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Mobile Trends 2013

The mobile is moving well beyond its role as a communication device, becoming an enabler for a wide range of experiences from TV viewing to shopping to banking. Mobile connectivity is doing a revolution so many industries.

Presentation from a lesson I gave at Digital Accademia that shows an overview of how everything is changing and how it is growing.

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Mobile Trends 2013

  1. 1. MOBILETRENDSGiuliano Iacobelli
  2. 2. MeSoftware Engineer. 29yrs old.Co-founder at Stamplay
  3. 3. Yes, this was considered a smartphone.It was 2005.
  4. 4. Then, in January 9 2007,something happened
  5. 5. And just few years later, this is what we allhave in our pockets at home and in office.
  6. 6. Smartphones sales overtake pc’sfor the first time
  7. 7. ..and it’s only the beginning
  8. 8. More than one billion smartphonesin use worldwide
  9. 9. Worldwide there arenow more smartphonesold than babies born
  10. 10. Technology replaces itself exponentiallyTelephoneMobile phoneSmartphone0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40Technology Adoption RateMaturity: Time from 10% to 40% penetrationyears
  11. 11. Worldwide smartphone shipments continue to soar, with a 42%year-over-year growth in 2012
  12. 12. The mobile computing experience increasinglyinvolves more interactions with the owrld around us
  13. 13. The majority of our media consumption isnow screen-based
  14. 14. ..and we move between multiple devices toaccomplish our goals
  15. 15. The TV used to be the only screen for media.Not anymore.
  16. 16. Smartphones are the most frequent companiondevices during simultaneous usage
  17. 17. Mobile devices will exponentially expandthe reach of technology into our worldwith newfound utility and meaning.Anyway they will not replace pc’s.
  19. 19. 300 millionsphotos are uploaded on Facebookeveryday
  20. 20. 48 hoursof video are uploaded to YouTubeevery minute
  21. 21. So what people do on mobile?
  22. 22. First of all pretty mucheverything they do online..
  23. 23. Shift in usage+36% Accesses on Google web mailvia mobile25% Of YouTube content isdelivered to mobile devices40% of all searches comes frommobile devices in March 2012
  24. 24. Where and how much people use tablets:
  25. 25. Tablet are widely used for many different needs
  26. 26. What people do with their smartphones:92%Text messaging84%Access Internet76%Send / Receive email54%Send / Receive email69%Download an app59%Access SocialNetworks
  27. 27. Media consumptionALWAYS CONNECTED
  28. 28. Tesco Subway stores tranformed waiting time in shopping time.
  29. 29. Welcome to the App EconomyMore than 50 billions appsdownloaded.850.000+ iPhone apps300000+ iPad appsMore than 30 billions appsdownloaded.600.000+ app availaible.
  30. 30. Let’s have a look tosome nice products.
  31. 31. Feedlytransform web sites into pocket-size cards which load quickly andare easy to read. Smarter Sharing. Save articles across devices.
  32. 32. Mailboxhandle your inbox as a to-do list
  33. 33. FoursquareLocation-based social networking website for mobile devices.
  34. 34. Pocketpreviously known as Read It Later, is an application for managing areading list of articles from the Internet
  35. 35. Pinteresttransform web sites into pocket-size cards which load quickly andare easy to read. Smarter Sharing. Save articles across devices.
  36. 36. Paper by FiftyThreeSketch, capture and share your ideas across the web.
  37. 37. How do you harness allthese tools in a way thatinvolves your audience?
  38. 38. Three behavioral trend1. CONVENIENCELess is more. Transform business and culture with simple solutions.2. CONTEXTHelp people find information that’s useful in real time.3. FUNMix in delight, surprise, and reward to build and retain relationships.
  39. 39. Pizza Hut earned $7 million in sales in their first year after launchinga mobile ordering app.... more than two years ago.
  40. 40. Starbucks has an average of more than one million mobiletransactions a week since launching My Rewards mobile paymentsystem in January 2011.
  41. 41. So many transactionare going mobile
  42. 42. But you dont always need areally expensive app for havingmobile work for your business
  43. 43. Point of sale is goingeverywhere35 millions americans made atransaction with Square
  44. 44. Apple Passbook, Google Wallet, and Microsoft WalletHub may alsosoon play a big role in the mobile payments space and make it easyfor companies to accept mobile payments at scale.
  45. 45. Mastercard, Citi, and Spring have all partnered with Google to makesimple mobile payments a mainstream reality.
  46. 46. Technology gets cheaper.If you don’t build it,someone else will.Plan ahead or plan to piggyback.
  47. 47. “It’s not about the hardware;it’s about the hardware thatfacilitates action.”ANDREW WILSON, VICE PRESIDENT, EA SPORTS
  48. 48. It’s not only a matter of scope. Mobile is thinking in terms of context.
  49. 49. Apps like Circle, Highlight, and Banjo are trying to bring peopletogether in real life via mobile app concepts, but their real-liferelevance has yet to be proven.
  50. 50. Jawbone merged digital and physical with UP. It tracks yourmovement and sleep in the background. The app displays your dataand delivers insights that keep you moving forward,
  52. 52. Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything beingshared with you. Flip through your Facebook, Google+ and Twittertimelines, photos from Instagram friends, videos from YouTube, andmuch more.
  53. 53. A closer look - UI
  54. 54. • Strong visual impact with boldsquares that highlight photosand images.• Tap a story you like and yourezoomed in.• Move tiles around.• Bold squares.A closer look - UI
  55. 55. A closer look - Content
  56. 56. A closer look - ContentFlipboard integrates RSS,Facebook, Twitter, and Instagramas well.It offers an incrediblypersonalized experience.
  57. 57. Zite is a personalized magazine for your iPad that automaticallylearns what you like and gets smarter every time you use it. Zitedelivers news, articles, blogs, and videos you want – and helps youdiscover new stuff.
  58. 58. A closer look - UI
  59. 59. • Lot of white space• Top Stories page looks like thetable of contents of acontemporary, modernmagazine• Sections are off to the side andrendered in big,• Individual stories are shown in"read later" style.A closer look - UI
  60. 60. A closer look - Content
  61. 61. Zite aims to personalize andimprove your reading experienceover time. It uses your Twitter,Google Reader, Delicious, andRead it Later accounts as astarting point.From there itll provide you newsthat it thinks youll enjoy.A closer look - Content
  62. 62. Pulse lets you choose and share the stories you care about, fromthousands of top news sources, your favorite blogs and socialnetworks. All in one seamless, fluid experience that makes yournews accurate and exciting.
  63. 63. A closer look - Content
  64. 64. A closer look - ContentPulse allows you to addindividual RSS feeds on their ownas well as browse for news.There is no Facebook and Twitterintegration, though you can signin with your Facebook account.Pulse will provide suggestions forfeeds but nothing thats verycustomized.
  65. 65. Social sharing
  66. 66. Social sharingZite, Pulse, and Flipboard all allow to share stories to Facebook, Twitter andmany more. Flipboard also allows you to pull in your Facebook and Twitterfeeds. You can see who is tweeting stories and you can comment using @reply the creator.
  67. 67. The rise and rise of tablet magazinesTablets, and mostly the iPad, haverevolutionized the way we consume printedmaterials.PDF documents, e-books, and especiallymagazines highlight the iPads form being well-suited for content consumption.
  68. 68. It shows more and more that people are coming into the digital franchisesof these publications, and consuming magazines and newspapers onsmartphones and tablets.
  69. 69. Augmenting the experience
  70. 70. Beware of the Homer effect!"In product design, the simplest thought exercise is to make additions. It’sthe easiest way to make an Old Thing feel like a New Thing. The moredifficult exercise is to reconsider the product in the context of now.A now which may be very different from the then in which the product wasoriginally conceived.”cit Craig Mod
  71. 71. Your turn?
  72. 72. Thank Iacobelli
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The mobile is moving well beyond its role as a communication device, becoming an enabler for a wide range of experiences from TV viewing to shopping to banking. Mobile connectivity is doing a revolution so many industries. Presentation from a lesson I gave at Digital Accademia that shows an overview of how everything is changing and how it is growing.


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