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Ginesys Retail ERP Presentations


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Ginesys Retail ERP Presentations

  1. 1. Presenting GINESYS Retail Supply Chain Software for Strengthening your Retail System
  2. 2. GSL – A Snapshot Company with 14 years of experience and proven credentials Awarded Best Retail POS Solution Direct Presence in in all 5 Metro Cities 8500+ Live Locations End-to-End Solution (Manufacturing to Retailing) Creator of GINESYS Software for Retail Supply Chain 140 + Professionals Started in 1999 (By CA’s and IT Professionals) ORACLE & Microsoft Gold Partner 99% Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  3. 3. Product features Merchandising Procurement (Unlimited Grouping & Classification of items) (Multiple Unique Procurement features) (Complete visibility of inventory of all locations centrally) **Replenishment Sales & Distribution Point of Sale (Strong Replenishment with Planning tool) (Strong Backend sales engine to cater B2B & Direct Deliveries ) (Simple screen with advance features & Security) Promotions Customer Loyalty (Unlimited user defined promotions) (Multi level loyalty & different redemption options) Production Control MIS & Business Analytics (Strong Production Control option to manage production at In house & through Job workers) (More than 300 standard reports and a BI tool to create dynamic user defined graphical reports) Inventory Accounting (Strong & Complete integrated Accounting Both Centralized & Branch) Value Added Features (Auto E mail notification & Mobile Apps)
  4. 4. Geographical Spread National Regional Local Merchandise Format Business Model Food & Grocery Lifestyle/Fashion Stores Manufacturing Jewellery Specialty Stores B2C B2B Apparel/Accessories Hypermarket E.B.O Furniture/Furnishings M.B.O Wholesale Supermarket Consumer Durables Mini supermarket Books/Gifts/Music Electronic & CDIT Lifestyle/Fashion Convenience Store Mom & Pop Stores COCO FOCO FOFO Outright Sales Consignment Sales SOR / SNS
  5. 5. A Glimpse into our Relationships (Largest Jewellery Company in India using end to end GINESYS software solution) (Leading men’s fashion wear in India having 210+ retail stores all across India) (Biggest men’s ethnic wear brand in India having more than 240+ retail stores all across India)  (A chain of 40 fashion boutique, owned by India’s #1 fashion designer Ritu Kumar.)   (Renowned men’s wear brand having 70+ retail stores)  (Leading unstitched Salwar Suit brand in India having 60+ retail stores and 600+ SNS)  (Renowned MBO in North India having 20+ retail stores)  (Leading department store chain of north India having more than 60 retail stores)
  6. 6. A Glimpse into our Relationships (Having chain of 12 fashion boutique) (Leading department store retail chain of Rajasthan & Gujarat having more than 40 retail stores) (Leading ladies wear brand by elite designer Anita Dongre)  (Ethnic wear MBO by Future Group having 15 retail stores)  (Retail chain of 20 outlets for women ethnic apparels and dress materials)  (Books and Music Store in East India having 11 stores.)  (Beauty care boutique in India by Johnson & Johnson)  And many more………
  7. 7. Requirement – Our Understanding A Centrally Integrated ERP with off line POS system. (Eliminating Manual process at all level) Strong POS Solution enables Quick billing and Secure sales Data. (Provides Authentic Data & Limits chance of manipulation) Simple & Single Solution (Single Application for different format handling) Strong Reporting Engine (Gives complete visibility to the Management and Business Intelligence). Seamless Synchronization Module (GINESYS auto data synchronization option gives real-time reporting experience)
  8. 8. GINESYS – Key Benefits ORACLE DB in Back office Renowned for its Robustness, Scalability, Security and adaptability . GINESYS’s back end designed in Oracle. NON STOP BILLING Distributed DB ensures Billing never stops even when connectivity fails. LESS INFRASTRUCTURE COST Need simple infrastructure. At Store & HO. Dynamic Reports Easily customizable User defined reports Unmatched Support Different reliable support options Web, Telephone, mail & In person Scalable & Versatile SMS Integration, Mobility solution, e commerce, Vendor Mgmt etc..
  9. 9. Technology Details of GIENSYS • Back Office: o 2 tier Client/Server based application o Developed with Oracle Developer (Forms 6 and Report 4.5) o Retail Module is developed on C# (C Sharp) with .Net framework 3.5 (Shall be upgraded to version 4.0/4.5 soon) o Certified for Oracle 10g Database Server ( o Distributed Architecture o Centralized Data Management and Consolidate Reporting o Designed for scalability and performance o Database Server Supported Microsoft Windows Server, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. o Application / Workstation Supported with Windows 7 and Above operating system. • POS: o 2 tier Client/Server based application o Developed with C# (C Sharp) with .Net framework 3.5. (Shall be upgraded to version 4.0/4.5 soon) o SQL Server 2008 R2 Express o Database Server Supported Microsoft Windows Server o Application / Workstation Supported with Windows 7 and Above operating system.
  10. 10. Solution Architecture SERVER H.O. • • All Masters • Promotions Stock Transfer Details WEB DB INTERNET • • • • Store / Location 1 User / Till 1 User / Till 2 User / Till 3 Sales Tender Inventory Customer Store / Location 2
  11. 11. Application Process
  12. 12. Operations at HO Level Data Transfer from H.O to Store WEB DB GINESYS Server Store Server Data Includes: 1. Item Master 2. Taxes 3. Pricing 4. Stock Transfer
  13. 13. Operations at HO Level HO Process – License Management License Activation License Registration License Deactivation
  14. 14. Operations at HO Level HO Process – Store Policy Management Master Profile Definition Deactivation* (If reqd) Store Policy Creation Report Summary Policy Allocation Policy Activation
  15. 15. Store Policy Screen
  16. 16. Operations at HO Level HO Process – User Management User Profile Definition Deactivation* (If reqd) User Creation User Report Summary User Allocation User Activation
  17. 17. User Master Screen
  18. 18. Operations at HO Level HO Process – Master creation Vendor Production Processes Tax Price Masters Merchandise Promotions Customer Loyalty & GV
  19. 19. Operations at HO Level HO Process – Loyalty Management Loyalty Benefits Definition Deactivation Loyalty Card Creation Summary of Statement Activation & Allocation Centralized Point Accumulation & Redemption
  20. 20. Customer Loyalty Card master Screen
  21. 21. Customer Loyalty Card Benefits screen Can tag multiple benefits to a card like discount benefits and point benefits
  22. 22. Operations at HO Level HO Process – Promotion Management Promotion Creation Promotion Activation Promotion Definition & Sample Testing Promotion Deactivation Promotion Based on Attribute Promotion Based on Time or Season Promotion Based on Location or Group of Locations
  23. 23. Define Promotions Screen Can define multiple types of promotions like Flat Discount promo Flat Price promo Buy Get promo Qty based slab wise promo Value based slab wise promo Combo promo etc
  24. 24. Allocate Promotion Screen
  25. 25. Operations at Store Level Store Process – Goods Receiving Receives Stock Transfer File Scan Items Based on Transfer Doc Stock Receive S. No. Item Code Received Damaged NR 1 1001 50 - - 2 2021 100 10 - 3 2022. 10 - 1 Record Data and Handle Discrepancies Data Saved
  26. 26. Goods Receive Screen
  27. 27. Operations at Store Level Store Process – Stock Taking/Audit Receives Item Master User needs to Scan all Items based on Attributes and Divisions. Stock Take S. No. System Quantity Stock Take Quantity NF 1 1331 100 - - 2 Data Saved Item Code 1551 20 70 - Record Data and Handle Discrepancies 3 2001 50 - 2
  28. 28. Stock Audit Count Screen
  29. 29. Operations at Store Level Store Process – New Customer Takes Complete Details of Customer, and Saves it. Customer Name Address Customer Code Contact Number Enter Customer’s Data Save the Records Create a Customer Issue Loyalty Card (if any)
  30. 30. Customer Master Screen
  31. 31. Operations at Store Level Store Process – Billing Customer Code Customer Name Address Contact Number Scan Customer Card * (*Not Mandatory ) Capture Customer’s Details Scan Product (*Not Mandatory ) 15 Print Bill Data Saved Receive Tender Prompt Campaign (if any) Enter Quantity
  32. 32. Cash Memo Screen
  33. 33. Operations at Store Level Store Process – Return / Exchange Customer Code WE000101 Customer Name Address Contact Number Capture Customer’s Details * (Not Mandatory) Enter Bill Reference * * Not Mandatory WE000101 Data Saved Sales Return (Cash Refund / Credit Note) Change Price, if required Enter Quantity
  34. 34. Return / Exchange Screen
  35. 35. Operations at Store Level HO Process – Data Transfer from Stores to HO by Internet Connectivity Use Schedulers to set data transfer at stipulated time Store POS HO Server •Daily Sales •Sales Returns •New Customers Added Send Updated •Stock Receipts Data to Updation •Stock Take HO, via Internet Note : Connectivity Failure – Operation Restarts until End of File is received
  36. 36. MIS & BI at H.O. Traffic carried 90000 80000 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 200000 150000 Traffic carried 100000 Traffic Carried 50000 Expense 0 Traffic Carried 1 April May June July August Above given data are for illustrative purpose 2 3 4 5
  37. 37. Business Analytic • Integrated intelligence across all modules/ business functions. • Analyze data on any dimension - store, vendor, item, assortment, inventory, accounts.
  38. 38. Business Analytic Limitless Scale • Ad-hoc reports across any modules possible in seconds • Drill-down to level of detail any
  39. 39. Business Analytic Custom Reports • Use exception, conditions, parameters, calculation, formula, formats. • Change from tabular to cross-tab matrix, bar charts, pie charts etc. • Unlimited user defined reporting by simple drag-and-drop. • Totally secure with user access settings on data and reports. • Generate pre-scheduled reports that are triggered by specific date or time or event.
  40. 40. POS Sales Dashboard Dashboard with graph, table or both
  41. 41. POS Cockpit Dashboard User can select the number of views in each dash page.
  42. 42. Personalized Dashboard User can change the dashboard skin as per his requirement.
  43. 43. Drill Down from Dashboard Drill 1 - Drill from Sale for the Month Dash part
  44. 44. Flexible Dashboard Configuration Flexible configurable dashboard controls like filter type, refresh time, data time interval. etc
  45. 45. GINESYS Customers in EBO Format
  46. 46. Other GINESYS Customer
  47. 47. Other GINESYS Customer
  48. 48. Other GINESYS Customer
  49. 49. Thank You