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Mitigate Social Media Risk


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Join Ansley Sudderth, Social Media Training and Communications Coordinator, and Nadeen Green, Senior Counsel for For Rent Media Solutions™, as they share Fair Housing do's and don'ts pertaining to social media.

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Mitigate Social Media Risk

  1. 1. Make It Fair, Make It Legal: Ansley Sudderth Social Media Training & Communications Coordinator Special Guest: Nadeen Green Senior Counsel #FairHousingLady
  2. 2. Join in the conversation! Chat with @AptsForRent for the chance to win $20!
  3. 3. What legal questions or concerns do you have when using social media to market your community? WeAsked…
  4. 4. • Knowing the Basic Laws • Proper Verbiage • Photo Usage • Negative Reviews • Incentives and Promotions • Avoiding Discrimination YouAnswered…
  5. 5. • Social Media is a Tool • Fair Housing – Human Models – Photo Sharing on Social Channels – Words – Event Hosting • Other Issues: – Reviews – Endorsements • What You Can Do Today! • Valuable Links • Q&A Agenda
  6. 6. Does it consider… • The culture of your company or organization? • When and where can employees visit? • When and where can employees post? • What can they post? Social Media Policy
  7. 7. Human Models
  8. 8. Human Models
  9. 9. Do’s • Show people of ethnic and cultural diversity • Show people with disabilities • Show children (unless you’re advertising for senior housing) Don’ts • Cater to one group, stereotype or typecast (e.g. “white only”) Human Models
  10. 10. Human Models
  11. 11. Photo Sharing on Social Channels
  12. 12. #Hashtag usage: Voluntary hashtag usage DOES NOT override or serve the purpose of a Model Release Form! Photo Sharing
  13. 13. Photo Sharing
  14. 14. Words
  15. 15. Nadeen’s Mantra… “If it wasn’t legal in print before, it is still not legal in print. If it wasn’t legal in print, it is not likely to be legal for social media marketing.”
  16. 16. Words Avoid using… • Mature • Exclusive • Traditional • Adult • Active • Independent Safe words… • Walk-in closet • Walking distance • Walk to • Master bedroom • Quiet community • Merry Christmas • Happy Easter
  17. 17. Event Hosting
  18. 18. Inviting Events… • Yappy Hour • Food Truck Friday • Tailgate Fever • Around the World Potluck • Wine Down Wednesdays • Kids’ Club Discriminatory Events… • Ladies Night Out • Man Cave Mondays Event Ideas
  19. 19. #CityPointApts #FoodTruckFriday
  20. 20. Reviews
  21. 21. HandlingNegativeReviews
  22. 22. Rule 1: Remove all emotion Rule 2: Always use empathy and be authentic Rule 3: Don’t play the blame game Rule 4: Never get into an online comment battle Rule 5: Keep it timely and never ignore bad reviews Response Best Practices
  23. 23. Real Scenarios
  24. 24. Real Scenarios
  25. 25. • Regional/Corporate – Pros: Not emotionally tied to the issue/concern – Cons/Challenges: Could cause for delay because they must obtain all info from on-site team before responding & should stand behind the on-site team, if possible • Property Manager – Pros: Knows all the details, backstory & may personally know the resident with the issue/concern – Cons/Challenges: Too emotionally invested, especially if he/she is the target of the review or comment Who Responds?
  26. 26. More than Negative...Libel 1.Someone made a statement; 2.that statement was published; 3.the statement caused you injury; 4.the statement was false; 5.and the statement did not fall into a privileged category
  27. 27. Endorsements
  28. 28. Be sure that… • The endorser’s experience is representative of what others experience (no more “results may not be representative”) and • You have signed and dated correspondence from the endorser as to what is being said and permission to use the testimonial. Endorsements
  29. 29. Effective December 2009, all endorsers (including bloggers or others posting online on your behalf), must disclose if they receive any compensation or free product from you, or if they are an employee. Endorsements
  30. 30. If someone is blogging on your behalf, are you giving them anything (maybe discounted rent, favorable lease terms, an actual payment, or a paycheck)? Are they saying nice things?... Endorsements
  31. 31. That’s an endorsement or a testimonial, and they must disclose what you give them for saying those nice things. In fact, you need to direct the person that they cannot make unsubstantiated claims about your community and that they must disclose any material connection between the blog and you (such as that rental discount or that they are your employee). Endorsements
  32. 32. WhatYou Can Do Today
  33. 33. WhatYou Can DoToday • What message are you sending? Is it Fair Housing compliant? • Create a photo release form. • Ensure photos and events make anyone feel included. • Don’t ignore negative reviews.
  34. 34. Valuable Links
  35. 35. • November Social Media Training Calendar: • Social Media Policy: • Fair Housing Best Practices: Valuable Links
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