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Wellness is New Mantra

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Wellness is New Mantra

  1. 1. Wellness• Looking good• FeeLing good• Look young• MentaLLy, PhysicaLLy, sPirituaLLy , sociaLLy and MoraLLy heaLthy
  2. 2. Important Factors• air• Water• nutrition• exercise• Pray• trust• rest• Love
  3. 3. Air• Most human can Live up to 3 weeks with out food,3 Days with out water, But less than 3 minutes with out Air.
  4. 4. Water• Water act as a soLvent, a MediuM oF transPortation , teMPerature reguLator, and a Lubricant• More than 60% oF our body Made uP oF Water
  5. 5. Nutrition• aLL Foods are not nutrition• body need nutrition on daiLy basis• Protein, vitaMin, MineraLs ,Fiber , antioxidants and herbs and carbohydrate
  6. 6. Exercise• your heart is a MuscLe , it need reguLar exercise in order For it to PuMP bLood around your body eFFicientLy .• exercise aLso stiMuLates a cheMicaL in your brain caLLed serotonin Which Makes you FeeL haPPier and Less stressed
  7. 7. Pray• Prayer Make your souL strong• you start getting the FeeLing oF chiLd oF god• you WiLL get connected to universe• oneness
  8. 8. Trust• trust in the god• he WiLL take care• trust yourseLF
  9. 9. Rest• aLL MaMMaLs require rest to Function norMaLLy on a daiLy basis .• sLeeP is an indisPensabLe Way our body rests
  10. 10. Love• iF you have it ,you don’t need any thing eLse.• iF you don’t have it, it doesn’t Matter What eLse you have
  11. 11. Summary• a coMMitMent to a reguLar WeLLness goaL•
  12. 12. ContactRam+91 9481189338