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Allen hefner presentation


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Allen hefner presentation

  1. 1. Coordination and Acceleration of Smart Grid Interoperability Standards<br />Allen Hefner<br />NIST Smart Grid Team<br />National Institute of Standards and Technology<br />U.S. Department of Commerce<br />
  2. 2. Smart Grid – US National Priority<br />“We’ll fund a better, smarter electricity grid and train workers to build it…” President Barack Obama<br />“To meet the energy challenge and create a 21st century energy economy, we need a 21st century electric grid…” Secretary of Energy Steven Chu<br />“A smart electricity grid will revolutionize the way we use energy, but we need standards …” Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke<br />Congressional Priority:EISA 2007, ARRA, oversight, new bills …<br />
  3. 3. The NIST Role<br />Energy Independence and Security Act (2007) <br /> In cooperation with the DoE, NEMA, IEEE, GWAC, and other stakeholders, NIST has “primary responsibility to coordinate development of a framework that includes protocols and model standards for information management to achieve interoperability of smart grid devices and systems…”<br />
  4. 4. Government Roles in Smart Grid<br />Federal<br />Federal<br />Energy<br />Regulatory<br />Commission<br />Public Utility Commissions<br />State<br />
  5. 5. The Need for Standards is Urgent<br />Example: Smart Meters<br />Whirlpool Corporation To Produce One Million Smart Grid-Compatible Clothes Dryers by the End of 2011…<br />Key element of smart grids<br />40 million to be deployed in the next several years in US<br />Rapid technology evolution<br />Absence of firm standards<br />Requires standards for data communication,<br />price information, schedules, demand response signals…<br />
  6. 6. High Penetration of Renewables and PEVs <br />Power<br />Smart Grid<br />PCS<br />PCS<br />PCS<br />Communication<br />Renewable/Clean Energy<br />(10% by 2012 )<br />Energy Storage<br />(FERC top 4 priority)<br />Plug-in Vehicle to Grid<br />(Million in US by 2015)<br /><ul><li>Power Conditioning Systems (PCS) convert to/from 60 Hz AC for interconnection of renewable energy, electric storage, and PEVs
  7. 7. “Smart Grid Interconnection Standards” required for devices to be utility controlled operational asset and enable high penetration:
  8. 8. Dispatchable real and reactive power
  9. 9. Acceptable ramp-rates to mitigate renewable intermittency
  10. 10. Accommodate faults faster, without cascading area-wide events
  11. 11. Voltage/frequency control and utility controlled islanding</li></li></ul><li>NIST’s Three Phase Plan<br />PHASE 2<br />Establish Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) public-private forum with governance for ongoing efforts<br />PHASE 1<br />Identify an initial set of existing consensus standards and develop a roadmap to fill gaps<br />PHASE 3<br />Conformity Framework (includes Testing and Certification)<br /><ul><li>NIST role</li></ul>Summer 2009 workshops<br />NIST Interoperability<br />Framework 1.0 Draft<br />Released Sept 2009<br />Smart Grid Interoperability Panel established Nov 2009<br />NIST Interoperability<br />Framework 1.0 Released Jan 2010<br />January<br />2010<br />2009<br />
  12. 12. NIST Framework and Roadmap<br />Revised version January 2010<br />Smart Grid Vision / Model<br />75 key standards identified<br />IEC, IEEE, …<br />16 Priority Action Plans to fill gaps:<br />One completed <br />Another added (wind plant communication)<br />Cyber security strategy<br />Companion document NISTIR 7628<br /><br />Conceptual Reference Model<br />
  13. 13. International Standards are Vital<br />International Coordination<br /><ul><li>Bilateral interactions
  14. 14. China, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, France, Germany, …
  15. 15. US-EU Energy Council activities
  16. 16. Smart Grids-Electric Vehicles
  17. 17. Public workshop, USG-European Commission
  18. 18. Coordination with International Standards Organizations:
  19. 19. NIST Liaison to IEC-SG3
  20. 20. SGIP international participation</li></li></ul><li>Smart Grid Interoperability Panel<br />Public-private partnership, started in Nov. 2009<br />Over 550 organizations, over 1700 representatives<br />Supports NIST in coordinating smart grid standards<br />Governing Board elected<br />SGIP Chair elected<br />Committees established, SGIP meetings ongoing<br />Electronic collaboration tools, newsletters / communications<br />Project management office<br />Open, transparent process<br />International participation welcome<br />(Over 550; over 1700 persons participating including from international organizations)<br /><br />
  21. 21. SGIP Stakeholder Categories<br />11<br />
  22. 22. Priority Action Plans<br />
  23. 23. Contact Information<br />George Arnold<br />National Coordinator for Smart Grid Interoperabilitygeorge.arnold@nist.govDavid Wollman Dean Prochaska<br /><br />Al Hefner <br />(NIST liaison to IEC SG3)<br /><br />NIST Smart Grid Website: <br /><br />NIST SGIP Collaborative Twiki site: <br /><br />