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Engineer Lee Duarte Guatemala December Fradique 2.009 .-Rotational Electric Power Geo is produced, in each case, thanks to...
have been used successfully in several hydroelectrically constructions developed all over theworld. Having results of diff...
Instead of burning fuel in industries, for drying and other operations could be done with GeoRotational power, cheaper and...
within pi. (3.1416). = RPeriod or range in which energy is produced, for consumption or use; µ =. (For theexample consider...
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Engineer lee duarte guatemala december fradique 2


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Engineer lee duarte guatemala december fradique 2

  1. 1. Engineer Lee Duarte Guatemala December Fradique 2.009 .-Rotational Electric Power Geo is produced, in each case, thanks to the normal accelerationcomponent called "centripetal" of Earth in the (parallel 45 degrees north) Her geodetic latitudepoint in witch inside the duct or tube installed, which is anchored (fixed) dipped slightly and thewaters of the Earth (remember that Earth is rotating around its axis, so that our pipe or duct isalso revolving around the Earths axis, as is in the direction of the length, ie in the direction ofthe meridian corresponding to the 45 degrees of latitude north, so that one end of the tube goingslower or faster depending on how closer or farther from the axis of rotation is.Each end with different values of rotational potential energy, so it is implied that the velocity offluid, water in the pipe or duct, is going to be faster in every part of the tube, ie, the fluid willmoves inside the tube , the behavior determined by the vector rotational motion, remember thatour pipe or duct is in the direction along the length of the geographic location (if our proposal orexample, Geo Rotational tube and not or Donate torus, another slightly different devise that wehave designed also). If longitude is L (m) and inside diameter is D (m). "Smart" turbines(which change position as the blades move from the passing fluid, having the value of thedesign operating speed). These turbines will be at certain distance from each other into the ductor tube, considering the pressure fall by the type of tube or pipe to be installed.This energy is similar to the potential energy of a river (Hydro) we can use for "free fall ofwater" with the difference when using gravity (gravitational acceleration) it has an averagevalue in the "surface" Land of 9.8 meters per second squared, this natural phenomenon is theattraction of two masses, the mass of the Earth and the water mass from the river, falling downtoward the center of attraction of the Earth mass. In contrast, in the case of Geo RotationalEnergy, the phenomenon is not gravitational attraction but is “rotational force” produced by thetorque that makes the rotation of the Earth around its axis. And there isn’t an average,generalized to the Earth, such thing as a normal acceleration component, at 0 degrees latitude,its value is zero, and increases it’s value as it rises equally to the latitude to be until it reaches itsmaximum value when the latitude is about 45 degrees, with the value of the acceleration is0.01687 meters per second squared, then drops to zero with a latitude being 90 degrees l.However, georotational energy can be produced almost in every part of the planet. Andbecause electricity can travel long distances, 2.200 kms., equals the distance between 2 latitutes(parells) spaced 20 degrees. Another difference within the two systems: gravitational androtational, is that gravitational acceleration does not require exciter to start fluid movement.The phenomenon of Earth rotation strength of the Earth rotation can be observed in nature.Examples are: the formation of cyclones and tornadoes, rotating with the waters in the seas andoceans, our house, or it the same phenomenon manifested in: the dryer and washing machine,the water going in the drain, liquid separators of different densities in test tubes, childrensgames like a Carousel, in the sling with which David killed Goliath strong winds or gales, andmany other examples.High winds or Windstorm: As air passes from greater latitude of tangential velocity at lowerlatitude of tangential velocity, produces a phenomenon in which the air is accelerated, increasesits speed. The difference in speed between latitudes is not the cause of the air speed increase,but is potentially the rotational energy differential. By switching from a higher stage rotationalpotential energy to one of lower potential energy, rotational, that is exactly what happens in ahydroelectric plant to be the "free fall of water."In a hydroelectric plant, water, beginning to fall, has a zero initial velocity increases untilreaching the lower point in which it will fall, instead of less height to fall, achieving the fastestspeed of the system and all water takes that speed : If the product is of equal diameter. Thisfalling water speed is equal to the square root of two times the gravitational accelerationproduced by the fall height (v 2g H) which is deducted from the two energy formulas; kineticenergy and potential energy. These formulas have been tested in hydraulics laboratories and
  2. 2. have been used successfully in several hydroelectrically constructions developed all over theworld. Having results of different acceleration values is no reason to doubt that this formula canbe used to calculate an effect either due to acceleration produced by gravity or rotation. Wemean then that we can use this formula to calculate geo-rotational energy.The theoretical speed a 50 miles long geo-rotational tube will have without taking intoconsideration the “wall friction” inside the duct or tube, or friction by “caps” of the turbines,design considerations and other details is: V = 2x( ) ( αx L) ½ nxFor example speed is raised:41.07 meters / secondHowever, our design operating speed is less than 7metros per second.F = Force = (mass) x (acceleration). = (Mass ofMoving fluid) X (part of the normal acceleration increased in the cane)E = Power = (force) X (distance of the force.)Note: See the final quantities and units, attached sheet.Mass energy of the== (mass) x (acceleration) x (distance traveled) = (E moving fluid) X (partof the normal acceleration increased in the cane) X (total distance traveled by the shorter thecomponent force normal acceleration). D2 (KG) (Metro/segundo2) (Meters)= ( ϕ ÷ 4 × L × σ ) ( α )E (L) nxP = Power, (work performed by that particular energy (or time range) = E energy.)÷in which itis consumed or produced suchTHE POWER IS IN OUR EXAMPLE:D2 (KG) (Meter/seconds2) (meters) / sec)( ϕ ÷ 4 × L × σ ) ( α ) P (L) / nx µ >D2 (0.73/75, 000) (Mega Watts).( ϕ ÷ 4 × L × σ ) ( α ) P (L) / nx µ >For our example, Geo Curl Stick, made of duct or pipe within 16 meters in diameter, withinterior walls of fiberglass or PVC (or equivalent) with a length of 50 kilometers, located on theEarth at latitude of 45 degrees in the northern or southern hemisphere, with this staff gives thetheoretical power:P = 4.1 million mega watts. (Theoretical)This is the amount theoretically produced in this example, which is more actually than ALLMANKIND CONSUME.NOTE THAT THE EQUIPMENT TO BE LISTED IN THE EXAMPLE is 16 meters insidediameter and 50.000 meters long (Located at 45 degrees latitude), which indicates that all theenergy used by Humanity in the present time CAN BE PROVIDED BY THE ENERGYGEOROTACIONAL.Geo Energy Rotational IS ABBUNDANT AND ITS USE PRACTICAL.This energy can make fuel-hydrogen for vehicles, and that is economical, abundant and easy touse, and is easier to transport electricity than fuel.You can replace the use of natural gas and liquid gas (propane) to heat homes, offices andindustries. Distribution is cheaper and more secure, is more practical to manipulate electricitythan gas.All technology used is existing technology in any country in the world.
  3. 3. Instead of burning fuel in industries, for drying and other operations could be done with GeoRotational power, cheaper and more convenient shipment and operation.Remember that it is more convenient handling of the electricity the fuel ...The above example, the amount theoretically produce 4.1 million mega watts. By applying theefficiency and design factors is obtained:1. Factor 60% efficiency of the turbines, capable of "smart" auto-fit and fit to work at lowspeed, the energy generated has been calculated. These will be calibrated and tested in thelaboratory of turbine production factory, before joining the production system.2. Factor 80% passing efficiency of mechanical energy into electricity.3. 9% design efficiency factor for stabilization, maneuvering, maintenance, construction, heightand variation of the outlet valve of the system and durability of the equipment installed.4. 70% efficiency factor considered the friction in the pipe by the speed of operation of thedesign .. .factor that directly influences the diameter and length of pipe or tube and the innerquality of the walls.Considering the efficiency factors, we have:(0.03024) x (4.1 million megawatts.) = 123.984 Mega watts. (EQUIVALENT TO 207 nuclearplants 600 Mega Watts)With ten of these operating in the United States of America would have energy for the wholecountry (including fuel for vehicles)124.000 mega watts is the power (energy) that an installation can provide consisting of a pipe orduct diameter of 16 meters and 50 kilometers long made with inner wall of fiberglass or PVC(or equivalent) placed flat on the latitude of 45 degrees, on planet Earth. In either hemisphere,recommended turbine axial vane smart, they do not let the water over the 7 meters per second.Some definitions, quantities and units of measure:Is the constant pi., 3.1416 ϕ =; pipe diameter in meters. (For example 16 meters, D =interior fiberglass or PVC walls).Along the pipeline in meters. (For example 50 miles). = LFluid density to σ = rounding seawater to 1.000 kilograms / cubic meter.Normal Acceleration component plus turning radius r on the axis and length = α λ nx x(the x-axis is in the tangent point latitude considered), in meters / second squared. Forthe latitude of 45 degrees we have the normal acceleration, value: 0.01687metros/segundo2. =) = λ (tangential velocity squared / radius.) (Breast) (within λ(angular velocity squared) (Earth radius) (cosine) λ turning radius that is the point with latitude 45 degrees = r) λ = (For example, thelatitude of λGeodetic latitude of the Earth points λ = with radius r, where "r" is equal to the radius ofrotation with latitude points in r = λ ) ϕ × cos 106 / 2 40 × (, radio λ Earth (R) by theEarth Radio cosine is equal to the circumference that is 40 million meters divided by 2,
  4. 4. within pi. (3.1416). = RPeriod or range in which energy is produced, for consumption or use; µ =. (For theexample considered, 20 seconds). Being in a short period or range productivity,production is high. Total wattage existing equipment designed previously “ha= P” ,efficiency factorsconsidered and calculated had to be applied.