 - اليوم الأول: Persona - Key tool for user experiance - Patrick Roupin


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ملتقى التميز المؤسسي 2016

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ملتقى 2016 - اليوم الأول: Persona - Key tool for user experiance - Patrick Roupin

  1. 1. Persona: Key tool for user experience Excellence Dayz 2016 | Presentation by Patrick Roupin
  2. 2. Who is the user?
  3. 3. Who is the user?
  4. 4. Who is the user?Age? Education? Social Level? Nationality? Outlook? Political view?
  5. 5. Who is the user? Projects ideology Aspiration Dream
  6. 6. Who is the user?
  7. 7. Organizational issue
  8. 8. Who is the user? Universal Design
  9. 9. Universal design
  10. 10. Do you want to be this?
  11. 11. Because, you have an identity • Name • Preference • Taste • Status • Religion • Nationality • Etc.
  12. 12. Universal design Work Does not work • To standardize function • Usage pattern • Interaction • To build your brand and the user experience associated to it. Whaaa!! Cool! Like
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Mohammed Al Sadiq 27 years old unmarried Business development manager at Kinan International in Jeddah. Organizational alignment
  16. 16. User research User group
  17. 17. We identify our user group User group
  18. 18. We identify common points User group
  19. 19. User group • Taste • Personality • Preference • Dream • Culture • Desire • Etc. We identify common points
  20. 20. User research Observation Interview Experiment
  21. 21. We study socio profiles People Choices Social Identity
  22. 22. Identify the persona within the group User group Persona
  23. 23. Organizational alignment
  24. 24. Omar Al Sadiq Hard Working Entrepreneurial Moderately conservative Passionate Goals Frustrations Bio Motivations Brands Mood Personality "There is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are virtue and talents.” Thomas Jefferson Age: 27 Work: Business development manager at Kinan International, Jeddah Family: unmarried Location: Jeddah Character: Impatient Introvert Extrovert Analytical Creative Conservative Liberal Passive Active • He want to open a company that provides investment management system solution. He has about SR 450 000 to invest on his business. • He want to be the number one provider in the country within 5 years. He is sometimes frustrated that the business world move too fast. He wonder if he will be able to catch-up the right business opportunity. He do not really like his job, but do it truthfully as he need money to open his own business. Omar has great sense of family belonging. He appreciate the company of his father and uncles. He inherit the taste for business from them, his success could not be complete without his family. He will buy a Mercedes-Benz cabriolet within 6 months. He like to spend short holidays in Dubai, Las Vegas and Amsterdam. He has no opinion and interest about politic, social and religion. Incentive Fear Achievement Growth Power Social Colors
  25. 25. Who do you chose to be?
  26. 26. Why do you need a persona? Reality Future
  27. 27. Today, people expect services at the level of international business and social enterprise. Persona is a key tool