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Horrible Bosses: How to Identify Them and What To Do If You Work For One


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Advice about dealing with horrible bosses from Jane Miller, author of *Sleep Your Way To the Top, and other myths for business success* from FG Press. Please visit to purchase a copy of *Sleep Your Way To the Top* and other titles.

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Horrible Bosses: How to Identify Them and What To Do If You Work For One

  1. HORRIBLE BOSSES HOW TO IDENTIFY THEM AND WHAT TO DO IF YOU WORK FOR ONE by JANE MILLER AUTHOR OF Sleep You Way to the Top *and other myths about business success
  2. BROUGHT TO YOU BY making authors royalty
  3. Let me tell you something, you stupid little runt:
  4. I OWN YOU. YOU’RE MY BITCH.So don’t walk around here THINKING YOU HAVE FREE WILL because you don’t. I COULD CRUSH YOU ANYTIME I WANT. So settle in, ‘cause you are here for the L O N G H A U L . - DAVE HARKEN, HORRIBLE BOSSES (WARNER BROS.)
  6. OUTLIVE YOUR HORRIBLE BOSSES The horrible bosses are just the ones that seem to leave an indelible stamp on your psyche. They are the ones you need to outlive as you move up your path to the your top. I will profile some of these horrible boss types and how to deal with them, because you will, without a doubt, run into a bad one.
  7. HBs COME IN ALL SHAPES & SIZES Sometimes you don’t know they are horrible bosses until they become YOUR boss. Here is a sampling of the guys and gals you will run into and, more important, how to deal with them. DON’T BE AFRAID. Oh, and don’t become one of them.
  9. THE BULL IN A CHINA SHOP1Identifiers: • Annoying as a peer, but especially aggravating as a boss. • Loud and overbearing. • Scary-powerful and still power- hungry
  10. How to Handle The Bull: • Don’t get sucked into his/her emotional fray. • Stick with the facts. • Make sure you have alliances outside of the bull (you don’t want to be lumped in with him/her).
  11. DR. JECKYLL & MR. HYDE2 Identifiers: • Seemingly bi-polar personality. • Scary and unpredictable. • One day he’s your biggest fan, next day: “hero to zero.”
  12. How to Handle Dr. Jeckyll / Mr. Hyde: • Remember, it’s about them, not you. • Weather the storm—this too will pass.
  13. GLASS HALF-EMPTY3 Identifiers: • No matter what you do it isn’t good enough. • Hit your sales goals? Why didn’t you negotiate better margins? • Bring your costs down? You’re still 5 cents away from your goal.
  14. How to Handle Glass Half-Empty: • Don’t take it personally. • Don’t be overly positive (they will feel the need to bring you down). • Balance is the key.
  17. TAKE THE HIGH ROAD • Never never tell your boss’s boss what you think of your boss. • Companies make decisions and you don’t always have the visibility to all the facts. • Keep your opinion to yourself and know that he probably won’t be your boss for that long.
  18. THINK ABOUT THIS: • Who was the best boss you ever had? What made him/her great? • Who was the worst boss you ever had? Why? • Is it important to you to be viewed as a good boss? • If you were a boss, what type would you be?
  20. TALK TO JANE @jane_knows Jane is the CEO and founder of, a career advice website. Previously, she served as the President and CEO of Charter Baking Company, the bakers of Rudi’s Organic and Rudi’s Gluten-Free. She was also part of an executive team that developed the first bankruptcy emergence plan for Interstate Bakeries. She served as President of the UK & Ireland division of the HJHeinz Company through May 2006. In 2000-2002, she ran the Western Division of Bestfoods Baking Company, the bakers of Oroweat, Thomas English Muffins and Entenmann’s. She spent fourteen years at PepsiCo in a variety of senior management positions, including Central Division President. She has a BA in Russian Studies from Knox College and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Jane serves as the interim President and as a board member at the Unreasonable Institute and as an advisory board member for the Deming Center at the University of Colorado, Justin’s Nut Butter, and ReWork.
  21. @fgpress Horrible Bosses (2011) from Warner Brothers Pictures. Presentation by Kevin Barrett Kane, FG Press.