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Grow Hack Athens Pt.1: Growth Hacking For Web Apps

This is the first part of the Grow Hack Athens presentation by GrowthRocks, entitled GrowHackAthens: Growth Hacking For Web Apps.

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Grow Hack Athens Pt.1: Growth Hacking For Web Apps

  1. GROW HACK ATHENS Organised with by GrowthRocks Hosted with at
  2. Part 1: Growth Hacking For Web Apps Savvas Zortikis Growth Hacker Part 2: Growth Hacking For Mobile Apps Theodore Moulos COO at Pinnatta
  3. Part 1: Growth Hacking For Web Apps Savvas Zortikis Growth Hacker ! Email: Skype: savvas.z Twitter: @SavvasZortikis
  4. For Questions… 1. Tell us to shut up and listen to you no instructions for that… sorry
  5. For Questions… 2. Ask us at the event’s landing page - Go to - Scroll down and leave a Facebook comment - Tag your team mates to read the answer
  6. For Questions… 3. Ask us at Twitter - Mention @growthrocks - Put the #GrowHackAth hashtag - Mention your team mates to read the answer
  7. Psssttt… Saaaaavvaas, give people their HACKNOTES!
  8. What I’m Going To Show You… • A Quick Introduction • What Is Growth Hacking? • What Is A Growth Hacker • Where Does Growth Hacking Fit? • Everything Leads To A Funnel • Distribution Is Everything • Growth Hacking Tools
  9. A Quick Introduction
  10. Common Scenario In Many Tech Accelerators The original idea gets no traction. Pivot. New product dev. Launch to same list and channels. No signups. No paid customers. No traction. Again. And again… and again…
  11. Common Scenario In Many Tech Accelerators They learn about Growth Hacking and start using it.
  12. Hallelujah!
  13. Common Scenario In Many Tech Accelerators After that point, they see that their original idea is “sticky” but their activation and distribution process sucks as well as they haven’t built even a single viral loop.
  14. What Is Growth Hacking?
  15. What Is Growth Hacking? Let me show you how I advertised GrowthRocks in TechCrunch. For Free.
  16. What Is Growth Hacking? We ran Sniply for 1 week and increased our blog traffic by 6% as well as gathered more than 15 emails in a day.
  17. What Is Growth Hacking? Growth Hacking is the mindset behind finding clever, original or inventive ways in order to plant growth in a product or service, through the use of data, technology and sometimes a system’s weakness exploitation.
  18. What Is A Growth Hacker?
  19. What Is A Growth Hacker?
  20. What Is A Growth Hacker? Marketing Analytics, A/B Testing, Conversion Optimization, SEO, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Social Media Data Analysis Spreadsheets, Statistics, SQL, NoSQL, Pandas Coding HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, APIs, Scripting Languages
  21. Where Does Growth Hacking Fit?
  22. Growth Hacking At All Stages The Startup Pyramid Growth Hacking Growth Hacking Growth Hacking
  23. Product/Market Fit Is The Only Thing That Matters.
  24. Even For Product / Market Fit… •Measure everything from the very beginning •Build your new features using A/B Testing and keep only those that impact the lowest level of your funnel •Prefer open design versus closed design •Test like crazy your distribution channels
  25. Even For Product / Market Fit… Facebook is a king of open design
  26. Everything Leads To A Funnel
  29. Reverse Funnel “The goal is to shorten the time to your WOW moment” USE PRODUCT SIGN UP EVALUATE INVITE
  30. Reverse Funnel
  31. Reverse Invitation Funnel SIGN UP INVITE USE PRODUCT EVALUATE
  32. Reverse Invitation Funnel
  34. Distribution Is Everything
  35. Distribution is everything. • Find which channels worked for your competitors and which not. • Don’t fall in the product dev trap. • Test as fast as possible all the worthwhile channels. • Find one that really works. • After the growth curve of a channel flattens, move on.
  36. Viral Product Marketing •Build your viral loops early on •Plant them into your product •Continuously track and optimize: •The number of invitations each user sends •The conversion rate •How long it takes a user to start inviting others •How long it takes a user to convert from an invitation •At which point you ask the user to send an invitation
  37. Viral Product Marketing The referrals program encourages inviting friends by giving both the sender and recipient $25 of travel credit at Airbnb when the invited user completes their first trip.
  38. Viral Product Marketing In the beginning it wasn’t performing so good, but they decided to optimise it… Hooray, A/B Testing :)
  39. Viral Product Marketing They also launched it on all of their platforms - Not so many do it by the way… These guys know about personalization! WOW!
  40. Viral Product Marketing Airbnb increased overall bookings by 25% in some markets, and signups and bookings from the program itself by 300%.
  41. Paid Acquisition If you go for Google Adwords… • Search first what your competition uses for the Title & Meta- Description • Target keywords for conferences or events related to your target customers (they will be cheaper) • Create dedicated landing pages and make sure that your ad’s title is the same with the pages headline. If you go for Facebook… • Do not boost your post! Targeting is limited. • Use the Power Editor and test multiple variations of your ad. • Leverage retargeting. Facebook retargeting have most of the times lower CPC than normal retargeting.
  42. Content Hacking • Promoting your content is everything. • Do not post your best content. Instead let other bigger blogs to post it. • Start targeting small blogs in your niche and find those that contributing to the big players. • Spend no more than 4 hours for each post. • Copy your competition. • Write longer copy (1,500 - 2,000 words). • Don’t be afraid to share everything that worked for you. • Put a calendar and stick to it. • Niche blogging will decrease your traffic, but increase monetisation. • And yes Infographics, do still outperform. Give Value For Free
  43. Content Hacking + Paid FB = 1. Create a high value piece of content 2. Promote it on FB using the Power Editor 3. Put the FB retargeting pixel in your site and let people in 4. Run a new campaign to those that visited your site 5. Send them to a conversion optimised landing page
  44. Content Hacking + Paid FB = This is how we increased the signups by 21% through the webinar channel for one of our SaaS clients.
  45. Growth Hacking Tools
  46. Analytics Google Analytics KISSmetrics Mixpanel Geckoboard
  47. Qualitative Analytics crazyegg (Heatmaps) APPSUMO (Heatmaps) Qualaroo (VOC)
  48. A/B Testing Google Analytics Optimizely Visual Website Optimizer
  49. Landing Pages unbounce Lead Pages Instapage WordPress
  50. Onboarding and Customer Engagement
  51. Live Chat Olark Chat
  52. Email Marketing Mailchimp AWeber Mandrill SendGrid
  53. Content Hacking Buzzsumo APPSUMO (Headlines) Copywriting Skills for Pitching Bloggers via Email YOU Sniply
  54. Social Hacking Twitter Analytics Flutter App Follower Frenzy buffer
  55. The #1 most important tool is your creativity.