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GGV Capital Viewpoint: Internet of Things

This deck looks at what it takes for Internet of Things companies to succeed on a global stage.

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GGV Capital Viewpoint: Internet of Things

  1. 1. GGV Capital Viewpoints: Internet of Things @GGVCapital
  2. 2. The Connected World
  3. 3. 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2 0 0 0 – 2 0 1 0 Internet 1.0: PC 1.4B PC users globally in 2010 2 0 1 0 – 2 0 2 0 Internet 2.0: Mobile 6.1B smartphone users globally in 2020 2 0 1 5 – 2 0 2 5 Internet 3.0: IoT 50B connected devices globally by 2020 From PC to Things
  4. 4. A more connected user environment creates Contextual Everything O N T H E M O V E Contextual Mobile Me Exercise Entertainment Transportation A T H O M E Contextual Home Me Environment Sleep / Health Pets
  5. 5. Deliver Insights Software Build content, communities, sharing, intelligence Mobile app | UX/UI | actionable information Analyze Data Data Platform Build retention, personalization, recommendations Data storage | processing | management Collect Data Hardware/ Sensors Always on, non-intrusive, intuitive Sensor technology | product design | manufacturing T H E I O T S T A C K Contextual Everything requires building the right user experience
  6. 6. Successful IoT platforms come in 3 flavors 1 Hardware + Data 2 Hardware + Social 3 Software + Hardware + Fans
  7. 7. Hardware + Data 1 Google $3.2B acquisition of Nest | Nest acquisition of Dropcam
  8. 8. Hardware + Social Facebook $2B acquisition of Oculus 2
  9. 9. Software + Hardware + Fans Xiaomi from MIUI to phones, routers, TV, tablets, etc. 3
  10. 10. Define your market User segments Key needs/usage scenarios Geographies Define your model Know your DNA Company positioning Product roadmap Monetization/ channels Define your ecosystem Build vs partner Open vs close platform Financing Where to start?
  11. 11. How to win? Start with a great product Develop raving fans and users through great ID/UI/UE, curated content, services, cutting edge technologies Go deep, own the space Pick a segment, identify early adopters, go deep, be patient Build global teams Leverage US and China for areas of expertise Avoid the giants No Apple, Google, BATX; instead focus on differentiating advantage
  12. 12. GGV case studies
  13. 13. • Sports sensor and data analysis • US marketing to tennis, baseball and golf enthusiasts • China manufacturing • Data personalization through 3D swing modeling and compare your swing to the pros • Content and marketing via pro players support
  14. 14. • Innovation in design and segmentation • Differentiation as world’s most elegant wearable • First solar powered • Swarovski partnership • Leverage financing from both US and China investors
  15. 15. EHANG • Integration of drone technologies with mobile device technologies • From niche to mass market with user control automation and focus on user-friendly features • Fully assembled, auto-follow, tilt-control, app control, GoPro enabled • Global first company, operating in US and China
  16. 16. • Always-on, location-based sensor • World’s largest lost and found • Community-based location features • US and China investors
  17. 17. H O M E W O M E N P E T S R O B O T I C S The Next Connected Categories
  18. 18. Thank you @GGVCapital