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#CNX14 - Make Audiences the Center of Your Advertising for Greater Performance

Reaching your target audience across multiple devices, locations, and times is key for maximum impact. With the rapid advancement toward mobile and identity-focused advertising, and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn leading the way, you'll learn how innovative brands are adapting to this new paradigm.

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#CNX14 - Make Audiences the Center of Your Advertising for Greater Performance

  1. 1. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 #CNX14 Making Audiences the Center of your Advertising for Greater Performance George Manas, Resolution Media Ron Belanger,
  2. 2. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 “ there may be customers without brands, but no brands without customers ”
  3. 3. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Goals – Presentation Overview 1 2 3 Advertising Trends Why the Customer is Important for Advertising? Customer Stories
  4. 4. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Advertising Trends 1.3 billion Facebook users with 1 billion on mobile Overall Social Media expected ad spend growth in 2014 is 27% Twitter revenue per visit up 131% & Facebook up 74% in 2013 86% of Mobile Time Spent is on Mobile Apps Social Media app engagement rates is up 203% YoY Sources:: IAB, Facebook, eMarketer, Flurry
  5. 5. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 More than 60% of US adults who are online use at least 2 devices everyday Source: Rebecca Lieb, Why Mobile Is Essential For Brand Marketing, August 2014,
  6. 6. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Mobile Achieved First Screen Source: Rebecca Lieb, Why Mobile Is Essential For Brand Marketing, August 2014, On Television On Mobile Status Americans are spending 5 hours and 46 minutes a day on mobile digital and media versus 4 hours and 28 minutes a day on TV
  7. 7. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Facebook Sources: US Mobile Monthly Minutes, Comscore July 2013 (Facebook)
  8. 8. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Twitter Sources: Twitter 76% …of twitter usage is on mobile
  9. 9. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 LinkedIn 15m mobile profile views daily Sources: LinkedIn 2.5x more active users
  10. 10. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 79% of people have their phones on or near them for all but up to 2 hours of their waking day Source: IDC, How Smartphones Keep Us Engaged, Danielle Levitas, 2013
  11. 11. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 How do you advertise to customers who are? - more mobile - more savvy - at different stages of journey
  12. 12. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Era of Social & Mobile Advertising Evolution Web Only 3rd Party Cookies Banner Display Ads Mobile & Desktop Disconnect New Dominant Digital Platforms Social Identity Across Devices Digitals Ads Across Funnel Native Advertising Mobile Apps Era of Desktop & Cookies
  13. 13. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Evolution of Digital Advertising • 1990s: Digital ads were largely banner ads and targeting similar to broad based traditional channels like TV or Print • 2000s: Dominated by Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and cookie based Display banner ads with more relevant ads (limited by browser, device and session) • 2010s: Emergence of Social Identity & Mobile means most effective digital ads are cross device, platform, channel and web/app
  14. 14. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Elite Advertising Teams Using Latest Ad Technologies 5B Smartphones by 2017 Mobile Fortune 500 Brands Modern Agency Social Brand 4.5B Aggregated Users
  15. 15. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Do you know who your customers are? Do you know where they are in their journey? Are you driving an engagement strategy to move them along that journey? Are you able to measure the impact on your business goals? Customer Focused Advertising
  16. 16. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Meet Susan 35 – 45 yo, mother of three Outdoor enthusiast Planning Colorado hiking trip
  17. 17. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Customer Signal
  18. 18. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Ad Variation – 1 ✔ Deliver Ad Creatives on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Tailor Made To Capture Customer Information
  19. 19. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Ad Variations - 2 ✔ Show relevant content based on past transaction history, interest areas and intent signals
  20. 20. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Customer Success
  21. 21. Track: Social Marketing Perfor#mCNaX1n4 ce B2B Advertising C-Lvl & VP, Director Targeting 50% lower CPL Reach an audience across devices for enterprise level products
  22. 22. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Ad Performance Lead Form Conv. Rate 15% 18x Better CTR with Sponsored Updates Identify highly targeted audiences to drive leads and revenue.
  23. 23. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Advertising is moving further towards a social identity and mobile focused era High performing advertising involves communicating effectively throughout a customer journey Elite advertisers experience superior results with sophisticated teams, technologies and strategies Summary 1 2 3
  24. 24. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Take the after-session survey! Take the Survey in the Connections 2014 Mobile App Join the Conversation! #CNX1 4 $50 Starbucks Gift Card
  25. 25. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14 Questions?
  27. 27. Track: Social Marketing #CNX14