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5 page websites from only £495


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Flykick Design offers responsive website design solutions using HTML 5 and CSS 3. Our Web Designer follows standard designing rules, and creates unique layout elements such as Header navigation, Slider show, info section, Feature section, Custom BG, Customer info and footer using various color combination.

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5 page websites from only £495

  1. 1. ResponsiveWebsitesDesign 5pagewebsitesfromonly£495 Ourskilledwebsitedesignercreatebeautifulandinteractivewebsitefor yourbusiness.WebDesignerfollowsstandarddesigningrules,andcre- atesuniquelayoutelementssuchasHeadernavigation,Slidershow,info section,Featuresection,CustomBG,Customerinfoandfooterusingvari- ouscolorcombination. 01617381189 WhyFlykickwebsitedesignManchester? WebsiteDesignCompanyinManchester FreshDesign InnovativeIdeas CostEffectiveSolutions LatestTechnologiesAndTrends ProfessionalAndFriendlyTeam SupportWhenYouNeedIt 76LiverpoolRoad,Eccles,Manchester,M300WA