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Curriculum Vitae of Ghassan M Bafarat


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Curriculum Vitae of Ghassan M Bafarat

  1. 1. 1 | Page CurriculumVitae ofGhassan M. Bafarat, BA **More details section Curriculum Vitae of Ghassan M. Bafarat, BA Personal details Mobile 05 6688 5665 Email DOB 24-07-69 City of Birth Jeddah,KSA Marital Status Married, 3 Children Preamble A very experience individual with 20 years broad knowledge in the banking sector. Currently at the National Commercial Bank – NCB, involved in one of the major regional program introducing Next Generation – NextGen banking platform as part of the NCB organizational transformation enterprise. I am tremendously driven and self-motivated for any level of thought-provoking tasks hence always seeking new challenges and further evolution in my career path, befitting my aspirations and determinations. Academic qualifications 1992 BA PhysicsfromKingAbdul-AzizUniversity 1988 The Model Capital Institute HighSchool,Riyadh Coursesand training 2010 ContinuousmultipleNCBtrainingcourses 1999 Visual Basic,ImdadTrainingCenter 1998 Chargeback, VisaInternational,London,UnitedKingdom 1997 MicrosoftOffice, TehamaTrainingCenter Professionalexperience 1997 - Present National Commercial Bank “NCB”, Personal Finance Business 2014-2015 NCB, PF NextGen.Systemcoreteam** 2013-2014 NCB,PF SalesSupportSeniorOfficer** 2011-2012 NCB,Write and Managing BalanceTransferProgram –BTP** 2004-2011 NCB,Target and SalesPerformance– TSP** 2001-2004 NCB,Auto Murabaha ProgramManagerAssistant** 1997-2001 NCB,Credit Card, NewAccountsManager** 1995-1997 Saudi ArabianStanderOrganization “SASO”QualityOfficer 1993-1995 Bafarat Industrial Group – WesternRegionSalesSupervisor PersonalSoftSkills Numerical,Creative Ideaandsolution (PF,CC),MicrosoftOffice,ComputerAssociateClarity. Hobbies Scuba Diving, Motorcycle,NewITTechnologies, Self-improvementreader,Travelling.
  2. 2. 2 | Page CurriculumVitae ofGhassan M. Bafarat, BA **More details section References Available upon request. More details** (of work experience) PF NextGen.System core team - NationalCommercialBank,Jeddah,SaudiArabia Jul 2014 – Dec 2015 FirstlyIconsiderthisas verybig task,since our bankdecide toreplace the existsystemwithnew one, therefore theyselectfromeach dipartmentasmall teamwhere theyare the bestknowledge andvery highexperience of thembusiness toworkthe multiplecompanies tobuild the new sufficientsystem that coverall businessneeds withsmartfunction. Therefore we start our duty with"TCS"company (TATA ConsultantSystemCompany) plus"Experian" company(a Turkishcompanyformatrix & pricingside {NBSMCalculationengine}) and"Accenture" companythat mange the whole project. By doing: 1- Define all our:(Products/Differentcriteria/ Specialmatrix) tohelpTCStowrite a special FSD'sfor each product,andget readyfor final signature. 2- Writingtestscenarioforeach productto make sure if systemwill fit exactly withourrules. 3- Star testingforeach product. 4- OpenRTC defectforany issue thatwe definedasnone workingwell aswe planned for. 5- Work withTCS/NBSMto solve relatedissue. 6- Retestproductto make sure all defecthasbeensolved. 7- In the endof 2015 NextGen.projectwill submitto“ITCDevelopmentarea”, theninthattime we will go back our area (Personal Finance formyself). SalesSupport SeniorOfficer - NationalCommercialBank,Jeddah,SaudiArabia Jan 2013 - Jun 2014 In thistaskI was one of fourkeyplayerteamthat assignedtoserve over400 branchesby: 1- Trainingall branchesnetworkonPFproducts 2- Generate Frequentreport. 3- Lunch newprograms 4- Writingall PF relatedCommunication 5- Settle anycustomercompliance relatedto anysystemerror. 6- PricingException 7- Newprogramsystemvalidation
  3. 3. 3 | Page CurriculumVitae ofGhassan M. Bafarat, BA **More details section 8- Manage Error rate vs. target 9- Local PF Market Scan 10- Newproductcampaignto enlarger PFsales 11- Entityinduction 12- Inductedcompanyreclassification 13- Work withRiskManagementtoimprove salescriteria/systemconditions 14- Work withITCfor any newSAMA requirementthatneedtoaddedinsystem 15- Manage CustomerRetentionunit thathandle Payrollcustomerleaking Balance Transfer ProgramManager "BTP Manager"- NationalCommercialBank,Jeddah,SaudiArabia Jul 2011 - Dec 2012 Afterassigningme tothisidea,directlyIdid: 1- Take fromotherstakeholdersinputs(Collection,Compliance,Sharee'aboard,BranchesNetwork) before startingwriting,inordergettingthemdirectapproval beforebeenlunchinglevel. 2- Prepare writtenprogrammaterial:  Business agreement  Criteriafortarget segment (CreditHistory/Sector/ Income /Age) withRiskdepartment  Program cape (Maximumof numberof transaction/ Portfoliovolume)withRiskdepartment  BranchesCSR trainingmaterial  BranchesCSR userguide  Special Exceptionformthatmentionthe requirementdocumentsforeach stage 3- Generate systemspecial programsformonitoringpurpose 4-TrainingCSRand provide themwith relevantmaterials 5- Studyall requestbefore sendingforRiskapproval toensure gettingfinaldecision 6- Capture all receivedrequest andupdate them withRiskfinal decision 7- Sendback the final decision tothembranchestoprocessthe approvedexception. 8- Generate Salesreport. 9- Monitor Salarytransferefficiency foreachbookedtransaction 10- Flowup for late Salarytransfer/ArrearsBTP accountsto achieve veryhighlevelof portfolioquality 11- Finda solutionforthirdpartyissues(Like Outstandingcertificate,directaddressedSettlement check).
  4. 4. 4 | Page CurriculumVitae ofGhassan M. Bafarat, BA **More details section Target andSales PerformanceOfficer "TSP" - NationalCommercialBank,Jeddah,SaudiArabia Jul 2004 - Jun 2011 In thisfunctionIusedto do: 1- Distributedourannual PFtargetby session/Region&Area/EmployerSectors/Saleskind(New- Topup withsettlement- Topup withoutsettlement). 2- Preparingall Salesreports:  Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Midyear/Annual  SalesBreakdown(Region/Sector)  Saleslevel (New - Topupwith/withoutsettlement)  Salesquality(Regular/Pricingexception/Racexception)  Salestype (StanderPF/Housing Allowance /SecuredFinance 3- Manage Error rate (Actual vs.Target) Auto MurabahaProgramManager Assistant - NationalCommercialBank,Jeddah,SaudiArabia Jul 2001 - Jun 2004 In thisfunctionIwas Managerassistance forthisnew program that allowedourbanktosell vehicles directlyfromdealershowroom evenwithoutvisitingNCBbranch,andon my part I usedto do: 1- Registerall newdearcontract. 2- Train dealerSalesrepresentativeteam. 3- Provide themwithProgrammaterial. 4- Prepare frequentsalesreport. 5- Manage AreaSalessupportteam. 6- Manage Salesinvectivechecks. Credit Card,New Accounts Manager - NationalCommercialBank,Jeddah,SaudiArabia Jan 1997 - Jun 2001 I was CreditCardNewAccountManager, to: 1-Make sure all approvedapplicationfitwithapprovedcriteriaplus documentrequirements 2- Assigningthe applicantCreditLimit 3- SendingNotificationletters(Rejection/Missingdocument). 4-Manage tele-verificationteam