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How To Write A Kick-Ass Business Plan

In today's presentation we are going to continue our series on how to start a successful business with an overview of how to write the perfect business plan for your business.

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How To Write A Kick-Ass Business Plan

  1. 1. Business Plans by
  2. 2. Do you need a business plan?
  3. 3. (A basic business plan will focus your efforts in the right direction.) YES.
  4. 4. Doesn’t have to be super comprehensive. (Unless you are raising money, in which case you should still start with this outline)
  5. 5. Use Keynote or PowerPoint to keep it focused.
  6. 6. Business Plan Outline
  7. 7. Company Purpose Slide 1 (One sentence explaining what the company does)
  8. 8. Example
  9. 9. Airbnb connects people who have space to spare with people who have are looking for a place to stay.
  10. 10. Define the problem. Slide 2 (What issue does your company address for your clients?)
  11. 11. How are people dealing with the problem now? Slide 3
  12. 12. The Solution. Slide 4,5,6 (How does your company solve the problem you defined earlier)
  13. 13. Include use cases and/or product screenshots
  14. 14. Why Now? Slide 7 (What current trends are making this idea possible)
  15. 15. Define your target customer. Slide 8 (Things like age, gender, socio economic status, location etc.)
  16. 16. How big is the market? Slide 9 (For tips on how to figure out the size of a market click here)
  17. 17. Compare yourself to the competition Slide 10
  18. 18. Define your product or service. Slide 11 (Earlier you talked about benefits here you talk about features)
  19. 19. Give your development roadmap Slide 12 (Key stages before launch and beyond)
  20. 20. Give your development roadmap Slide 12 (Key stages before launch and beyond)
  21. 21. Business Model Includes 3 Parts (Revenue, Distribution, & Marketing)
  22. 22. Revenue Model Slide 13 (How are you going to price your product? Click here to learn)
  23. 23. Distribution Model Slide 14 (Click here for offline distribution models and here for online)
  24. 24. Marketing Model Slide 15 (Click here to learn how to market on a budget.)
  25. 25. Team. Slide 16 (Who is on it and why they are rockstars. Partners, employees, advisors etc.)
  26. 26. Next are your 12 Month financial projections (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Cash Flow based on sales & expense forecast)
  27. 27. 12 month profit & loss projection. Slide 18 (Click here to learn more, and here for template)
  28. 28. 12 month projected cash flow. Slide 19 (Click here to learn more, and here for template)
  29. 29. 12 month projected balance sheet. Slide 20 (Click here to learn more, and here for template)
  30. 30. That covers the basics... (If you need a more extensive plan click here)
  31. 31. For more great advice on how to start and run a successful business visit us at...
  32. 32. (Thanks for watching)