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What do LinkedIn endorsements mean?


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LinkedIn has made it too easy to endorse a member. The feature is abused. It is meaningless. Recommendations mean much more. Recormmend. Do not endorse.

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What do LinkedIn endorsements mean?

  1. 1. What do LinkedIn endorsements mean?
  2. 2. What do they mean?
  3. 3. That you excel?
  4. 4. I think not
  5. 5. They aremeaning(less)
  6. 6. arecommendation means more
  7. 7. All-StarsEarn their recommendations
  8. 8. Peopleput thought into them
  9. 9. And they are recognized universally
  10. 10. Recommend(don’t endorse)
  11. 11. You’ll receivethem in return
  12. 12. standoutinyourfield