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  1. 1. What is the FOBO Story? As a 50+ year native Ohioan, and small business owner, I (Kelly E. Persichetti) founded and launched FOBO ( in May of 2012 in honor of my Grandmother (Madeline Skunza) reaching Centenarian status in Ohio on May 21, 2012. My Grandmother Madeline was a small business owner for many years in central Ohio, and I worked in her specialty scents, floral candle shop as a child, sweeping floors, cleaning stations, cutting flowers, inventory, and packaging candle products. With generations of family roots in Ohio from the Scott, Skunza and Whalen families, I came from humble beginnings and work ethic is a strong family trait. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with some top notch marketing and business executives in Ohio, which I attribute some of my successes to. In 1999 I founded The Persichetti Group and continue to support corporate retained clients. In 03’ I was a co-owner and marketing executive for a full-scale family start-up specialty Italian restaurant, Persichetti’s in Pickerington, Ohio, as a tribute to Joe & Anna (Eramo) Persichetti, which is now a Giant Eagle store in Pickerington. And, in 06’, I was the co-owner of the start-up of Fairfield Plumbing & Mechanical.
  2. 2. As a working mother of 11 year old Shannon Persichetti, small business owner, married 30+ years to John Persichetti, resident of Fairfield County Ohio, proponent of cancer patient advocacy, 50+ year native of Ohio with many family, friends, and colleagues in Ohio, I am rooted lover of life in Ohio. My personal and professional life are intertwined, as I enjoy spending time with family, friends and colleagues, while enjoying all that local Ohio independents have to offer! Rockmill Brewery, Lithopolis Ohio – 12/15 Kelly & John Persichetti I understand first-hand many of the challenges associated with marketing and advertising for independent businesses, and I am passionate about supporting those businesses in Ohio. Affordability, visibility, reach, and ethical business practices are the primary advertising/marketing/branding challenges small Ohio businesses face. While undergoing cancer treatment in 11’-12’, I conducted a direct marketing research study reaching out to 5,000+ small businesses and consumers in Ohio, and found 83% wished to support Ohio independent businesses, but had no EASY way to find VALID information. After further diligent research, I found no resources that differentiated independent businesses or an affordable online advertising channel that supported Ohio small businesses in all product and service categories from A-Z, Statewide. So….I created a resource that offers affordability, visibility, reach, transparent and ethical business practices to support Ohio independent businesses in ALL product and service categories Statewide! There are MANY reasons for an Ohio independent
  3. 3. business to list their business on FOBO. See the “16Reasons” document on the FOBO LinkedIn network. FOBO has a strong social media footprint and OHIO based network on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and GooglePlus, and proactively promotes businesses listed on FOBO through multiple social media channels throughout the State of Ohio. FOBO – is a registered business in the State of Ohio, and the logo is a registered trademark. In the interest of increasing awareness to support Ohio independent businesses, I proposed a formal observance MONTH “Ohio Independent Business Month in July”, working with State Representative Gerald Stebelton of Lancaster Ohio. This observance was UNopposed on the House Floor in 13’ and a is now formal observance in Ohio. I walk-the-walk….as was designed by an Ohio independent developer (SiteInsight) and the website is hosted by Ohio based CeraNet, opposed to a national .com, and I engage Ohio independent printers for printing needs. I understand the long-term value of supporting Ohio independent businesses and, I am committed to supporting independent Ohio businesses Statewide. We continue to market FOBO, and encourage Ohio independent businesses to go to the FOBO website at, and sign-up and list their business directly online. We encourage consumers who wish to continue to support Ohio independent businesses in all product and service categories to routinely visit the FOBO Ohio Business Directory at The site is also mobile device friendly.
  4. 4. Ohio has over 6million members and over 7million users. With this in mind, I encourage fellow Ohioians to use the POWER of their social media networks to frequently spread the word, “like”, and “share” forward. One click can make a difference….in Ohio Let’s support Ohio growth…..together!