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Design for Additive manufacturing services and software since 2015

Published in: Engineering
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  1. 1. _______________ "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." _______________ The key feature of the DFAM methodology consists in the concurrent product and process design and optimization, which allows to obtain novel concepts, while minimizing the costs of production. DFAM Design for Additive Manufacturing The DFAM methodology reorganizes the design process of structural products and is designed to meet the new design opportunities of additive technologies, using the most appropriate CAx tools. What benefit? Products • Maximum robustness • Maximum structural performance/weight ratio • Maximum reproducibility • Maximum geometric accuracy Processes • Minimum use of energy and material • Minimum lead time • Minimum number of trials
  2. 2. The service Offered functions AMTOP® Additive Manufacturing Tool Optimization Platform A dedicated tool Who we are In short Experts in best-in- class methodologies for the analysis of industrial products and manufacturing processes, for optimal management of the product development cycle. Contact Address: Via Calosso, 3 14100 Asti Phone: +39 0141 1706009 E-mail: Web: Features: • Topological optimization with AM constraints; • Advanced computing technology for FE thermal- structural analyses & process simulation; • Preparation for printing with orientation and supports optimization. Benefits: • design for time- & cost-efficient manufacturing; • modularity & user-friendliness; • interface with external CAD & CAE tools.