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2nd Annual Killer Content Awards: Honoring The World's Best B2B Content Marketing Programs


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Sharing case studies and behind the scenes looks at the design and execution of the cutting edge content marketing programs. The Killer Content Awards features industry leaders in areas such as:

• Social media and targeted content marketing;
• Educational content that informs and inspires buyers;
• Linking content to measurable, revenue-focused results;
• Using video and interactive content in new and creative ways;
• Deploying content that drives successful, cross-channel campaigns.


• Andrew Gaffney, Demand Gen Report
• Alicia Fiorletta, Channel Marketer Report

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2nd Annual Killer Content Awards: Honoring The World's Best B2B Content Marketing Programs

  1. 1. #B2BContentEvent
  2. 2. Killer ContentRecognizing achievements in the design and executionof content marketing programs, in areas such as:• Social media• Targeted content marketing• Innovation and interactivity• Measurable, revenue-focused results
  3. 3. Best ThemeSunGard AvailabilityServices
  4. 4. The Goal• Partner with Bulldog Solutions to create a unique, “killer”awareness campaign featuring a Zombie theme• Turn around by Halloween to cash in on design strategy (3week lead time)• Boost awareness of SunGard Cloud offerings among ITprofessionals; to inform and educate prospects
  5. 5. The AssetsE-book Infographic
  6. 6. The Call-To-Action
  7. 7. The Results• 3X greater download rate than expected• 5.7% email open rate• 150% higher click-through rate vs. other campaigns• 200% higher click-to-open rate vs. other campaigns• Delivered 24 leads
  8. 8. Best ThemeSunGard AvailabilityServices
  9. 9. Best Educational CampaignLimelight Networks
  10. 10. The Goal• Educate readers on how to create an optimal digital presence• Tap a recognized brand: “…For Dummies”• Spotlight thought leaders/failures: Coca-Cola, Chevrolet• Help companies identify and rectify issues with digital presence
  11. 11. The Asset
  12. 12. The Call-To-Action
  13. 13. The Results• 1,275 landing page visits• 712 content requests• 2 sales opportunities (~$100K)• Facebook: 1,268 views across 4 postings• LinkedIn: 7,179 views on 6 updates; 102 clicks on content• Twitter: 118 clicks on content• 1,028 press release views
  14. 14. Best Educational CampaignLimelight Networks
  15. 15. Best Sales EnablementLogicalis
  16. 16. The Goal• Generate new revenue for HP sales/pipeline• Partnered with Communication Strategy Group to create aunique thought leadership package• Empower sales teams to personalize communication based onprospect’s participation in campaign
  17. 17. The Elements• 6 customer-facing emails ft. call-to-action• 8 page microsite• E-book• Recommended content• Telemarketing campaign
  18. 18. Email
  19. 19. Microsite
  20. 20. E-book
  21. 21. Recommended Content
  22. 22. The Results•About 2,000 existing and prospective customers targeted•11% to 15% click-to-open rate for microsite•100 to 200 unique opens garnered with each email•Nearly $8 million in closed and new pipeline business
  23. 23. Best Sales EnablementLogicalis
  24. 24. Best Executive FocusSales Benchmark Index
  25. 25. The Goal•Help new VPs of Sales see success•Highlight other corporate pains when VPs of Sales fail•Spotlight case studies of successful VPs of Sales
  26. 26. The AssetE-book
  27. 27. Recommended Content
  28. 28. The Results•Downloaded 5,781 times by sales leaders
  29. 29. Best Executive FocusSales Benchmark Index
  30. 30. Best Awareness CampaignLattice Engines
  31. 31. The Goal•Partner with research firm CSO Insights to conduct astudy to learn the impact of Big Data on salesorganizations.•Garner insights from more than 200 sales leaders fromworldwide organizations.
  32. 32. The Elements•Blog posts•Guest article contributions•E-book•Video interviews•Infographic
  33. 33. Report
  34. 34. Infographic
  35. 35. Slideshare
  36. 36. The Results•Report garnered over 500 downloads•Written about in more than 15 media/blog publications(increased awareness of Lattice Engines andunderstanding of Big Data)•Ebook received over 1,500 views and 100 social shares•Infographic received more than 400 views
  37. 37. Best Awareness CampaignLattice Engines
  38. 38. Best Thought LeadershipOptum
  39. 39. The Goal• Create integrated marketing campaign• Support launch of accountable care solutions• Drive sales pipeline• Promote thought leadership and education
  40. 40. The Elements•Advertorials•Display advertising•Email•Direct mail•Campaign site
  41. 41. Educate & Plan
  42. 42. Connect & Share
  43. 43. Analyze & Learn
  44. 44. Transform
  45. 45. The Results• 23.5% lead-to-conversion rate• 475% increase in web site traffic; 10,500 unique new visitors• 2,575 resource downloads and 648 video views• 28% year-over-year increase in blog followers• $52 million total contract value, with less than $1 millioninvestment
  46. 46. Best Thought LeadershipOptum
  47. 47. Best PersonalizationADP
  48. 48. The Goal• Connect and engage with medium sized enterprises aroundtheir Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions• Worked with Alinean to create a content marketing campaignthat would fuel and optimize email marketing efforts
  49. 49. The AssetsWhite Paper Diagnostic Assessment Tool
  50. 50. The Results• Landed in top 3 of ALL ADP marketing campaigns• More than $1 million in additional sales opportunities• Several deals closed in first 3 months of campaign launch
  51. 51. Best PersonalizationADP
  52. 52. Best Social Media ImpactDemandbase
  53. 53. The Goal•Help B2B marketers make the right content technologyinvestments•Outline processes, considerations and targeted advicefrom industry experts•Spotlight tools that help maximize the power of content
  54. 54. The Elements•White Paper•Infographic•Webinar & Slideshare•Live Presentation
  55. 55. White Paper
  56. 56. Infographic
  57. 57. Webinar & Slideshare
  58. 58. Live Presentation
  59. 59. The Results•1700+ total leads driven across channels•467 webinar registrations•125 live webinar attendees•5000+ views on Slideshare•Influenced or accounted for approximately $1 million inpipeline
  60. 60. Best Social Media ImpactDemandbase
  61. 61. Best Brand-Building CampaignXerox
  62. 62. The Goal• Connect with 30 top Managed Print Services accounts with atargeted "Get Optimistic" campaign• Partner with Forbes in print/iPad publication to offer contentthat focused on opportunity, change and business tips.
  63. 63. The AssetMagazine
  64. 64. The Call-To-Action
  65. 65. The Results• 70% of companies interacted with the microsite• 3X to 4X increase in readership over prior email campaigns• Added 20,000 new contacts• Generated over 1,000 scheduled appointments• Yielded $1.3 billion in pipeline revenue for 2012
  66. 66. Best Brand-Building CampaignXerox
  67. 67. Best Customer Relationship EnhancementOpenText
  68. 68. The Goal• Provide personalized onboarding site• Welcome customers to OpenText family• Include a variety of assets/content• Spotlight relationship between OpenText and SAP• Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  69. 69. The Elements• Personalized site• Product/marketing pages• “Things to do” checklist• White papers• E-books• Case studies
  70. 70. Products You Own & Should Own
  71. 71. Variety Of Resources
  72. 72. The Call-To-Action
  73. 73. The Nurturing Program• Automated series of emails promotingvarious elements and calls to action• Invite colleagues-Getting support-Register for workshop• Phase 2-Promote calculators-Customer surveys-Personalize cross-sell in context of thebuyers journey
  74. 74. The Results•1,700 new contacts identified•31 new opportunities, valued at $1.8 million
  75. 75. Best Customer Relationship EnhancementOpenText
  76. 76. Best Nurturing CampaignCrowe Horwath LLP
  77. 77. The Goal• Target C-Suite in financial institutions with $1 billion or more inassets• Target early, mid and late-stage concerns of buyers• Use 48 pieces of content for 4 different topic areas
  78. 78. The Elements• Executive briefs• Case studies• Infographics• Checklists• Q&As• Brainshark files
  79. 79. Infographic
  80. 80. E-book
  81. 81. The Results•778 contacts engaged with the program•70% open rate (versus normal 10%)•More than 100 individuals hit sales “triggers”•2 engagements (valued at $250K in revenue)
  82. 82. Best Nurturing CampaignCrowe Horwath LLP
  83. 83. Congratulations!• SunGard Availability Services• Limelight Networks• Logicalis• Sales Benchmark Index• Lattice Engines• Optum• ADP• Demandbase• Xerox• OpenText• Crowe Horwath LLP