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Secrets to impactful presentations volume 2 - 8 tools

What tools do experts use to create and deliver powerful presentations? We set out to find the answer by interviewing the people we have worked and people we think have interesting views to presentations.

Here´s eight tools to replace or complement PowerPoint in your next presentation.

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Secrets to impactful presentations volume 2 - 8 tools

  1. Curated by: #ImpactfulPrez The secrets of impactfulimpactful presentationspresentations vol. 2vol. 2
  2. rockWhy do some presentations rock?
  3. suckWhile most presentations suck.
  4. We explored this question in this Slideshare
  5. We also asked our panel of experts...
  6. FAVORITE TOOL What is your FAVORITE TOOL to complement or replace PowerPoint?
  7. Here you go...
  8. Curated by: #ImpactfulPrez for impactful presentations 8 tools8 tools
  9. John Zimmer Seven-time European Champion of Public Speaking, Presentation Trainer
  10. For slides I use KEYNOTE. But even when I use slides, I will usually BLACKEN THE SCREEN EVERY NOW AND THEN TO TELL A STORY. Stories add meaning to what we are talking about - John Zimmer
  11. Stephanie Evergreen Information Designer, Evergreen Data
  12. Your best presentation tool is YOUR POINT. Knowing your point (what you need your specific audience to know/do/be) drives all other decisions. - Stephanie Evergreen
  13. Petri Rajaniemi Keynote Speaker, Thinker
  14. PowerPoint is a sign of the quality of your presentation – it can be powerful if used correctly. My tools are a combination of voice, sound, video, lighting etc. MY FAVORITE PROPS ARE THE PHOTOS THAT I’VE TAKEN MYSELF. - Petri Rajaniemi
  15. Outi Lammi Presentation Graphics Trainer and Author
  16. I usually start my presentations by drawing MIND MAPS. I might use a software for that but doodling on paper works fine, too. I also use a DIGITAL NOTEBOOK for all the loose ideas, links and sketches throughout the process. - Outi Lammi
  17. Dr. Michelle Mazur CEO & Speech Designer, Communication Rebel
  18. HAIKU DECK - it's easy, fast and creates gorgeous slides. - Dr Michelle Mazur
  19. André Noël Chaker Keynote Speaker, Author
  20. MY TWO HANDS AND BODY. - André Noël Chaker
  21. Lea Pica Digital Analytics, Presentation & Visualization Consultant
  22. My favorite partner tool to PowerPoint is GOOGLE SLIDES. It is a phenomenal tool for translating brain-stormed content to slides. I can quickly access it from anywhere to capture ideas on the fly and collaborate with my team prior to porting it into PowerPoint for design work and polish. - Lea Pica
  23. Oscar Santolalla Time to Shine Podcast Host, Presentation Trainer
  24. CANVA is an online tool that makes graphic design really easy. It has a great number of pre-designed templates for presentation which you can quickly edit. In short, you can quickly create good-looking presentation slides without being a designer. - Oscar Santolalla
  25. That´s all folks.
  26. May your next presentation be impacftul!
  27. Made in PowerPoint with love: By Havain