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Best Indian Foods to Burn Fat


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This presentation by Fitho Wellness presents to you the best Indian foods which will help you in burning that extra fat on your body and help you stay fit and healthy. To get your weight loss diet, log on to

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Best Indian Foods to Burn Fat

  1. 1. ChilliesChillies can help you in burning fat.Chillies contain Capsaicin which isalso a thermogenic compound, andincreases the metabolic rate, whichaids in the fat burning process. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  2. 2. GarlicGarlic contains the compound - Allicin,which has anti-bacterial propertiesthat help reduce cholesterol andunhealthy fats. Garlic even helpsregulate blood sugar levels. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  3. 3. ButtermilkRegular intake of Buttermilk provideshuman body with all essentialnutrients without adding too much fatand calories to the body & it is veryhelpful in weight loss. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  4. 4. Curry LeavesCurry Leaves flush out fat and toxins,reduce fat deposits that are stored inhuman body. Curry Leaves also reducebad cholesterol levels. So, eat CurryLeaves and start losing your extra bodyweight. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
  5. 5. TurmericTurmeric contain powerful fat burningqualities that make it a great additionto any diet. Turmeric stimulates bileflow which leads to the body breakingdown the dietary fat. To get Weight Loss Diet, log on to
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