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Digital health and wellness


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Digital health and wellness power point

Published in: Education
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Digital health and wellness

  1. 1. Digital Health and Wellness BY: HANNAH DAVENPORT AND NIYAH AHMAD
  2. 2. What is it? • Safety while using a computer • Appropriate precautions • Appropriate amount of time used on computers • Keeping yourself safe and healthy using computers • Keeping personal information personal
  3. 3. Importance? •Could prevent arthritis •Prevents chronic back pain •Prevents headache •Eye aches •Fatigue
  4. 4. What’s Wrong? • Slouching • Sitting too close • Sitting for too long • Giving out personal information • Constant typing and clicking • Responding to inappropriate comments • Commenting inappropriate comments
  5. 5. Also.. •Straining yourself •No breaks in between •Losing track of time •Wasting too much time •Making yourself sick
  6. 6. How to fix it • Sit up straight • Don’t sit too close • Look away from screen and blink for 30 sec. Step 1 • Computer keyboard and mouse that fits you • Don’t strain yourself Step 2 • Don’t give out personal information • Be safe! Use common sense Step 3
  7. 7. Keyboards
  8. 8. Mice
  9. 9. Chairs
  10. 10. KeepYourself Safe • Keep personal info. personal • Don’t put picture or last name online • Don’t give out your address • Phone number • Social Security