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2017 Digital Trends - Flightpath


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Flightpath hosted a webinar on 2017 Digital trends in January. These slides are taken directly from the presentation, which covers trends in video, marketing automation, data attribution, and ad spend.

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2017 Digital Trends - Flightpath

  1. 1. 7 DIGITAL TRENDS FOR 2017 Take a look at what’s to come to fuel your brand’s strategic growth.
  2. 2. Meet the Presenter Jon Fox President @ Flightpath Flightpath is a creative digital agency headquartered in NYC that specializes in web and mobile app design and development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing. #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny Jason Myers Content Marketing Expert @ Flightpath
  3. 3. Consumer preference and behavior continues to evolve as mobile usage expands
  4. 4. 4 Bigger and faster smartphones are resulting in increased mobile § Search § Content consumption § Purchase #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  5. 5. 5#Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  6. 6. From Phases to Micro-moments The consumer decision journey has been fractured into hundreds of tiny decision- making moments at every stage of the funnel. #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny Source:ThinkwithGoogle
  7. 7. How To Win § Maximize opportunities to engage in all category-relevant micro-moments § Consider the user’s intent and the user’s context § Be useful by connecting people to what they’re looking for in real time, and providing relevant information when they need it § Make it seamless and easy to complete the sale Micro-moments Brands must adapt to the fragmented consumer journey and engage them through micro-moments across multiple channels #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  10. 10. Delivering on Customer Experience § A stronger customer experience is key to acquiring loyalty and retention § The value of loyalty and retention has higher long-term returns than the short-term value of new conversions #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  11. 11. Focus on User Experience Design 11 User experience design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  12. 12. 2017 Core UX Principles 12 § Clarity § Utility § Visual appeal § Strong visual hierarchy § Storytelling § Conserving attention § Speed #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  13. 13. 2 UX Design Trends 13 § Hero images create a ‘wow’ impact on the user and have replaced the once-popular carousels (which used to be subconsciously ignored by users because they look like ads) § Motion reinforcing the actions a user is performing #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  14. 14. What Can You Do? 14 § User Testing § Surveys § Analytics #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  16. 16. ‘Authentically Mobile Experiences’Defined 16 Services and experiences that could not have existed without a mobile device like Uber, Snapchat or Pokémon GO.
  17. 17. Why Now? 17 § Most businesses have mobile experiences under their belt and know that porting desktop to mobile isn’t quite the ideal. § Authentically mobile experiences represent more opportunities to be present for your consumers throughout their path to purchase. #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  18. 18. In The Wild 18 Mobile Messaging § 2017 will be a tipping point for mobile messaging with more than half of mobile users using messaging apps § Continue to see blend of messaging and social networks § These will evolve as environments for brands to interact with consumers Chatbots Healthcare is an area with a lot of hype around chatbots, with different services offering a “doctor in your pocket” Mobile Payments Mobile payments/wallets are destined to take off #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  19. 19. MCommerce 19 Mobile Commerce will account for a third of US retail ecommerce sales by 2020. Different forces are driving the rise in conversions on mobile: § Larger phones make it easier to fill purchase forms § Proliferation of mobile responsive websites § Native Mobile search (app search, visual search, voice search) 74.2% 46.8% 15.7 % Smartphone Mcommerce EcommerceMcommerce #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  21. 21. 2016: Growth of Call Volume 21 The volume of inbound calls to businesses from mobile devices is growing at double- digit rates 31% YOY Growth 2015 to 2016 #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny Source:eMarketer
  22. 22. 2017: Consumers will Continue to be Heard 22 The number of calls to businesses by consumers will rise in 2017, and will influence roughly 1/3 of in-store sales § Call volume from search will rise more than 15%, and volume from social will be nearly double § $1 trillion of in-store retail spending will be influenced from mobile users in the US #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  23. 23. 23#Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  24. 24. Other Voices of 2017 24 Beyond actual calls to businesses, voice is a growing trend in other areas: § Assistant devices: 1.8 million voice- activated assistant devices are projected to be sold in the US this year (mostlyAmazon Echo) § Search: 1 in 5 search queries is initiated by voice through Google’s mobile app #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  25. 25. Implications & Opportunities 25 § All marketers need to be prepared for heavier volume of inbound calls § Opportunities for advanced call analytics § Be present in voice search results #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  26. 26. VIDEO EVERYWHERE Trend
  27. 27. Video 27 On websites, social platforms, and online ads, video is dominating as the format of choice. § Adults are spending an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes consuming video each day § Video is also impacting other brand marketing channels such as websites and email Views Per Day YouTube Estimated 10- 20 Billion Snapchat 10 Billion Facebook 8 Billion Twitter 4 Billion #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  28. 28. Driving Website Conversions 28 § Video can quickly introduce companies or products § 88% of visitors will stay longer on a site that showcases the right video § Video can increase conversions up to 80% #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny Source:HyperfineMedia
  29. 29. 29 Video in Email § Video content in email has proven very effective, leading to a 50% increase of CTR, and a 35% increase of customer loyalty § Just seeing the word ‘video’in email subject lines, leads to an increased open rate of 19% #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny Source:HyperfineMedia
  30. 30. New Video Formats 30 Video will continue to grow, as new formats and opportunities surface § Livestreaming § 360-video § Infotainment #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  31. 31. Live Video 31 § People spend 3x more time watching Facebook Live videos compared to ‘normal’videos § Brands and consumers have been using Facebook Live to interact with their followers § Periscope allows users to embed live broadcasts directly into tweets § Snapchat has also focused on live streaming, curating the best videos into relevant stories #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  32. 32. The Era of "Infotainment" 32 Today’s infotainment is a response to consumer demands for better content over ads § Consumers need to digest information but be entertained at the same time § Finding a balance of entertainment and information engages users, grows awareness and develops trust § Content in video ads is taking different formats: mini-series, tutorials, :30 ad spots, social ads #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  34. 34. Digital Ads Won 2016 Digital advertising is not only pulling dollars from traditional media, but it’s also creating new advertising opportunities at the local and national level. Digital has grown faster than expected, especially due to Facebook and Google. Other factors include: § Precision targeting at scale § Shift to mobile § Growth of programmatic § Growth of digital video #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  35. 35. Mobile Ad Spending 35 Mobile ad spending will grow 45.0% to reach $45.95 billion in 2017 § As it grows, it will represent an increasing share of overall ad spending. § By 2019, mobile will represent more than a third of total media ad spend in the US. § Google will capture 32.0% of the mobile ad market — its closest rival Facebook capturing 22.1% this year. #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  36. 36. Ad Blocking 36 Trend: Ad blocking penetration rates in the US will slow in 2017 but still see double-digit growth. § 92% of internet users said they’d consider using an ad blocker § 62% of people said they are annoyed by pre-roll ads Though the US is still behind other countries in terms of ad-blocking penetration, it is anticipated to grow. The impact is still unclear, but it has many brands and marketers worried. #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  37. 37. A Fresh Perspective 37 Ad blocking has forced more content- rich ad formats, which are better suited for the demanding consumer. Two examples are § Native advertising § Influencer marketing #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  38. 38. Native Advertising 38 Native ads are paid media that follow the form and function of the user experience in which they’re placed. § 25% more consumers were measured to look at in- feed native ad placements over standard banners § 97% of mobile media buyers report that native ads are effective at achieving brand goals § 18% higher lift in purchase intent than banner ads Associated conversions like clicks and form fills are especially high in healthcare, pharma and B2B. #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  39. 39. Influencer Marketing 39 Marketers are turning to influencers to help develop material that might come across as more authentic than typical advertising. This has implications for consumer and professional marketing. #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  40. 40. 40#Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  42. 42. Marketing Automation Defined 42 § What: Marketing automation is a category of software § How: It streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows § Why: So companies can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster Nurture relationships with leads that aren’t ready to buy Retain and extend customer relationships #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  43. 43. Marketing Automation Enables… 43 § Lead generation § Segmentation § Lead nurturing and lead scoring § Relationship marketing § Cross-sell and up-sell § Retention § Marketing ROI measurement § Alignment with sales #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  44. 44. Marketing Automation Features 44 § Email Marketing § Landing Pages § Lead Management § CRM Integration § Social Marketing § Marketing Analytics #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  45. 45. More Than Just Technology 45 While there are important differences between marketing automation platforms, success is often primarily determined by three things: § Strategy and process § Content and lead flow § People #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  46. 46. The Content Challenge 46 Having enough content is often the most underestimated challenge for successful marketing automation. § Content is a must-have for consistent lead generation and nurturing. § Ideally, this is based on a solid understanding of your target personas, so that content and messages resonate with your audience. #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  48. 48. The Multi-Channel Path to Purchase 48 § Brands are interacting with consumers across multiple channels and devices § The case for multichannel marketing has never been clearer #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  49. 49. Data Attribution 49 § Enhanced attribution analysis can enable us to truly understand our customers’experience § In a strong modeling methodology, values are assigned to marketing touch points, helping you quantify your marketing returns #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  50. 50. Areas of Opportunity 50 § Start by looking at your Assisted Conversions report in GA § Align on a data attribution model to inform your marketing mix and better understand the interplay between multiple channels and devices #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny
  51. 51. Our 7 Digital Trends for 2017 Data Attribution Marketing Automation Advertising Evolution Video Everywhere Voice of the Consumer Authentically Mobile Experiences High Expectations
  52. 52. Q&A #Trendingin2017 | @flightpathny Jon Fox President @ Flightpath Jason Myers Content Marketing Expert @ Flightpath