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Working principle of rapier and essential parts


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Working principle of rapier and essential parts

  1. 1. Working principle of Rapier & its essential parts Presenter: Mr. Ghulam Qadir (12TE59) Mehran university of engineering and technology (M.u.e.t) jaMshoro
  2. 2. Contents: •What is rapier weaving machine? •Types of weaving machine? •Working priciple of rapier weaving machine? •Essential parts of rapier?
  3. 3. A rapier loom is a shuttle less weaving loom in which the filling yarn is carried through the shed of warp yarns to the other side of the loom by finger-like carriers called rapiers. What is rapier weaving machine?
  4. 4. Types of rapier weaving machine 1-Single Rapier Machines: • A single, rigid rapier is used in these machines. The rigid rapier is a metal or composite bar usually with a circular cross section. • The rapier enters the shed from one side, picks up the filling yarn on the other side and passes it across the loom width wise. • The single rapier’s length is equal to the width of the loom.
  5. 5. 2- Double Rapier Machines • Two rapiers are used in these machines one rapier is called the giver, takes the filling yarn from the yarn accumulator on one side of the loom, brings it to the center of the machine and transfers it to the second rapier which is called the taker. • The taker retards and brings the filling yarn to the other side. • Similar to the single rapier machines, only half of the rapier movements are used for filling insertion.
  6. 6. Working principle of rapier machine? The rapier head picks up the filling yarn and carries it through the shed. After reaching the destination, the rapier head returns empty to pick up the next filling yarn.  In some versions of the loom, two rapiers are used, each half the width of the fabric in size. One rapier carries the yarn to the centre of the shed, where the opposing rapier picks up the yarn and which carries the filling the rest of the way across the loom.
  7. 7. Essential parts of rapier? 1.Motor. 2.Crank shaft. 3.Bottom shaft. 4. Grippers tapes. 5. Rapier Loom Sensors. 6. Rapier Loom Cutters. 7. Rapier Loom Driving Wheel 8. Rapier Loom Tapes