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Mobile Commerce with GGV Capital

GGV Capital has invested in more than 20 mobile commerce companies. Here we share a few of the insights from our portfolio companies.

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Mobile Commerce with GGV Capital

  1. 1. Mobile Commerce WITH GGV CAPITAL THE MARKET INSIGHTS FROM GGV PORTFOLIO COMPANIES FASHION Silicon Valley | Shanghai | Beijing | | @GGVCapital | WeChat: GGV Capital PAYMENTS HOME DESIGN GGV PORTFOLIO TRANSPORT HOUSEHOLD GOODS Didi Kuaidi AUTO Yangche Diandian FINANCE YingYing mobile commerce companies in the GGV portfolio With 164M US smartphone users, mobile represents nearly 30% of all e-commerce, growing 23% from 2013. BILLION m-commerce sales in the US in 2014 smartphone users in China in 2014 70% of smartphone users in China buy on mobile, leading to $50B in sales in 2014 - double that of the year before. 522 million 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 61 GLOBAL M-COMMERCE IN $BILLIONS 133 204 298 415 516 626 80% of sales are on mo- bile for mobile-first companies who also offer web commerce. Mobile accounts for less than 20% of sales for most traditional e-commerce companies. Mobile is social Consumers gomobile-first 50%+ of new users are acquired virally in top shopping apps that utilize social features. Browsevssearch Web shopping starts with search, but mobile starts with browsing. A well-curated product experi- ence can lead mobile shoppers to go from app open to purchase in under 8minutes. Curation Shoppers have a lower toler- ance for lists on mobile than on web. Successful apps leverage data and technology to provide fewer, but better, recommenda- tions, with the optimal being 6-10 highly targeted products Engagement 65% of sales come from repeat customers in successful shopping apps. High-quality content, beau- tiful images, and social features increase engagement, often lead- ing to multiple visits per day and 15-20 minutes per session. Purchase Seamless checkout is critical, with 57% of users abadoning mobile carts when checkout is difficult. But successful shopping apps are now easily seeing $100average order values over Demographics Not surprisingly, 80% of mobile shoppers are under 45. Apps selling home goods, groceries, fashion, and children’s products find that among users 75% or more are women. Sources:GGVportfolioand GGVproprietaryresearch Source:GoldmanSachs Sources: eMarketer, Forrester, MediaPost, China State Internet Information Office, TechinAsia TRAVEL M-commerce + delivery is disrupting physical retail and e-commerce in the US and emerging markets. FOOD Grubmarket KIDS REAL ESTATE Aiwujiwu COSMETICS