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SAP HANA Run and Deployment Options


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This is a short overview of the different options to deploy and run SAP HANA system. It it a snapshot of the possibilities from July, 1st 2014.

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SAP HANA Run and Deployment Options

  1. 1. RUN and Deployment Options SAP HANA 05.08.2014TAMMEN IT SOLUTIONS, Germany
  2. 2. General Run and Deployment Options OnPremise SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Dev. Edition by other Cloud Providers SAP HANA Cloud Platform 05.08.2014TAMMEN IT SOLUTIONS, Germany
  3. 3. OnPremise Installation of SAP HANA at your own Hardware There are 10 hardware vendors who are certified by SAP for HANA • DELL • HP • NEC • IBM • Fujitsu • Cisco • Hitachi • Huawei • ... You purchase a HANA license from SAP and deploy it to your hardware. Advantages: It‘s all in your hand Disadvantages: Huge investment costs Your responsible for ensuring availability and maintenance 05.08.2014TAMMEN IT SOLUTIONS, Germany
  4. 4. HANA Enterprise Cloud Installing your HANA system at an AWS or MS-Azure platform Managed via the SAP Cloud Appliance Library • Lets you install a bunch of predefined SAP solutions (ERP, CRM, BI, HANA XS, ...) at your own AWS or MS-Azure VM instance. • Some of the solutions are free of charge. • Even if the SAP solution is free you pay to AWS or MS-Azure for the infrastructure. • Prices for infrastructure depend on chosen vm. • Price for SAP HANA One (core system for productive use) starts at appr. $ 2.500 per month. • VPN and public internet access possible. Advantages: Very fast setup time (minutes to a few hours) Pay for what you used (calculable) Choose out of a huge amount of SAP solutions Disadvantages: Your data is saved at servers of other companies (Amazon resp. Microsoft), you have to trust them. 05.08.2014TAMMEN IT SOLUTIONS, Germany
  5. 5. Dev. Edition hosted by other Cloud Providers Installing your HANA Developer system at a cloud platform from • CloudShare, • KT ucloud biz or • SmartCloudPT Managed via Tools of the platform provider • Lets you install a SAP HANA Developer Edition (no productive use). • SAP HANA Developer Edition for free but platform costs. • Prices for infrastructure start at $ 137 per month. Advantages: Very fast setup time (minutes) Pay for what you used (calculable) Good starting point for developers Disadvantages: No productive use allowed Find details on SCN 05.08.2014TAMMEN IT SOLUTIONS, Germany
  6. 6. HANA Cloud Platform Using a HANA system in the cloud immediately Managed via the SAP HANA Cloud Platform • Build and run applications on a HANA system in the cloud. • Use of SAP provided services (e.g. Feedback, Identity, ...) • Hosted by SAP. • Prices start at $ 1.595,- /month, HANA XS: $ 5.935,- /month • Developer edition for free, Starter edition starts at $ 539,- /month • Use your existing HANA license or purchase a new one. Advantages: Run your HANA system within minutes. Use it 24x7 No installation / maintenance Disadvantages: Your data is saved at SAP servers (trust) No dedicated instance 05.08.2014TAMMEN IT SOLUTIONS, Germany
  7. 7. Disclaimer This is neither a complete overview nor an official list of all options. It‘s just my personal view with my current knowledge in this field. For details and official information contact SAP AG. 05.08.2014TAMMEN IT SOLUTIONS, Germany