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The Benefits of Community Banking


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The video panel included: Jill Castilla: President & CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond; Rod Griffin: Director of Public Education at Experian and Mike Delgado: Social Media Community Manager at Experian.

This deck features tips from: @care4yourfuture, @FedChoiceFCU, @KOFETIME, @benpankonin, @ICBA_Jessica, @LisaWeinberger, @ConsolidatedUS, @FlaxJessica, @navicorePR, @debtcom, @Kasasa, @CitizensEdmond, @KasasaNews, and @HighYaReviews.

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The Benefits of Community Banking

  1. 1. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET THE BENEFITS OF Community Banking
  2. 2. Join our #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET. This week, we talked about the benefits of community banking.
  3. 3. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET When did you open your first bank account?
  4. 4. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Lots of people open their first account around the time they get their first paycheck.” - @FedChoiceFCU
  5. 5. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “When I got my first job when I was 15 or 16, a banker came to our job orientation and told us to open an account.” - @care4yourfuture
  6. 6. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET What was your first banking experience like?
  7. 7. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “First banking experience was quick and easy! Best part was depositing my birthday money.” - @KOFETIME
  8. 8. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “I went to the bank frequently with my parents and knew every teller. Later I walked to the bank with the money bag.” - @benpankonin
  9. 9. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Loved going with my mom when I was a kid. Free lollipops at local bank and nice people to talk to. What’s not to love?!” - Jessica Wallace @ICBA_Jessica
  10. 10. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET What is a community bank?
  11. 11. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Community banks are independent, locally owned and operated banks with assets ranging from less than $10 million to billions.” - @care4yourfuture
  12. 12. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Community banks are more personal and the tellers know you and the accounts you have with them. Many are also local based.” - @LisaWeinberger
  13. 13. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “A community bank provide services in their local communities. Locally owned and operated.” - @ConsolidatedUS
  14. 14. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET How is a community bank different?
  15. 15. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “The key difference is the involvement in the local community that the bank has works to help local partners.” - @care4yourfuture
  16. 16. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “A community bank means you go to the extra mile and take a risk others wouldn’t. It’s about being there through the good and bad. - @FlaxJessica
  17. 17. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET What are the benefits of joining a community bank?
  18. 18. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Community banks often offer more financial tools and tips on financial literacy.” - @debtcom
  19. 19. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Community banks offers higher rates on savings accounts and lower costs of borrowing than customers at traditional banks.” - @KOFETIME
  20. 20. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Community banks can be more willing to work with you on rates, fees, etc. You’re part of the same ‘community family’.” - @navicorePR
  21. 21. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET What financial programs are offered at community banks?
  22. 22. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Many community banks offer incentives for savings or maintaining a certain account balances. Look at what your bank offers.” - @care4yourfuture
  23. 23. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Scholarships, financial advisors, financial literacy experts. The list goes on!” - @Kasasa
  24. 24. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET How do community banks promote financial literacy?
  25. 25. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Integration with schools and community programs, taking time to talk with customers one-on-one, or even hosting classes.” - @KasasaNews
  26. 26. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Community banks often also are deeply invested in financial education to all ages in the community!” - @CitizensEdmond
  27. 27. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Community banks often offer workshops and seminars on different topics.” - @debtcom
  28. 28. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET Where can people go to find a community bank in their area?
  29. 29. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “The Independent Community Bankers of America has a great locator map to find a community bank in your area. - @care4yourfuture
  30. 30. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Our awesome national community banking trade association @ICBA has a bank locally locator!!” - @CitizensEdmond
  31. 31. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Credit Union Locator via @TheNCUA - National Credit Union Administration.” - @KOFETIME
  32. 32. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET What final tip can you give someone interested in learning about community banks?
  33. 33. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Walk in the doors! You’ll see and feel the difference right away. They want to help you in your search.” - @KasasaNews
  34. 34. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “There are some great benefits to joining a community bank, but do your research and figure out what’s best for your needs.” - @care4yourfuture
  35. 35. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET “Go to and find a bank closest to you, then stop by and takk with a banker!” - @HighYaReviews
  36. 36. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET Check out all the resources and tips shared:
  37. 37. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET Join Us Every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET.