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  1. 1. Finally, an Application Modernization Solution That Produces the Code Quality and Maintainability You Want Automated Rewrite +97245947123 WWW.GIZMOXTS.COM Preserving the application's proven business logic. Everything else is upgradeable Manual Rewrite Expensive and very risky every time it is used. Companies need to reverse engineer existing applications to be able to identify undocumented business logic, which is a big challenge. Automatic Tools While this is a much cheaper and faster solution than manually rewriting the code, it produces low-quality code that is hard to maintain and extend. Gizmox Transposition provides a patented solution for modernizing enterprise-level applications to the latest platforms and operating systems, such as web, cloud, and mobile. Our fast, reliable, and low-risk solution is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies including financial organizations, health care institutions, insurance companies, and ISVs. The Need for Modernization As technology advances, web, cloud, and mobile compatibility is becoming more important in order to remain relevant in a competitive market. Companies that do not modernize face: · Rising maintenance challenges and excessive costs · Losing business opportunities · A decline in customer loyalty due to a deteriorating user experience · Security vulnerabilities and malfunctions due to lack of vendor attention and support Modernization is crucial to keeping up with the latest technological benefits and to remaining one step ahead of the competition. Modernization Challenges While the need for modernization is clear, the solutions are not as straight- forward, and companies face many challenges in a process that can be time consuming, expensive, and risky. Current methods include: Off-the-Shelf Software In most cases, this method can't really replace the homegrown specific business logic, and customization, if at all possible, is very expensive. Virtualization Virtualization refers to running the application on a virtual environment that is compatible with new platforms. Virtualization doesn’t however solve the legacy obsolete code and architectural challenges. Gizmox's automated rewrite solution supports the migration of legacy applications to modern platforms while preserving the application's proven business logic. Everything else is upgradeable: new target optimized components, code, user interface, and application architecture. Our customers benefit from the enhanced performance, scalability, security, and mobility of using modern platforms while limiting the risk associated with migrating a mission-critical application. Our patented approach has proven itself time and time again as the best solution to bringing business applications up to date with the latest cloud, web, and mobile platforms, systems, and technologies.