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Hebei Dragon Construction Trading Co.,Ltd ,is a professional firm
that incorporates cold storage R$D
equipment design installation and maintenance.Our company
has outstanding professional staff efficient
management team developed a variety of affordable and good
quantity cold storage devices that meet

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  1. 1. Dragon Cold storage has been, and continues to be, a logistical partner that is committed to combining quality people with quality service. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and serve your needs. Our mission We are dedicated to being our clients’ preferred partner by providing excellent customer service, food safety and a dynamic and challenging environment for our associates. 冷库分类 Cold storage classification 按用途分大致可分为四类:专用库,保鲜库,冷藏库和速冻库,见下表: Based on the usage, cold storage equipment can be roughly divide into four categories, as shown in the table below. Quick Details 类别 category 库 温 范 围 Temperatu re range 功 能 和 适 用 Functionality and applications 备注 Note 专 用 库 special cold storage 低温试验室 Low temperature laboratory 按需设计 Be designed as needed 为科研人员提供舒适环境和实验条件,节能降 耗,适用于大专院校,科研院所,大中小企业 研发机构 Provide researchers with comfortable environment ad the experimental conditions, saving energy and reducing consumption, suitable for colleges and universities, research institutes, large and medium-sized enterprise research and development institutions. 库温可按需设计 Temperature can be designed as needed. 菌菇培育专 用库 Special cold storage for mushroom cultivation 5℃-28℃ 为食用菌菇的培育提供最为适宜 的环境温度。适用于菌菇类食品 生产企业。 Provide the most appropriate environmental temperature for the edible mushroom cultivation. Applicable to edible fungus and mushroooms production enterprises. 菌菇类生长最适 宜 环 境 温 度 为 16℃-25℃ The optimum environmental temperature for the growth of fungus and mushrooms is from 16℃-25℃ 保 鲜 库 Fresh keeping cold storage 普通保鲜库 Ordinary fresh keeping cold storage -5℃-5℃ 为果蔬或禽蛋等鲜货保鲜提供适 宜的储藏温度,延长储存期。适 用于果蔬或禽蛋等鲜货生产经营 企业或农户等。 Providing appropriate storage temperature and prolong storage
  2. 2. life for fresh preservation of fruits and vegetables or eggs, suitable for fresh preservation of fruits and vegetables or eggs. Suitable for fresh production and operation enterprises and farmers, such as fruits and vegetable or eggs. 冷藏库 Cold storage 气温保险库 Air controlling cold storage Configure air controlling on the device on the basis of ordinary fresh keeping cold storage Adjust the component ratio the air ,such as oxygen ,carbon dioxide etc as well as the humidity ,in order to make fruits and vegetables into nearly hibernate state to achieve long-term preservation storage of fruit and vegetables products Suitable for fruit and vegetable painting and management enterprises farms longistics centeers,etc 中温冷藏库 Medium temperatrue cold storage Proving economic and suitable freezing storage temperature for ordinary livestock meat and aquatic products Suitable for general livestock meet aquatic products production or circulation enterprise shopping malls dining hall etc. 低温冷藏库 low temperature cold storage Providing appropriate low temperature cold storage temperature or high-grade livestock meat aquatic products and other food Applicable to production or circulation enterprises high-grade star-rated hotel restaurant and so forth or users requiring longer shelf life. 超级低温冷 藏库 Ultra-low temperature cold storage Provide ultra-low temperature storage for high-grade meat aquatic products (such as tuna) and other food or vaccine drug intermediates etc . Applicable to production or circulation
  3. 3. enterprises for corresponding storage goods high-grade star-rated hotel restaurant and so forth or users having special needs for storage temperature. 速冻库 Rapid freezing cold storage 搁架式速冻 库 Shelf-type rapid freezing cold storage Providing low temperature environment and processing equipment conditions for rapid food freezing to keep the original flavor and nutritional value of food as much as possible ,Suitable for rapid frozen food (such as meat aquatic products cold drinks fruits and vegetables frozen pasta etc)production and operation enterprises. 隧道式速冻 库 Tunnel-rapid freezing cold storage 传送式速冻 库 Transmission- type rapid freezing cold storage If you happen to need Please contact me Mobile:86-15230827668 18932919521 Website: Email: Skype: hank.zhao3 Wechat: 271357206