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#CNX14 - Intro to Force


Published on can automatically generate user interfaces, but in some cases you might want to build a more custom UI. Join us to learn about Visualforce, the component-based UI framework that lets you build attractive, dynamic, reusable user interfaces. We'll cover code walk-throughs, common use cases, leveraging Apex on the server side, debugging techniques, and how to utilize the component framework to make your code portable and maintainable.

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#CNX14 - Intro to Force

  1. 1. Track: Developers #CNX14 #CNX14 Intro to James Ward Platform Evangelist @_JamesWard
  2. 2. Track: Developers #CNX14 Salesforce1 App Salesforce1 Platform APIs Heroku ExactTarget Fuel Sales Cloud Service Cloud Marketing Cloud AppExchang e Custom Employee Apps Customer & Partner Apps Salesforce1 Platform Services
  3. 3. Track: Developers #CNX14 Idea Build App Idea buy & setup hardware install complex software define user access build & test security make it mobile & social setup reporting & analytics build app Traditional Platforms 6-12 Months? App App
  4. 4. Track: Developers #CNX14 Platform Services The Fastest Path From Idea To App
  5. 5. Track: Developers #CNX14 Salesforce: #1 Enterprise Cloud Platform Market Share #1 Enterprise Platform #1 Magic Quadrant for Application Platform as a Service January, 2014 Analyst: Yefim V. Natis This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research document and should be evaluated in the context of the entire document. The Gartner document is available upon request from Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  6. 6. Track: Developers #CNX14 Declarative Approach Programmatic Approach Visualforce Pages Visualforce Components Apex Controllers Apex Triggers Metadata API REST API Bulk API Page Layouts Record Types Formula Fields Validation Rules Workflows and Approvals Custom Objects Custom Fields Relationships User Interface Business Logic Data Model
  7. 7. Track: Developers #CNX14 Free Developer Environment
  8. 8. Declarative Data Model
  9. 9. Track: Developers #CNX14 Salesforce Objects • Similar to Tables (with more metadata) • Standard objects out-of-the-box • Account, Contact, Opportunity, … • You can add custom fields to standard objects • Rating__c, Twitter__c, … • You can create custom objects • i.e. Speaker__c, Session__c, Hotel__c • Custom objects have standard fields • Id, Owner, LastModifiedDate, LastModifiedBy, …
  10. 10. Track: Developers #CNX14 Rich Data Types • Auto Number • Formula • Roll-Up Summary • Lookup • Master-Detail • Checkbox • Currency • Date • Picklist (multi select) • Text • Text Area • Text Area (Long) • Text Area (Rich) • Text (Encrypted) • URL  Date/Time  Email  Geolocation  Number  Percent  Phone  Picklist
  11. 11. Track: Developers #CNX14 Modeling One-to-Many Relationships An expense has one expense report An expense report has many expenses
  12. 12. Track: Developers #CNX14 Modeling Many-to-Many Relationships A speaker can have many session assignments A session can have many speaker assignments
  13. 13. Track: Developers #CNX14 Id • All objects are given an Id field • Globally unique Id is assigned at record creation • "Primary key" used to access records
  14. 14. Track: Developers #CNX14 Record Name • Human readable / logical identifier • Text or Auto Number ("Intro to Apex" or SP-00002) • Uniqueness not enforced
  15. 15. Track: Developers #CNX14 When you create an Object, you get… • A CRUD user interface • Instant Mobile App access (Salesforce1) • A REST API • Rich Metadata • Indexed search
  16. 16. Declarative Apps
  17. 17. Track: Developers #CNX14 What's an Application? • Group of tabs that provide easy access to related features • Salesforce comes with standards apps • Sales, Call Center, Marketing, … • You can create your own apps • Tabs can be: • Object pages, Visualforce pages, Canvas app
  18. 18. Track: Developers #CNX14 Page Layouts Let you customize all aspects of the layout, related lists, …
  19. 19. Programming with Apex
  20. 20. Track: Developers #CNX14 What is Apex? • Salesforce platform language • Cloud based compiling, debugging and unit testing • Object-oriented • Strongly typed • Classes and Interfaces • Similar to Java
  21. 21. Track: Developers #CNX14 Apex and Java Same • Primitive data types • Flow control (if, for, while, …) • Exception handling • Collections: Lists, Sets, … Different • Case insensitive • Single quote strings: 'Joe' • Id data type • Built-in support for data access
  22. 22. Track: Developers #CNX14 Apex Class public class MortgageCalculator { public Double amount { get; set; } public Double rate { get; set; } public Integer years { get; set; } public Double calculateMonthlyPayment() { Integer months = years * 12; Double monthlyRate = rate / (12 * 100); return amount * (monthlyRate/ (1 - Math.pow(1 + monthlyRate, -months))); } }
  23. 23. Track: Developers #CNX14 Development Tools • Developer Console • IDE (Eclipse Plugin) • Mavens Mate (Sublime Plugin) • Force CLI
  24. 24. Track: Developers #CNX14 Developer Console • Browser Based IDE • Create Classes, Triggers, Pages • Execute Apex Anonymously • Execute SOQL Queries • Run Unit Tests • Review Debug Logs
  25. 25. Data Access with SOQL and DML
  26. 26. Track: Developers #CNX14 SOQL • Salesforce Object Query language • Similar to SQL • Streamlined syntax to traverse object relationships • Built into Apex
  27. 27. Track: Developers #CNX14 SELECT Id, Name, Phone FROM Contact
  28. 28. Track: Developers #CNX14 SELECT Id, Name, Phone FROM Contact WHERE Phone <> null
  29. 29. Track: Developers #CNX14 SELECT Id, Name, Phone FROM Contact WHERE Phone <> null AND Name LIKE '%rose%'
  30. 30. Track: Developers #CNX14 SELECT Id, Name, Phone FROM Contact WHERE Phone <> null AND Name LIKE '%rose%' ORDER BY Name
  31. 31. Track: Developers #CNX14 SELECT Id, Name, Phone, Account.Name FROM Contact WHERE Phone <> null AND Name LIKE '%rose%' ORDER BY Name
  32. 32. Track: Developers #CNX14 SELECT Id, Name, Phone, Account.Name FROM Contact WHERE Phone <> null AND Name LIKE '%rose%' ORDER BY Name LIMIT 50
  33. 33. Track: Developers #CNX14 Executing SOQL in the Developer Console
  34. 34. Track: Developers #CNX14 Inlining SOQL in Apex Integer i = [select count() from Session__c];
  35. 35. Track: Developers #CNX14 Inlining SOQL in Apex String level = 'Advanced'; List<Session__c> sessions = [SELECT Name, Level__c FROM Session__c WHERE Level__c = :level];
  36. 36. Track: Developers #CNX14 Inlining SOQL in Apex List<String> levels = new List<String>(); levels.add('Intermediate'); levels.add('Advanced'); List<Session__c> sessions = [SELECT Name, Level__c FROM Session__c WHERE Level__c IN :levels];
  37. 37. Track: Developers #CNX14 Inlining SOQL in Apex for (Speaker__c s : [select email__c from Speaker__c]) { System.debug(s.email__c); }
  38. 38. Track: Developers #CNX14 insert Session__c session = new Session__c(); = 'Apex 101'; session.level__c = 'Beginner'; insert session;
  39. 39. Track: Developers #CNX14 insert Session__c session = new Session__c( name = 'Apex 201', level__c = 'Intermediate' ); insert session;
  40. 40. Track: Developers #CNX14 update String oldName = 'Apex 101'; String newName = 'Apex for Beginners'; Session__c session = [SELECT Id, Name FROM Session__c WHERE Name=:oldName]; = newName; update session;
  41. 41. Track: Developers #CNX14 delete String name = 'Testing 501'; Session__c session = SELECT Name FROM Session__c WHERE Name=:name]; delete session;
  42. 42. Apex Triggers
  43. 43. Track: Developers #CNX14 Trigger • Apex code executed on database events • Before or after: • Insert • Update • Delete • Undelete
  44. 44. Track: Developers #CNX14 Before or After? • Before • Update or validate values before they are saved to the database • Example: Prevent double-booking of a speaker • After • Need access to values set by the database (Id, lastUpdated, …) • Example: Send speaker confirmation email
  45. 45. Track: Developers #CNX14 Bulk Mode • Trigger API designed to support bulk operations • Data Import, Bulk API, etc. • Triggers work on bulk of records, not single records • Context variables provide access to data: • Trigger.old and (List) • Trigger.oldMap and Trigger.newMap (Map)
  46. 46. Track: Developers #CNX14 Example Trigger on Account (after insert) { for (Account account : { Case case = new Case(); case.Subject = 'Mail Welcome Kit'; case.Account.Id = account.Id; insert case; } }
  47. 47. Visualforce Pages
  48. 48. Track: Developers #CNX14 Model-View-Controller Model Data + Rules Controller View-Model interactions View UI code  Separation of concerns – No data access code in view – No view code in controller  Benefits – Minimize impact of changes – More reusable components
  49. 49. Track: Developers #CNX14 Model-View-Controller in Salesforce View • Metadata • Standard Pages • Visualforce Pages • External apps Controller • Standard Controllers • Controller Extensions • Custom Controllers (all Apex) Model • Metadata • Objects • Triggers (Apex) • Classes (Apex)
  50. 50. Track: Developers #CNX14 What's a Visualforce Page? • The View in MVC architecture • HTML page with tags executed at the server-side to generate dynamic content • Similar to JSP and ASP • Can leverage JavaScript and CSS libraries
  51. 51. Track: Developers #CNX14 Expression Language • Anything inside of {! } is evaluated as an expression • Same expression language as Formulas • Same global variables are available. For example: • {!$User.FirstName} {!$User.LastName}
  52. 52. Track: Developers #CNX14 Example 1 <apex:page> <h1>Hello, {!$User.FirstName}</h1> </apex:page>
  53. 53. Track: Developers #CNX14 Example 2 <apex:page standardController="Contact"> <apex:form> Standard controller object <apex:inputField value="{!contact.firstname}"/> <apex:inputField value="{!contact.lastname}"/> <apex:commandButton action="{!save}" value="Save"/> </apex:form> </apex:page> Function in standard controller
  54. 54. Track: Developers #CNX14 Standard Controller • A standard controller is available for all objects • You don't have to write it! • Provides standard CRUD operations • Create, Update, Delete, Field Access, etc. • Can be extended with more capabilities • Uses id in URL to access object
  55. 55. Track: Developers #CNX14 Component Library • Presentation tags – <apex:pageBlock title="My Account Contacts"> • Fine grained data tags • <apex:outputField value="{!contact.firstname}"> • <apex:inputField value="{!contact.firstname}"> • Coarse grained data tags • <apex:detail> • <apex:pageBlockTable> • Action tags • <apex:commandButton action="{!save}" >
  56. 56. Track: Developers #CNX14 Email Templates Embedded in Page Layouts Generate PDFs Custom Tabs Mobile Interfaces Page Overrides Where can I use Visualforce?
  57. 57. Apex Controller Extensions
  58. 58. Track: Developers #CNX14 Custom Controllers • Custom class written in Apex • Can override standard behavior • Can add new capabilities
  59. 59. Track: Developers #CNX14 Defining a Controller Extension <apex:page standardController="Speaker__c" extensions="SpeakerCtrlExt"> Provides basic CRUD Overrides standard actions and/or provide additional capabilities
  60. 60. Track: Developers #CNX14 Anatomy of a Controller Extension public class SpeakerCtrlExt { private final Speaker__c speaker; private ApexPages.StandardController stdController; public SpeakerCtrlExt (ApexPages.StandardController ctrl) { this.stdController = ctrl; this.speaker = (Speaker__c)ctrl.getRecord(); } // method overrides // custom methods }
  61. 61. JavaScript in Visualforce
  62. 62. Track: Developers #CNX14 Why JavaScript? • Build Engaging User Experiences • Leverage JavaScript Libraries • Build Custom Applications
  63. 63. Track: Developers #CNX14 JavaScript in Visualforce Pages Visualforce Page JavaScript Remoting Remote Objects (REST)
  64. 64. Track: Developers #CNX14 Examples
  65. 65. Track: Developers #CNX14 Using JavaScript and CSS Libraries • Hosted elsewhere <script src=""></script> • Hosted in Salesforce • Upload individual file or Zip file as Static Resource • Reference asset using special tags
  66. 66. Track: Developers #CNX14 Referencing a Static Resource // Single file <apex:includeScript value="{!$Resource.jquery}"/> <apex:image url="{!$Resource.myLogo}"/> // ZIP file <apex:includeScript value="{!URLFOR($Resource.MyApp, 'js/app.js')}"/> <apex:image url="{!URLFOR($Resource.MyApp, 'img/logo.jpg')}/> <link href="{!URLFOR($Resource.bootstrap, 'bootstrap/css/bootstrap.css')}" rel="stylesheet"/>
  67. 67. Track: Developers #CNX14 JavaScript Remoting - Server-Side global with sharing class HotelRemoter { @RemoteAction global static List<Hotel__c> findAll() { return [SELECT Id, Name, Location__Latitude__s, Location__Longitude__s FROM Hotel__c]; } }
  68. 68. Track: Developers #CNX14 "global with sharing"? • global • Available from outside of the application • with sharing • Run code with current user permissions. (Apex code runs in system context by default -- with access to all objects and fields)
  69. 69. Track: Developers #CNX14 JavaScript Remoting - Visualforce Page <script> Visualforce.remoting.Manager.invokeAction( '{!$RemoteAction.HotelRemoter.findAll}', function (result, event) { if (event.status) { for (var i = 0; i < result.length; i++) { var lat = result[i].Location__Latitude__s; var lng = result[i].Location__Longitude__s; addMarker(lat, lng); } } else { alert(event.message); } } ); </script>
  70. 70. REST APIs
  71. 71. Track: Developers #CNX14 When? • Get Salesforce data from outside Salesforce • Integrate Salesforce in existing apps • Build consumer apps • Device integration (Internet of Things)
  72. 72. Track: Developers #CNX14 Mobile SDK Example OAuth REST APIs
  73. 73. Track: Developers #CNX14 Libraries • ForceTK • Salesforce REST API Toolkit • Nforce • node.js a REST API wrapper • ngForce • Visualforce Remoting integration in AngularJS • JSForce
  74. 74. Track: Developers #CNX14 Take the after-session survey! Take the Survey in the Connections 2014 Mobile App Join the Conversation! #CNX1 4 $50 Starbucks Gift Card
  75. 75. Track: Developers #CNX14
  76. 76. Track: Developers #CNX14 Questions?