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We have changed the Dates to accommodate the fall rush... Now OCTOBER 12th - 13th. Dont miss this indepth weekend built around "Understanding Filmmaking for the Writer" visit our Web or listen to one of our podcasts @

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  1. 1. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Presented by: Film Industry Round Table “UNDERSTANDING FILMMAKING FOR THE WRITER” Guest Speakers from: • Production • Direction • Art and Production Design • TV/Film Writing • Studio Acquisitions and Legal • Grant Writing Everything counts behind the lens Greenstem Enterprises Inc. OCTOBER 12th-13th 2013 Grant Writing Workshop
  2. 2. GRANT WRITING WORKSHOP • Limited Seating of 50 guests • Power workshop on “How to write Grants for the arts” • Interactive and full of “need to know” information • 9 am to 4 pm
  3. 3. FILMMAKING SEMINAR • 1.5 hrs. of Production ** guest Julia Stemock • 1 hrs. of Director ** guest Michael Lange • 1 hrs. of Art and Production Design ** guest Joseph Nemec III • 1 hrs. of TV Writer ** guest speaker • 1 hrs. of Film Writer ** guest speaker • 1 hrs. of Studio Acquisitions ** guest speaker • 1 hrs. of Grant Writing ** guest Gloria Hunter Q&A with each showcase member Everything counts behind the lens Outline
  4. 4. FILMMAKING SEMINAR • This Seminar will deliver tips and advice that you don’t get in the classroom. There are so many “Ah-ha” moments when you participate in this kind of seminar. • SIX industry professionals and surprise guests will talk about their experiences and when reading a script, what is important to the departments they have mastered. Followed by a Q&A session. • Future Table Read of your script based on pitch and synopsis (Just one winner) • Check List for submitting your script to Production Companies, Studios and Producers. • Free copy of the Creative Directory • Each attendee will receive a copy of Basics of Filmmaking Introduction and a 20% discount on pre-orders for Basics of Filmmaking “Development” coming in October 2013. • We will offer a 5 min PITCHSLAM at the end of the day Everything counts behind the lens
  5. 5. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Morning 8:00 am Production Q&A 9:00 TV Writer 10:00 am Break 10:15 am Art & Production Design Q&A 11:00 Director Q&A 12:00 pm LUNCH 8 hours of knowledge Everything counts behind the lens Afternoon 12:30 pm Film Writer Q&A 1:30 pm Studio Acquisitions Q&A 2:30 pm break 2:45 pm Grant Writing Q&A 4:00 pm Wrap 5:00 pm PITCHSLAM 6:00 pm PITCHSLAM
  6. 6. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Guests Speakers: • Production – Julia Stemock (Producer, Line Producer, Documentary Director) • Director – Michael Lange (Director, TV Producer) • Art and Production Design – Joseph Nemec III (Production Designer, Producer) • Film Writer – Guest Speaker • TV Writer - Guest Speaker • Studio Acquisitions and Legal - Guest Speaker • Grant Writing - Gloria Hunter (Grant Specialist, Grant It!-the movie) Everything counts behind the lens
  7. 7. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Julia Stemock: In 1991, after eighteen years in the film industry and becoming mulit-faceted in all aspects; Ms. Stemock founded Greenstem Productions Inc. to produce television projects and feature films. In 1993, Ms Stemock was awarded two Gold Awards for Short Subject, Comedy/Adaptation at Worldfest-Charleston 1994 and Worldfest -Houston 1995. In 1998, Julia won the Bronze Award at Worldfest - Houston for “The Disturbance at Dinner”. Having produced the feature film “Foreign Correspondents” in 1997, Julia and Greenstem Productions Inc. reconnected with Cassava Films in 2002 to produce “Claustrophobia” aka “Serial Slayer”. In 2001 at Temecula Valley Film Festival, Julia was named Event Production Director. Widely known for her personal and professional generosity as a teacher and mentor to new and inexperienced filmmakers, Julia organized and produced the first-ever "The Film Industry Round Table" in June of 2001. Julia’s years of experience as a Line Producer have brought her numerous assignments, including supervising such films as “Blue Demon”, “Glass Trap” with Producer Dan Grodnik, “Red Roses and Petrol” for Producer/Director, Tamar Simon Hoffs, and “The Gymnast” for Writer/ Director, Ned Farr. Julia has been a consultant for Women in Film, The Hollywood Student Film Festival, and the American Film Institute. She has served as a judge for the Hollywood Student Film Festival and the Santa Clarita International Film Festival. In June 2007, Ms. Stemock was the Film Series Producer for CineGear Expo Film Series, the largest Showbiz Expo on the West Coast, sponsored by Fuji-Film. Everything counts behind the lens
  8. 8. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Michael Lange: Lange's first job was on The Fall Guy in 1982 as a post production assistant and after a year he was promoted to second unit director, in which role he shot almost thirty episodes (second unit only) for the show.[1] He then moved on to Riptide and later, in his self-described leap to "quality television", Life Goes On in 1993.[2] Since then, he has garnered directorial credits from two hundred and forty television episodes, including amongst many others The O.C., Beverly Hills, 90210, The Larry Sanders Show, Northern Exposure, Eureka, The Pretender, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Eli Stone Brothers & Sisters, One Tree Hill, Dirty Sexy Money, Dawson's Creek, Point Pleasant, Miss Match, Everwood, Diagnosis: Murder, Jake and the Fatman and Greek.[3] He has directed one feature film, Intern, and theDisney Channel television movie Jumping Ship.[1] He has recently been working on the ABC Family series, "Greek" as a Co- Executive Producer/Director. Additionally, he's the Co-Executive Producer/Director on Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva". He's about to begin working on a new ABC Family series called "Jane By Design" as Co-Executive Producer/Director. Most recently, Lange has created Flashbang Productions, LLC, a partnership with Shannon Murphy. Flashbang is in development on several projects involving the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; a one hour drama, tentatively titled "ATF", a documentary/reality show about the dogs of the ATF called "AtThe Frontline: ATF", in partnership with MPH Productions, and a reality show about Search and Rescue dogs. Everything counts behind the lens
  9. 9. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Joseph Nemec III Joseph Nemec has been making films for over thirty years for both major Hollywood studios and independent film production companies both in America and abroad. Coming from an architectural background, Joseph's principal focus has been as the Production Designer on some of Hollywood's biggest films. Joseph has nearly two decades of international film making experience and has therefore spent time based in both Hollywood and London. Joseph has been principally involved in the design and implementation of large visual effects driven films and has collaborated with directors Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games, The Saint), James Cameron (The Abyss, Terminator-2), and Stephen Spielberg (Color Purple, Goonies). Joseph continues to work on both local and international production and recently completed "Riddick", another visual effects driven film. Everything counts behind the lens
  10. 10. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Guest TV / Feature Writer For the Television guest speaker we are currently seeking an established writer such as Deborah J Fisher (Twisted, Law & Order: LA, The Forgotten, Criminal Minds and CBS/Sony Pictures Entertainment/Gran Via Productions) Screenwriters are responsible for researching the story, developing the narrative, writing the screenplay, and delivering it, in the required format, to development executives. Screenwriters therefore have great influence over the creative direction and emotional impact of the screenplay and, arguably, of the finished film. They either pitch original ideas to producers in the hope that they will be optioned or sold, or screenwriters are commissioned by a producer to create a screenplay from a concept, true story, existing screen work or literary work, such as a novel, poem, play, comic book or short story. Everything counts behind the lens
  11. 11. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Studio Executives: Everything counts behind the lens TBA
  12. 12. GRANT WRITING WORKSHOP Gloria Hunter: Gloria Hunter is a professional grants writer, business plan and proposal development specialist. She has been in business since 1981. She is president of Hunter Entrepreneurial Inc. (dba Hunter Entrepreneurial Films) in Naperville, Illinois. The firm provides grant writing services, grants development and training, grants research, and assistance with business plan development. In 2012, Hunter Entrepreneurial Films was formed to write for documentaries and publications. Since January 2004, Hunter has written grant proposals and funding awards that have generated over $28 million and recently consulted on a grant awarded for $7.1 million. She has developed business plans for over $22 million. Federal, state, and local government where grants/awards have been secured include education, justice, science, labor, health and human services, emergency management, commerce, housing and other county and municipal government programs. Grants were also awarded from private foundations. In addition to 34 years of experience in organizational and program/business development, Hunter has been active in grantsmanship since 1974. She was formerly a grant writer for Waubonsee Community College in Illinois and has served as Coordinator and a consultant for two Small Business Development Centers. From 1995-1997 Hunter served on a national community college federal funding task force and was chairperson for the Illinois Community College Resource Development Commission. She was a Chamber of Commerce Board member, chairing the Legislation Committee, and she chaired an economic development task force for municipal government. She recently was a member of the Elgin Community College Community and Continuing Education Advisory Council. In 2009 Hunter received the Top Ladies of Distinction Orchid Award for dedication and commitment to the service of others. Hunter has conducted training seminars, workshops and courses for more than 25 years at colleges and universities, schools and organizations. She has been involved in international projects in Europe, lectured on small business development at the University of Silesia Business Language College in Poland, and had a joint venture for business/educational television and Internet in Poland. Hunter has a B.A. Degree in Religious Studies from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, with a diploma of the Orlinda Childs Pierce Memorial School of Theology; studied music at the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music; and completed Masters work at National College of Education (now National-Louis University) in Management and Human Resources Development. Writing Grants for the Arts
  13. 13. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Greenstem Enterprises: Everything counts beyond the lens Benjamin Easterday Vice President Producer Julia Stemock President /CEO Producer Joseph Nemec III Creative Producer
  14. 14. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Sponsors: Everything counts behind the lens
  15. 15. FILMMAKING SEMINAR Presented by: Film industry Round Table LLC Contact: Benjamin Easterday VP . Producer Greenstem Enterprises Inc. 310.890.2291 Everything counts behind the lens Contact: Julia Stemock President . Greenstem Enterprises Inc. 310.867.0449