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Bella bella.content reading


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A K-12 day to support the growth of content reading, emphasizing oral language, vocabulary and increased student engagement.

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Bella bella.content reading

  1. 1. Developing Non-Fiction Readers Bella  Bella   May  5,  2015   Faye  Brownlie  
  2. 2. Big Ideas – Teaching  counts!     •  Our  instruc<onal  choices  impact  significantly  on   student  learning   •  We  teach  responsively   – All  kids  can  learn  and  we  know  enough  collec<vely   to  teach  all  kids!   •  An  unwavering  belief  that  everyone  has  the  right  to  be   included  socially,  emo<onally,  and  intellectually  
  3. 3. What is content reading?
  4. 4. Reading is understanding.