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Rural women in the regions

AER Summer Academy, Novi Sad, Vojvodina

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Rural women in the regions

  1. 1. Rural women in the regions -shared similiraties- Gordana Čomić
  2. 2. Being a rural woman • Less employed • Less represented • Less in the role of local or regional decision maker • Less payed • Less property in her ownership • Less freedom and chances for change • Less perspective for development
  3. 3. Shared obstacles • Harder and less access to banks and loans • Tougher tradicional family models • More non-payed work • Shared struggle against domestic violence • Less opportunity for higher education • Less substance of social life • More commute
  4. 4. What can I do? • Adress local and regional authorities • Adress local community • Adress cross-border cooperation • Share experiences • Demand visibility • Invest in future of children for better life in the same local or regional community
  5. 5. How can I do it? • Networking • Joining women groups • Addressing parliamentarian (local, regional, national) • Connecting with business women associations • Activism as such
  6. 6. Strategies, tactics? • Changing the role of rural women is a long ride • Changes started quite recently on EU level • Strategies must be clear and fundamentally with the definition of rural women as unused potential for development • “I am not an object, but an actor, a player of development” • I can change everything that is changeable and do anything that is doable
  7. 7. Has anyone done it? • Yes, a lot of women in our regions • Timeline for last 20-25 years shows that changes started • Rural women made people listen to them: politicians, bankers, academics, civil sector, media, men & women who do not live in rural areas, legislators, lawyers, artists … • Where rural women are seen and supported the development is measurable
  8. 8. Who are my allies ? • Anyone who can hear and understand very simple sentence: “From the beginning of time I was a rule taker in my local community, now I want to be a rule maker as well, because that is good for everybody and because that is the source for common development in the future” Signed: Rural woman
  9. 9. Thank you!