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Future of Business 19th June Plymouth

Delivered by Kate Doodson

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Future of Business 19th June Plymouth

  1. 1. Future of business Kate Doodson @cosmickated
  2. 2. Roll out • Roll out in Devon and Somerset has reached 110,000 properties and is rolling out at around 5000 premises per week • OECD have listed the South West as having the best broadband in the UK currently • How will businesses start to use what they have got?
  3. 3. What is Get up to speed? • Fully funded business and community support alongside roll-out of superfast broadband • Businesses to understand, adopt and exploit the opportunity Superfast Broadband offers • Activity includes boardroom briefings, staff engagement, business workshops, community awareness events and more • Delivered by Cosmic Peninsula Consortium
  4. 4. Setting the scene
  5. 5. Setting the scene • The world is being transformed by a series of profound technological changes - Second machine age • Digital technology is changing all of our lives, the way we work, our society and our politics • Over the next 20 years, 35% of jobs will become automated* and the skills need of our staff will change significantly *House of Lords Digital Skills Paper 2015
  6. 6. And the pace of change is unprecedented Knowledge Doubling Curve • 1900s, Knowledge doubled every century • 1940s, knowledge doubled every 25 years • Currently, knowledge doubling every 13 months • Soon, every 12 hours? ‘Transition from the linear growth to exponential growth of human knowledge has taken place.’ Source: Buckminster Fuller and IBM, Harvard University Jeff Lichtman every-12-hours-via-industry-tap/
  7. 7. ‘There is a growing disconnect between our increasingly non-linear world and the linear mindsets and practices that we deploy in our work’
  8. 8. Gartner’s Digital Dragon • We need business leaders to understand that to compete in the 21st Century they need to tame the digital dragon. • They need to respond to ongoing needs for efficiency and growth by renovating the core of their IT • Whilst learning to Shift to exploit a fundamentally different digital paradigm which includes the worlds of social, mobile, cloud and data • Running a Bimodal business – Two speed IT
  9. 9. Bimodal business Reliability Planned, high ceremony Long term suppliers Conventional projects IT centric – removed from customers Long cycles of procurement Agility Agile, low ceremony Small new vendors New and uncertain projects Business centric, close to customer Short cycles of procurement
  10. 10. Business Gartner Nexus of Forces
  11. 11. Mobile takes control
  12. 12. Mobile facts • Mobiles now outnumber people – 4 to 3 • iPhone sales outpace births • More people own a mobile that a toothbrush • 90% of tweets are from mobiles • Mobile searches are up 400% • 70% of mobile searches lead to action in an hour • We have our phone in reach for 14 hours a day on average • Mobile is blurring business and leisure time
  13. 13. How responsive is your website?
  14. 14. Our phones are now our wallets - mobile payments
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Google Places and Now? • The design is heavily focused on Google Now cards notifications and is focused on bringing contextual information to users. For example, business travellers will have access to their flight status, boarding pass, hotel address, and the weather at their destination. Additionally, it shows health notifications, such as heart rate, that have been important in many wearable campaigns
  17. 17. Augmented reality is growing…. Marketing to near-site visitors – your reputation is important
  18. 18. Augmented reality
  19. 19. Internet of Things
  20. 20. Internet of things • Machine to machine communication • Ordinary things connected to the internet
  21. 21. "A business model which doesn't have a reach to a mobile device is going to dwindle away and become obsolete." Jason Fisher, owner,
  22. 22. Cloud By 2016 Gartner predict Cloud to be a ‘non-issue’ for businesses
  23. 23. Cloud - democratising IT • All businesses now have the option of using software, hardware and networks that was previously prohibitive
  24. 24. Cloud benefits Features/Functions Server Cloud Procurement Can take months Can be immediate Budget CAPEX, inflexible OPEX, flexible Operations & maintenance Complex None or simple Reliability Single point of failure redundancy Security Medium High Technology Ages quickly Frequently updated Deployment Complex Simple
  25. 25. Tecni Group
  26. 26. Cloud models
  27. 27. Dole Hybrid Cloud Estimate saving of $350,000 in operating expenses
  28. 28. Align your brand Social
  29. 29. Bigger Businesses are struggling to embrace social media – Linear vs Non-Linear
  30. 30. Social – grown up • Polarisation • Listening • Learning • Staff engagement • Staff communication • Influencing • Lobbying • Brand alignment • Influencer marketing • Reputation management
  31. 31. Strategy over tactics
  32. 32. Data
  33. 33. How can we help? • Fully funded business and community support alongside roll-out of superfast broadband • boardroom briefings • staff engagement • business workshops • community awareness events and more • Get in touch – Thanks 