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Rocking the boat without falling out


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American Express NGen webinar on how to become a more effective change agent inside your organization. Key takeaways: why rebels needed, five Rebel 101 skills for creating change, knowing when to quit so that you don't get thrown under the bus.

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Rocking the boat without falling out

  1. Rocking  the  Boat  without  Falling  Out   Crea5ng  Change  in  Organiza5ons     Lois  Kelly  |  Rebels  at  Work   American  Express  NGen  Webinar  July  29,  2014    
  2. 2   Can  you  create  change  without  rocking  the  boat?  
  3. 3   The  gap  between  vision  and  current   reality  is  a  source  of  energy.  If  there   were  no  gap,  there  would  be  no  need   for  any  ac5on  to  move  towards  the   vision.  We  call  this  gap  crea5ve   tension.     Peter  Senge   The  Fi'h  Discipline   Solu5ons  and  innova5on   come  from  crea5ve  tension  
  4. 4   But  we’re  socialized  to  be  obedient  to  authority.     Group  think,  “likeability,”   not  rocking  the  boat  is  rewarded.  
  5. 5   Most  run  from  disagreement  and  crea5ve  tension...   …and  cling  to  reasons   not  to  change  
  6. 6   Source:   MP  Bumsted   Biocultural  Science  &  Management  
  7. Poll   What  are  your  organiza5on’s  most  common  reasons     not  to  change?     q The  board/execs  will  never  agree  to  it   q Not  enough  resources/too  expensive   q We’ve  tried  that  before   q It’s  too  risky   q Are  any  other  organiza5ons  like  us  doing  it?   q Other:  _____________________________________   7  
  8. 8   “The  lack  of  ac5on  was  a  result  of  broad  bureaucra5c  problems  and  the   failure  of  individual  employees  in  several  departments  to  address  a   safety  problem….”    GM  CEO  Mary  Barra  
  9. 9  
  10. “Nearly  half  of  execu5ve  teams   fail  to  receive  nega5ve  news   that  is  material  to  performance   in  a  5mely  manner  because   employees  are  afraid….”         The  Corporate  Execu5ve  Board   “Open  Door  Policy,  Closed-­‐Lip  Reality”  
  11. 82%  of  employees  have   experienced  some  kind   of  penalty  for  speaking   the  truth.   Source:  “Speaking  Truth  to  Power”  study   Dana  Theus,  
  12. Causes:     Execs’  fear:  nega5ve  feedback.       Unstated  beliefs.     •  Employees  are  self-­‐ interested,  untrustworthy   •  Top  management  knows   best   •  Consensus  =  organiza5onal   health   Source:     “Sounds  of  Silence,”  NYU  Stern   School  of  Management  
  13. 13   And  some5mes  love  blinds  us.  
  14. Bad  Rebels   Good  Rebels   Complain   Create   Break  rules   Change  rules   Me-­‐focused   Mission-­‐focused   Problems   Possibili5es   Alienate   Ahract   Energy-­‐sapping   Energy-­‐genera5ng   Asser5ons   Ques5ons   Pessimist   Op5mist   Point  fingers   Pinpoint  causes   Worry  that…   Wonder  if…   Obsessed   Reluctant   Source:  Rebels  At  Work  
  15. 15   7 Foghound ebook Rebels at Work: Motivated to Make A Difference for more thoughts on activating change click here Greatest value rebels provide Call out problems others afraid to Challenge ineffective sacred cow practices Willing to be the first to try new approaches See new ways to solve problems Bring outside ideas into the organization Have ideas to improve products/services Detect emerging issues early Have a good pulse on what customers want 93% 88% 86% 79% 73% 42%
  16. 16  
  17. 17   What  are  the  risks  of  NOT  speaking  up?   If  not  you,  who?  
  18. 18  
  19. 19   Rebel  101:  Preparing  for  the  unknowable  
  20. 20   Understand  the   organiza5onal   landscape   •  What  is  most  valued?   •  How  are  decisions  made?   •  What  are  the  business  cycles?   •  Who  influences  what  and  whom?   •  What’s  gemng  talked  about?  
  21. 21   Engage  supporters  and  collaborators   Earn  credibility  and  trust   Find  trusted  advisors   Think  about  sequencing    
  22. 22   Make  friends  with  BBB’s     Bureaucra5c  Black  Belts   (BBB’s)     People    who  have  mastered  the   organiza5on’s  rules  and  culture  and   know  how  to  navigate  the  in’s  and   out’s  to  get  things  done  and   minimize  risk  –  OR  preserve  the   status  quo  and  stop  change.       Manage  your  outbox.                                    Who  are  3  BBB’s  you  should  have  lunch  with?  
  23. 23   That’s  interes5ng.   Tell  me  more.   Key  in  on  what’s  at  stake.   Show  how  the  idea  relates  to  what  people   want.   Paint  a  picture  of  what  could  be.   Make  the  status  quo  unappealing.   Show  the  idea  can  work.   People  support  ideas  they  think  can  work.   Be  posi5ve  and  pithy.   Keep  it  short!   Frame  your  ideas,  communicate  value  vs.  “how”   What  do  people  in  your  organiza5on  really  want?  Is  it  stated  or  unstated?  
  24. 24   There  can  be  no  change  without  conflict.  
  25. 25   Interpersonal   Conflict   Structural     Conflict   Conflict  of   Values  
  26. 26   The  Rebel  Arc     Knowing  when  to  quit  –  or  retreat  for  a  while  
  27. Keep  going?   •  Rate  importance.   •  Just  ask.   •  Is  the  energy  waning?   •  Is  it  performance  objec5ve   worthy?     •  How  much  are  your  colleagues   willing  to  help?     •  Are  you  becoming  not  yourself?     27  
  28. 28  
  29. Poll   What  might  most  help  you  more  effec5vely  create  change?     q Using  conflict  more  produc5vely   q Beher  communica5ng  ideas   q Building  rela5onships  with  BBB’s   q Knowing  how  to  maneuver  inside  organiza5on   q Overcoming  my  own  fears     q Becoming  more  known  as  credible,  trustworthy   q   Finding  more  supporters   q Other:  _____________________________________   29  
  30. 30   Resources,  stories,  newslecer,  book  release:         Views  and  news:    @RebelsAtWork,  Facebook:  Rebels  at  Work  page   Lois  Kelly:     Sign  up  for  our  newslecer!