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St. Augustine and the Nights of Lights Holiday Season


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In December we take an annual trek to re-connect with our Nation's oldest continuous settlement. And... to add to the beauty of the original buildings and coquina rock formations and the Bridge of Lions, The Lightner Collection of Collections, the Cathedral of St. Augustine and the incredible Flagler College they deck them out in white lights for a spectacular viewing opportunity. To view this years daytrip on December 12th visit and then hit current schedule!

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St. Augustine and the Nights of Lights Holiday Season

  1. 1. St. Augustine The Oldest European Settlement in the New World!
  2. 2. Babtismal Font Flagler Memorial Church
  3. 3. Flagler Memorial Church
  4. 4. The Prince of Wales
  5. 5. Prince of Wales Tuck into a plate of crispy fish and chips and lift a pint of ale at this British pub run by expat Tony Woodward and his wife, Sharon. Order only one entree; the servings are enormous. Just save a wee bit of appetite for the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Cheerio. 54 Cuna Street Source: Southern Living Magazine
  6. 6. Views of a 208 foot high cross marks the site of the first Catholic mass held in the New World in 1565 and the Lighthouse.
  7. 7. Ah Matties, Time for a Pirate Ship Voyage!
  8. 8. More than 80 shopping venues in the Old Town section of St. Augustine!
  9. 9. The Courtyard and the Tango
  10. 10. The Spanish Quarter A Living Museum of Spanish History
  11. 11. Nights of Lights
  12. 12. The 1905 Salad at the Colombia Restaurant and hot cuban bread!
  13. 13. The Colombia Restaurant since 1905 Platanos, Yellow Rice, etc… Their famous 1905 Salad
  14. 14. Arroz con Pollo with Platanos! Many Choices note the flan!
  15. 15. Harry’s A New Orleans style Restaurant Hooked on Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grill!
  16. 16. Castillo De San Marcos Construction started in 1672 Native Coquina Stone was used for the structure of the fort!
  17. 17. The Cathedral of Saint Augustine and all 4’8” of Juan Ponce Deleon!
  18. 18. Flagler College is the former Ponce Deleon Hotel
  19. 19. Flagler College was once the Hotel Ponce De Leon and a showplace!
  20. 20. Henry Morrison Flagler • “Do things, not that you may be rich, but that you may be useful” • “I have always been contented, but I have never been satisfied” • “Miami will never be more than a fishing village for my hotel guests” • “There is nothing to compete with Florida Oranges but Florida Oranges”
  21. 21. Flagler Presbyterian Church and College Fireplace
  22. 22. Flagler’s Third Wife Mary Lily Kenan She was 24 and he was 70!