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Curriculum Vitae


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Curriculum Vitae

  1. 1. Page 1/3- Curriculum vitae of Nguyen Bich Ha Curriculum Vitae Personal information First name(s)/ Surname(s) Bich Ha,Nguyen Address(es) 144/18Au Co St.,TanBinh Dist, HoChi MinhCity,Vietnam Telephone(s) +84 933737 401 E-mail Nationality Vietnam Date of birth 17.11.1991 Gender Female Workexperience Dates May2014– Until now Occupationorpositionheld StoreManager Orderentry Purchaseorder/forecastconsolidation Solve problemsthat ariseunexpectedlyin stores withinallowed; Minimizetheloss of goodsinsideandoutside the store , managecostsbetter sales. Manage, guideandtrain subordinatestheskillsneededfor the job assigned. Stockupdate Planning, implementationandcontrol to ensuretheseplansis about revenue, profits . Nameandaddressof employer 506Nguyen DinhChieuSt., 3 Dist, Ho ChiMinhCity, Viet Nam Limited TradingAnd InvestmentContactAsia Company GUARDIAN VIET NAM Dates Aug 2014 – Oct2014 Occupationorpositionheld SalesExecutive Mainactivitiesandresponsibilities Consultingprovidesproductsandservicesfor Enterprisecustomers. EnterpriseFTTHSales-Be responsibleforFTTHinternetsalestarget. Acquiringnewclientsfor the business. Ensuringthat growth targets are metin the definedarea. RelationshipManagementwithallnew Clientsto maintainthefuture association. Nameandaddressof employer MinhTuTelecomCo.LTD.Address: 4F - E2, 268ToHienThanhSt(MiraeBuilding),Dist10, Ho ChiMinhCity, Vietnam. Typeof businessor sector Telecom. AUGUST 2013– MAY2014 Part-timeJob - Admind Qualitycontrolproject Reportdata planned Customercare Divide the work scheduleforemployees 102ABC CongQuynh St, 1 Dist, HoChi MinhCity, Viet Nam GCOM VIET NAM Marketing
  2. 2. Page 2/3- Curriculum vitae of Nguyen Bich Ha Dates NOV 2012– AUGUST 2013 Occupationorpositionheld SalesAcounting Mainactivitiesandresponsibilities ConsultingprovidesVietnamesehandicraftproducts. Provide helpand adviceto customersusingthehandicraftproducts. Nameandaddressof employer 22 7 Nguyen TraiSt., District5, HoChi MinhCity, Vietnam. Vinh Kim CompanyLimited Typeof businessor sector Belts, wallets Products. Education andtraining Dates 2009– 2012 Titleofqualificationawarded BachelorofAccountingandFinance. Principalsubjects/occupationalskills covered Auditing, Financial Markets,CorporateFinance. Nameandtype of organisation providing educationandtraining Ho ChiMinhCity CollegeofEconomic –Technical. Personal skillsandcompetences Mothertongue(s) Vietnamese Otherlanguage(s) English (Read& Comprehension Skill) Socialskillsandcompetences Responsible,patient. Strong organizationalandwritingskills. Ability to take initiative andbe self-motivated. Willingnessto workas a memberofa team. Ability to work independently,in a fast-pacedandresults-drivenenvironment. Computerskillsandcompetences MicrosoftOffice:Word, Excel,PowerPoint. Otherskills andcompetences
  3. 3. Page 3/3- Curriculum vitae of Nguyen Bich Ha Additional information Travelling,socialisingwithfriendsandfamily. Theinterviewcanparticipate:Immediately Day couldwork: available